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Located on the South Shore of Boston in the Weymouth Landing neighborhood of Braintree!


Release Your Inner Spark! 

The portraits and custom-made artwork from your Spark Session will serve as a reminder of your courage, a testament to your power, and a celebration of your confidence and beauty.

Take the time out of your busy life to celebrate YOU for a day in our luxurious all-inclusive studio, and together, we will create stunning artwork to last a lifetime.

Spark Experience?

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✨ Unleash the full potential of your beauty and strength! 
✨ Realize how confident and powerful you truly are!
✨ Give yourself a gift you’ll NEVER forget!
✨ Remember who you are and unleash the woman you want to be! 
✨ Celebrate yourself for every change that’s made you who you are today!
✨ To live a little, indulge, and feel drop-dead gorgeous! 

We invited a film crew to showcase what a Spark Experience entails. From consultation to session and beyond, we take care of you every step of the way. Watch this short ‘n sweet behind-the-scenes video below to feel empowered to start your own Spark Experience journey.

"What an Experience!"

your spark session


Soon after your session, you’ll be treated to a cinematic premiere of your beautiful  images. Then, we’ll get to work designing custom artwork that perfectly complements your aesthetic and will act as a reminder of your power for years to come. 

This is your time to shine! Our in-house hair & makeup artist will have you looking and feeling your best before you step in front of the camera. We’ll throw on some of your favorite music, and I’ll guide you through every pose. Together, we’ll create gorgeous portraits that shine a light on your inner spark.

We start with a complimentary phone call to get to know each other and ensure we’re a good fit. This is when you’ll get answers to ALL your questions and start planning your Spark Experience! 

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“The photos were beyond what I could have expected.”

“I felt beautiful. I felt powerful. It just felt so feminine and beautiful and those aren't things that I feel all the time.  And so it was just so nice to see."

-- Kathy.

"My spark was relit and I'm so glad that I found Lindsay."

“She made me feel so good about myself and brought that confidence back that I lost a long time ago. So I feel like a queen today.I'm just so happy. I'm on cloud nine.”

-- Brianna

“I'm so glad that I did it! highly recommend lindsay!"

“I literally was blown away at how fun this experience was, that it was a judgment free zone, and that I got to be my true self, and that Lindsay was able to capture that on camera.”

-- Nicki

Love Notes

Spark clients'

💖 Our hand-crafted pre-session prep guide
💖 Complimentary phone consultation (if desired)
💖 Professional hair & makeup in-studio
💖 Up to two outfit changes during your session
💖 Access to our specially curated (and inclusive) Client Closet
💖 Wardrobe styling with the Show Your Spark team
💖 60-minute photography session
💖 Expert posing guidance for EVERY body type
💖 Guided meditation in the studio (recorded & created by Sarah Gaines)
💖 Private, cinematic premiere of your photos in our studio
💖 Guided ordering session to preview and purchase your artwork

your boudoir session


Fine Art Products

Photographs and Products are purchased after your Premiere during your Ordering Appointment. The average client spends $1500 - $6500 on product purchases. We have a number of Signature Collections exclusively available for
pre-purchase, where we’ve bundled together our most popular offerings, bonus scenes and factored in savings.
We also have A La Carte products available the day of your session.

Whether you’re doing this for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you’ll walk away feeling like the badass I already KNOW you are - with printed pieces of artwork as proof! With your favorite photographs on display in your home, you will be reminded daily of your inner spark!

The Fine Art Album

Relive your confidence, beauty, and power with our custom heirloom album, designed just for you. This personalized album will serve as a reminder of your amazingness for years to come, with high-quality materials that stand the test of time.

Our bookmakers in California use the finest materials to create a unique cover made of genuine leather or treated linen, selected to match your style. Open the pages of your album whenever you need a little reminder of your story.

Matted Display Box

The matted display box is the perfect fusion of wall art and an album. It has the pacing of an album as you look through the individual matted photographs, and you are able to have your favorite on display on top for others to enjoy each time they visit your home. It’s also a perfect keepsake to enjoy on your own time, just for you.

The fine art matted prints are made in Italy with a beautiful finish, designed to last decades. The box is also custom made to order in Italy and comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

Handcrafted Wall Art

Choose your favorite photographs and display them proudly in your home with our Wall Art selection. Our Design Consultation will help you find the perfect piece, whether it's a single item or a Gallery Wall.

