Jan 24, 2023

Show Your Spark Albums | Flip The Page, Tell Your Story

Did you know that the Spark Experience extends well beyond your Spark Session in our Show Your Spark Studio?  

That’s right! The experience continues in the homes, hearts, and minds of our clients through the high-quality custom-made artwork created with your gorgeous portraits. With your artwork on display in your home, you will be reminded daily of your inner Spark, strength, beauty, and courage!  

This post is part one in a mini-series highlighting our current artwork options, all made by highly specialized artisans. Each piece is completely unique and designed by YOU! You won’t find pieces of this quality at the store down the street!     

This post features our popular artisan albums included in all our Spark Signature Collections.

Ready for the nitty-gritty details? Here we go!

Custom-made Artwork for Show Your Spark, Photography by Lindsay Hite

Why Must I Purchase Artwork? 

At Show Your Spark, we want YOU and your artwork to take up space in your life. Seeing yourself in high-quality artwork will remind you of your day in the studio and all the emotions you felt throughout the experience. 

Consider your artwork as the permanent extension of your Spark Session encapsulated in gorgeous artwork. Trust us, you will want to relive those moments over and over again! With tangible artwork on display in your home, you will get to do just that! 

“When I see my artwork, I remember how I felt in those moments.”

– Spark Alumni
Custom made albums for Show Your Spark by Lindsay Hite; black leather album with text "Let your light shine", on a marble table with yellow flowers

Why Are Albums So Popular?

These artisanal albums are nothing like anyone has seen before. From cover to cover, each double-thick page does justice to the gorgeous images hand-picked and designed by you during your ordering session. 

Your Spark shines brightly with every turn of the page. With the help of our design consultant, you choose which portraits to include in your album and the layout of your images. You have agency in how you tell your story in photographic form through these highly customized albums. 

Albums are a great option for those that want to document in print a multitude of photos. With the option to be for your eyes only, or on display on a coffee table in your home, albums allow you to choose how prominently you display them. We also have a companion-sized album that makes for a great gift!

Open album sitting on a marble table displaying two portraits of an African American woman. Photography by Lindsay Hite of Show Your Spark

Who Makes the Albums?

Our albums are custom-made by an exclusive album-making company located in California, dedicated to using the finest materials to create the best products possible. We are honored to be partnered with them to bring your gorgeous portraits to life in the highest quality printed format we could find. 

What’s Included in an Album?

Timeless and long-lasting, these beauties come in three sizes, starting with your 20 favorite images included. Archival prints are mounted onto the double thick pages of your custom Italian leather or heirloom quality linen-bound album. Each album also comes with a Couture Album Box, of the highest quality, wrapping your album in layers of love and protection.  

Open album sitting on a black backdrop displaying two portraits of blonde woman in flowery lingerie. Photography by Lindsay Hite of Show Your Spark

What Album Options Are Available?

We offer a variety of customizable options and upgrades, depending on your chosen Spark Signature Collection. Options and upgrades include (but are not limited to) album cover design upgrades, customizable album cover text, and binding material options.

Grey linen album cover with image of woman on the front.  Album sitting on Red chair. Photography by Lindsay Hite

How Do I Purchase an Album?

We build our Spark Signature Collections around our albums. Each Collection, pre-purchased before your Spark Session through our Spark Fund Pre-Payment Plan, contains an album of increasing sizes and quantity of photos. During your ordering session, you have options to add extra pages portraits, upgrade the size of the album, or purchase additional albums.  

Side image of 3 different sized leather albums, displaying the thickness of the albums.

Do You Inspect Each Album?

Yes! Our production manager, Jen, places all our artwork orders ensuring each order is placed perfectly, down to every detail. She also inspects each piece of artwork that arrives in the studio with a keen eye and delicate hands. 

What if I Don’t Want an Album?

In each of our collections, we offer the option to swap out the album for a matted display box.

Behind the Scenes look at albums from Show Your Spark Studio; photography by Lindsay Hite
Customer Care, It Takes a Village, photography by Lindsay Hite

That’s a Wrap on Albums!

As you can tell, we put a lot of love into the entire Spark Experience. From the moment you first contact us, until the day you bring your artwork home (and beyond), YOU remain our priority. Our mission is to help you step into your confidence, beauty, and strength through empowering luxury portrait experiences AND through beautiful custom-made artwork that will daily remind you of your inner Spark.   

These gorgeous albums are designed to help you tell your story, your way, with the flip of a page!

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