May 9, 2023

7 Boudoir Photography Myths That Will Change Your Mind

You may have heard about boudoir photography, a growing niche photography industry that specializes in documenting a woman’s more intimate side. For whatever reason, you might have written it off, thinking it’s not for you.  

At Show Your Spark, we understand the transformative power of boudoir photography to reignite a woman’s confidence, strengthen her resolve to face her hardships and reconnect with her true self. We believe that every woman deserves to be seen, celebrated, and allowed to let their inner light shine bright through photography!

That’s why we are sharing 7 boudoir photography myths that will change your perception of boudoir photography. We hope you will see how this art form is for every woman, including you! 

Give it a read with an open mind!  

blonde woman in black sparkle shirt with a CD wall behind her; Boudoir photography by Lindsay HIte

Boudoir Photography Myth #1:  Boudoir photography is only for women in their 20s.

False! The age you are right now is the perfect time to do a session like this. Why? We’ve all made excuses for not prioritizing ourselves because the truth is there is no right time…

Until you decide that it’s your time.

It’s too easy to keep putting ourselves off… A few months go by… which turns into a year, still waiting to feel like we have permission for it to be our time.

Show Your Spark’s mission is to help every woman empower herself so she can live her truth and tap into the version of the strong, confident woman you know you are. We’ve all experienced how painful it is to see a woman deny herself the chance to shine because she hasn’t made herself a priority. If not now, when?

Remember, you are already enough! There has never been a better time to own your confidence. 

Woman in her 50s on a velvet teal bed.  Boudoir photography myth debunked. by Lindsay Hite

Boudoir Photography Myth #2: You have to get naked or wear lingerie for a session like this.

False: You can wear whatever makes you feel amazing! A Spark Session is your time to shine and to be reminded of your value and power! We want you to wear whatever helps you feel amazing, celebrate yourself, and rediscover your inner confidence. That might be lingerie, or your favorite dress, t-shirt, gown, leather jacket, or nothing at all!! 

Boudoir photography myth : I have to be naked. Woman posing in jeans, a flower shirt and combat boots against a white background. Boudoir photography by Lindsay HIte

Boudoir Photography Myth #3: You have to be a certain size to do a session like this.

False: I have some news for you. It doesn’t matter if you wear a size 2 or a size 32. Twenty-five years old or eighty-five years old. Short or tall. Curvy or slender. Gay or straight, Trans, cis or non-binary.  All humans deserve to celebrate their unique power, triumphs, and courage without shame. That truly means everyone—including YOU. Don’t put boundaries on yourself just because you “think” it’s not for you. That’s just your brain lying to you. Give yourself permission. You deserve this, too! 

Boudoir Photography Myth:  I have to be a certain size for boudoir photography.  Woman posing in a button down white shirt on a teal sofa, By Lindsay Hite

Boudoir Photography Myth #4: People only do this as a gift for someone else. If I don’t have anyone to give them to, I can’t do a session.

False: All of our clients book a session as a gift- whether it’s for a loved one or for themselves! There’s often the most incredible side effect of this experience. Often through her Spark Session, a woman will realize her potential. Her secret powers. Her true worth. She’ll get in touch with feelings she repressed and forgot about a long time ago. These feelings open up her mind and world. It gives her the power to LIVE. To go after what she wants in life. To get out of relationships that aren’t serving her, to apply for new jobs, to travel, to fall in love… 

The possibilities are endless. This is not just a photoshoot. It’s a life experience that offers you self-confidence, freedom, and a re-training of your brain to believe that you can do something daring and have good things come from it.

Woman on fur lined bed with birthday crown, photography by Lindsay Hite

Boudoir Photography Myth #5: If you do a session like this, your photos will be posted online for everyone to see.

False! Our team at Show Your Spark is dedicated to creating really gorgeous images of you, that you’ll feel amazing about. We always respect your privacy, and the choice is yours to allow me to share or not. The beautiful photos you see on our website and social media posts are of real clients who have given us specific permission to share. There are many photos we take in the studio that are jaw-droppingly stunning and yet are never seen publicly. That’s totally ok! They’re treasured by my client, and whomever they choose to share them with privately, and that’s more than enough. 

If you don’t want to sign a model release, we won’t share your photos without your permission. We won’t hold it against you either. This experience is for YOU. You can also choose to tell us which specific photos you’re ok with being shared after your Ordering Session. Your happiness, privacy, trust, and comfort are the most important things to me. That said, we love when you tell others how awesome your experience was. Our business is built on referrals and trust. If you love working with us, please tell someone who deserves to empower herself too!

woman in two-piece black lingerie on teal rug against a black sofa with a dark background; boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Boudoir Photography Myth #6: Sessions like this are so expensive, you could never afford it.

False! A Spark Experience is absolutely an investment in yourself. Sometimes big investments require time to save up so you’re properly prepared and feel confident in your purchase when the time comes. For many people, an experience like this is on their bucket list. I want to help you make sure that your Spark Experience is everything you dreamed it would be. So I’ve created the Spark Fund to help.

Your Spark Fund is your Pre-Session Payment Plan. It gives you a chance to finally make a commitment to yourself at your own pace. You want an empowering photographic experience, and you deserve it! We’ll help you get there on your budget.

You are already enough, and there has never been a better time to own your confidence. And if you need a little time to work up to something as life-changing as a Spark Experience, the Spark Fund will help prepare you to show up and truly shine.  By scheduling your Spark Session today, even if it is for a date a year from now, you will have the knowledge and time to prepare financially and mentally for your day in the studio.  

Boudoir photography myth : Boudoir photography is too expensive.  Woman with grey hair posing in a white sari. Photography by Lindsay Hite

Boudoir Photography Myth #7: Women who choose boudoir photography already feel confident in front of a camera.

False! Women often arrive at our studio excited to let their inner spark shine, yet still nervous about letting someone SEE them fully, scars and all! 

Let me help you set aside some of your fears. At the studio, I’m not judging your body. (I’m not even really looking at it!) I know that sounds crazy, but as a photographer, that’s not my job. My job is to master posing, light, emotion, etc. So yes, although I see you, I’m not picking you apart. I’m always aiming to highlight and photograph the best of you, so that’s what I see. 

Please don’t let your fear of being seen, by me, or by anyone else, prevent you from creating the empowering images you desire to own!

Woman in velvet corset and sparkly red jacket on a red chair with black background.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Now Is Your Time To Shine

We understand taking the leap to book a session can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done something like this before. Rest assured booking a Spark Experience is initially outside many of our clients’ comfort zones too. Taking time for yourself, away from all of the other responsibilities of being a woman, getting a little vulnerable, and embracing your individuality on camera can be daunting. However, we are here to answer all of your questions and ease every concern throughout this process.

You are already enough, and there has never been a better time to own your confidence. And if you need a little time to work up to something as life-changing as a Spark Experience, we can help you choose a date farther down the road.

Now is the time to express yourself on camera – bravely and unapologetically. You will be pampered at our luxury studio with a full day dedicated to helping you embrace your confidence. 

Don’t hold back from showing your spark!  

Schedule a free consultation call today to learn more about what this experience could mean for you!

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