Our handmade designs from Italy feature Matte or Gloss Acrylic or Metal finish with your choice of wood or black edges for Acrylic and a floating effect for Metal. Our artisans' attention to detail and quality will ensure your Wall Art lasts a lifetime.

The Spark Experience

Take a look at

i want to learn more!

“It’s me! But it’s me through you and it’s amazing. It’s just unbelievable like I was so so happy, so impressed, so grateful”

-- Alicia

“It was really a really amazing experience. I can only hope my clients feel have as awesome in front of the camera as Lindsay makes me feel in front of her’s”

-- Katie

“I really feel like I’m in transformation like I’m becoming a different person and this was really part of that process. I don’t know if I would have gotten this far, this quick without it.”

-- Justene

“She brings out the best in you and makes it easy and flawless. But you really do feel like you accomplished something pretty incredible”

-- Kim

Together, our sparks will illuminate the world. 

My name is Lindsay Hite. I’m a Boston boudoir and empowerment photographer, and I believe we all have an amazing inner light that deserves an opportunity to shine. It’s my true honor when my clients allow me to see their unique and beautiful spirits, and it warms my heart to see them leave my studio with their lights shining even brighter. 

I know from experience that empowerment can’t just be given. True empowerment comes from WITHIN. So it would be an honor to join you on your journey of self-love and empowerment. It’s time to celebrate YOU! 

Lindsay Hite

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Or call me at: (781) 527-4473

We are so excited to join you on your self-love journey and can’t wait to help you reignite your confident through a Spark Session. Please fill out the form below so we can get to know each other a little better. We’ll be in touch soon! 

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✨Join a community of women unapologetically standing in their confidence. 
✨Be encouraged to live authentically as YOU
✨Receive mindset hacks for your everyday life. 
✨Get insider tips from real clients on how to prepare for your Spark Session. 
✨See exclusive “behind-the-scenes” moments in the Show Your Spark studio
✨Get to know the team behind “Show Your Spark” 

1. Boudoir Is An Empowerment Session.

People often ask why I choose to photograph boudoir. Hold on—let’s pause there for a second. Boudoir is such a strange word to describe what I do. It honestly doesn’t feel fitting to me and you might notice I rarely use it.  

I believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful, confident, and strong—not just in the “boudoir” (“bedroom” in French), but also at work, practicing yoga, at a bakery, walking the dog, or heck, even sitting in traffic.

For me, it’s all about empowerment. THAT word gets to the heart of why I do what I do. 

why should your spark matter?

2. You Matter and Your Spark Matters!

We’ve all experienced how painful it is to see a woman deny herself the chance to shine, because deep down she just hasn’t made herself a priority or doesn’t believe she is worthy of such an experience. Spark Studio’s mission is to help every woman empower herself so she can live her truth and reignite her confidence. 

We believe that when women truly see themselves as powerful and capable individuals, they will begin to embrace and share their inner spark. That internal shift will create ripple effects in their personal lives and in the community at large. After their sessions, we’ve heard from our clients that they have gained the confidence to apply for new jobs, go for the promotion, or even start their own businesses!

A Spark Experience is your permission to be seen by yourself and to rediscover the courage to share your uniqueness with the rest of the world. Don’t put yourself off any longer! Allow yourself to shine!

3. A Spark Session is Just the Beginning! 

Imagine a world where women confidently live their life knowing their value and worth. Can you envision a community of women who gather together to prioritize connection over competition. Picture the collective impact of empowered women linking arms together to change the world. 

YOU get to be a part of this movement, this revolution, of empowered women changing the world by living as their authentic, unique, and confident selves. It all begins with an internal dialogue of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

Your gorgeous Spark Session portraits will serve as a tool to remind you of your strength, power, and confidence. With your newfound self-perspective, nothing will stop you from reaching your goals and impacting the world.

We’re on the South Shore of Boston in the Weymouth Landing neighborhood of Braintree! Fun fact: our studio lies almost directly on the border between Weymouth and Braintree, so sometimes the GPS will display Weymouth or Braintree depending on which system you use. It’s conveniently close to the RT3 and 93 for people coming from all over Massachusetts (South Shore, North Shore, Cape Cod, Metrowest, Boston, or Rhode Island). If you’re flying in, it’s about 20-40 minutes from Logan Airport (BOS) in Boston, or one hour from TF Green (PVD) in Providence. Our clients come from all over! There is free street parking outside of the studio.

