May 2, 2023

Show Your Spark Add-On Artwork Options

Imagine what it would feel like to be reminded daily of your most confident empowered self.   

Go ahead, pause…. Do that right now!

Envision how owning your strength, power, and uniqueness would impact how you interact with the people and situations in your life.  

It would feel amazing, right!?

Believing that every woman deserves to see their inner light and share that with the world, at Show Your Spark, we’ve created what we call Spark Sessions, aka signature boudoir photography and empowerment sessions, to do just this!

To ensure the empowerment of the session continues on in the hearts and minds of our clients long after their session, we provide high-quality custom-made artwork to display in your home.  

We return to our product tour with an in-depth look at our Add-On Artwork Options, designed to enhance your artwork purchase with unique, fun, and giftable pieces. These pieces can be purchased with a La Carte credit in our Signature Collections or in addition to your collection purchase. 

Ready for all the deets? Here we go!

Matted boudoir photography prints of a woman in a white bathtub; boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Why Must I Purchase Artwork? 

At Show Your Spark, we want YOU and your artwork to take up space in your life. Seeing yourself in high-quality artwork will remind you of your day in the studio and all the emotions you felt throughout the experience. 

Consider your artwork as the permanent extension of your Spark Session encapsulated in gorgeous artwork. Trust us, you will want to relive those moments over and over again! With tangible artwork on display in your home, you get to do just that!  

“These photos truly alter the eye in which you see yourself, as you’re looking at yourself through the lens of someone else. Sometimes that is all it takes to feel amazing in your own skin.” ~ Spark Alumni

Image of crystal block artwork with boudoir photography; by Lindsay Hite

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Add-on Options? 

We designed these Add-on Artwork Options to supplement the albums and wall art found in our Signature Collections. Each one is table-topped sized, perfect for your desk, nightstand, dresser, or any place else you might want to display them. Without requiring much space, they remind you of your beauty, strength, confidence, and inner spark. As you move throughout your day, one quick glance at these items gives you the boost you need to move through your day with strength, courage, and agency. 

Two-panel matted print folio of boudoir images; by Lindsay Hite

What Bonus Items Are Available?

Linen Matted Folio – Available with two or three panels, these tabletop standing displays highlight matted 5×7” portraits of your choosing. 

Two-panel matted print folio of boudoir images; by Lindsay Hite

Retro ViewFinder – The Retro Viewfinder harkens back to your youth, with a saucy twist. Each disc contains seven images handpicked by you! These popular viewfinders are perfect for gifting to your partner. 

Side by side image; on left, woman holding a viewfinder, on right, an image of the viewfinder disc featuring 7 boudoir images; by Lindsay Hite

Crystal Block – Have your favorite portrait mounted onto solid hand-polished crystal blocks. This product stands solidly on end on any flat surface providing a unique way to display your beautiful self.

Two crystal block Add-on Artwork options on tabletop; photography by Lindsay Hite

Custom Desk Calendar with Brass Stand – Spice up your desk with this customizable calendar with a brass stand where YOU get to be the cover girl each month!  Printed on high-quality paper, each photograph chosen by you will remind you of your spark even while you are hard at work!

Customizable calendar on brass stand featuring boudoir photography, by Lindsay Hite

Are These Add-on Artwork Options Giftable?

Yes! Each of these items also makes a great gift for a loved one. If you created your album to be for your eyes only (or not), these Add-on Artwork Options items say “I love you” in a unique, simple, elegant, and spicy way.  

How Do I Purchase Add-on Artwork Options?

At Show Your Spark, we offer the same-day showcase of your portraits on the mega screen in our cozy premier room. After you see a slideshow presentation of your gorgeous portraits set to music, you get to select your favorites to be included in your artwork. During this time, you can choose to add any of the Add-on Artwork Options to your order. 

Image of client dossier for a Spark Session at Show Your Spark by Lindsay Hite

Do You Inspect Each Piece of Artwork?

Yes! Our production manager, Jen, places all our artwork orders ensuring each order is placed perfectly, down to every detail. She also inspects each piece that arrives in the studio with a keen eye and delicate hands.

Woman tying a bow on a piece of artwork; photography by Lindsay Hite

That’s a Wrap!

These gorgeous Add-On Artwork Options are designed to enhance your artwork purchases in a fun, creative, tangible, and giftable way.  

As you can tell, we put a lot of love into the entire Spark Experience. From the moment you first contact us until the day you bring your artwork home (and beyond), YOU remain our priority. 

Our mission is to help you step into your confidence, beauty, and strength through empowering luxury portrait experiences AND beautiful custom-made artwork that will remind you daily of your inner spark.   

What to learn more? Contact us today!

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