Your Spark Session Photographs will serve as a reminder of your courage, a testament to your power and a celebration of your confidence and beauty.
Show the world, but most importantly, show yourself.

Together, our Sparks will illuminate the world and we are unstoppable.

My name is Lindsay, I am a Boston boudoir and empowerment photographer. I believe each of us has an amazing inner light. It’s my true honor when my clients allow me to see their unique and beautiful spirit, and help their light shine brighter. I know from experience that empowerment cannot be given, true empowerment comes from within. It would be an honor to be a part of your journey to help you celebrate you.

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Lindsay, I had such a great experience with you. You made me feel so comfortable, so good in my own skin. So confident. you brought out things in me I couldn't even see until we did the reveal. It was wonderful. It was comfortable. It was super professional. The photos came out so beautifully. I cherish them. I would highly recommend it to anyone just to celebrate yourself. It's so empowering, so worth it. And Lindsay, you're awesome. What you do for women is awesome. And you're just so positive. You make things so comfortable. I had a wonderful experience and I'm happy to refer to anyone. 

- Ashley

Being able to look at my body and feel sexy was something that really surprised me yesterday. It's one thing to have people tell you that, but to be able to feel it yourself is on a whole other level. Kyle is so happy that I got to experience this, and that we included him in the final selections. He said on the way home that "That's how I see you all the time" -- which is just so insanely sweet. But I truly want to thank you for allowing me to see that part of myself again and to be able to look back at all my pictures when I'm feeling shitty. I know it will be a huge confidence booster for me. I think I was so in shock yesterday at how great they all came out, I couldn't really process a REAL thank you. SO THANK YOU! 

- Emma

No matter people’s gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, sexual orientation -- no matter what it is -- I feel it’s really, really important to be able to own that and love yourself -- and Lindsay gives us the space to do that in Spark Sessions. So I hope you think about giving it a shot. And if you’re even considering it, just reach out to have a conversation with Lindsay to see the kind of person that she is and how she can engage and embrace people of all backgrounds and identities, give them a chance to have their Spark.The first session that I did with Lindsay was really a turning point for me-- of being able to own that expression for myself and feel good in my own skin.

- briana