Boudoir Studio

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Your Spark Experience Session fee includes hair and make-up. Your day at the studio will begin with pampering from an expert hair and make-up artist hand-selected for you! She will help enhance your one of a kind beauty and style the look you want to achieve. While you’re in the hair and make-up chair, I’ll be styling your wardrobe looks and creating a setlist based on the pieces you’ve brought with you and what you’d like to bring out in your photographs. Once your hair and make-up is complete, you’ll hop into your dressing room and then we’ll begin the session. 

1. What About Hair & Makeup?

Your Session Fee includes your private use of the studio all day. We only book one client per day to allow time for you to warm up at your own pace + truly step into your power. Hair and make-up begins at 9:30 or 10:30, and the Ordering Session concludes by 4pm.

2. How long is the Spark Experience? 

Your Session Fee includes your private use of the studio all day. We only book one client per day to allow time for you to warm up at your own pace + truly step into your power. Hair and make-up begins at 9:30 or 10:30, and the Ordering Session concludes by 4pm.

Your Session Fee includes your private use of the studio all day. We only book one client per day to allow time for you to warm up at your own pace + truly step into your power. Hair and make-up begins at 9:30 or 10:30, and the Ordering Session concludes by 3:30 pm.



Through the Spark Experience, we'll celebrate your essence by highlighting your triumphs, challenges, successes, and imperfections. All of this is what makes you the unique, strong, badass human you are! I'll expertly pose you to accentuate your favorite features and boost your confidence.

We won't alter your body shape so we don't contribute to a sense of body dysmorphia, but we do light skin smoothing and remove impermanent blemishes. You can request additional edits during the ordering appointment, but we won't change your authentic self.

3. Will you airbrush me?

I'll create stunning images of you that you'll love, and your privacy is always respected. You decide if you want to share the photos or not. I only share your photos with your permission and a signed model release. If you don’t want to share your photos, that’s okay! Your happiness, privacy, trust, and comfort are my top priorities. However, if you enjoyed working with us, please spread the word and refer us to someone who deserves to feel empowered too!

4. Do you have to share my photos? 

Yes! We offer a number of ways for you to have exactly what you want to purchase from your session. 
Pre-Session Payments (aka Spark Fund) are optional for all sessions. You may choose to split this up into segments, or you may choose to pay pre-pay in full. 

Pre-Purchased Spark Signature Collections are available so you can get bonus perks and savings. Alternatively, you may choose to pre-purchase anything off our a la Carte menu, or you can make all of your selections during your Ordering Appointment the day of your session. We will discuss these options during our phone call.

If you choose to pre-pay in full, you receive 5% off the listed price for ANY collection. This can add up to hundreds in savings depending what you choose! This does not apply to the a la Carte Menu.

If you select a Spark Fund Payment Plan with installments, the final installment is due on your Spark Session date.

5. Can I pay over time?

It's completely normal to feel unsure about posing during a boudoir session, especially if you're not a professional model. Don't worry, as your boudoir photographer, I'll guide you every step of the way! I have years of experience working with all kinds of clients, from all walks of life.

I'll direct you on how to move, where to place your hands, and how to position your body in the most flattering way possible. We'll work together to create poses that suit your unique personality and style, and that highlight your best features. You don't need to be a model to look amazing in your photos, you just need to trust me and have fun with the process!

At Show Your Spark, we celebrate your inner spark and embrace your scars. As a photographer, I focus on mastering the pose, light, and emotion, not scrutinizing your body.  Don't let fear of being seen prevent you from creating empowering images that you'll love.

6. I'm not a model, What if I don't know how to pose?

We recommending scheduling your session at least two months before you want to receive your products.
However, there’s no need to wait to schedule your session. We book dates as far as a year out!

We also offer monthly payment plans so you are paid in full before you arrive at our studio. The farther out you book a session, the more time you will have to prepare financially for this special experience.

7. When should I book?

The Spark Fund is your pre-session payment plan that lets you invest in yourself at your own pace. You deserve an empowering photographic experience, and we'll help you get there on your budget. 

When you sign up for your Spark Fund, you’ll choose your payment plan amount and frequency. On your consult call, you'll go over all the details and my team will work with you to determine the best time for your Spark Experience.

The Spark Fund prepares you to show up and shine, even if it takes a little time to save up for this life-changing experience.

8. I’ve always wanted to do this, but what if I don’t have enough money?