Apr 18, 2023

Show Your Spark Wall Art: Empowerment At A Glance

Find empowerment at a glance with high-quality handmade pieces of wall art where YOU are the star! 

Did you know that the Spark Experience extends well beyond your Spark Session in our Show Your Spark Studio?  

That’s right!

The experience continues in the homes, hearts, and minds of our clients through the high-quality custom-made artwork created with your gorgeous portraits. With your artwork on display in your home, you will be reminded daily of your inner Spark, strength, beauty, and courage!  

We return to our product tour with an in-depth look at our wall art. These pieces can be purchased with a La Carte credit or as additional add-on items to your Spark Signature Collections.

Ready for all the deets? Here we go!

Side by Side image of two different pieces of wall art ; photography by Lindsay Hite

Why Must I Purchase Artwork? 

At Show Your Spark, we want YOU and your artwork to take up space in your life. Seeing yourself in high-quality artwork will remind you of your day in the studio and all the emotions you felt throughout the experience. 

Consider your artwork as the permanent extension of your Spark Session encapsulated in gorgeous artwork. Trust us, you will want to relive those moments over and over again! With tangible artwork on display in your home, you will get to do just that!  

“Wall Art makes a statement and everyone has to see it. Even in plain sight, an album requires someone to have an interest in viewing the photos. Wall Art says here I am. Look at me!!!” – Spark Alumna Maria

Image of wall art on a white wall; photography by Lindsay Hite

What are the benefits of choosing wall art?  

With tasteful, classy artwork of YOU on your walls, you will be reminded daily of your inner strength, courage, and power. That daily confidence boost is what a Spark Session is all about, and truly where the inner transformation lies.

Catching a glimpse of your beautiful self on the wall could be the key to putting a smile on your face and a spring in your step as you go about your day.

What Wall Art Options Are Available?

When selecting wall art, you can choose from our Storyboards, designed to show off 3-9 photos of your choice, or Individual Pieces available in various sizes.  

With metal or acrylic framing options and matte or glossy finishes, you have complete design control over these stunning pieces.

Who Makes the Wall Art?

Our wall art is handmade in Italy by expert craftspeople. Fabricated with innovative printing technology and extreme attention to detail, these pieces are designed to stand the test of time.

Image of certification of authenticity for wall art; photography by Lindsay Hite

How Do I Purchase Wall Art?

At Show Your Spark, we offer a same-day premiere of your portraits on our mega screen in our cozy Premiere Room. After you see a slideshow presentation of your gorgeous portraits set to music, you get to select your favorite images to be included in your artwork.  

Each of our Signature Spark Collections includes an album and either Wall Art or A La Carte credit to purchase products of your choosing. We gently recommend that you consider choosing a piece of wall art as a way for you to be reminded of your inner Spark every day. Many people shy away from displaying their Spark Session portraits on their walls, but we say, “Go for it!”

Image of large wall art featuring a woman in red lingerie; photography by Lindsay Hite

How Do I Design Wall Art That Will Fit My Home?

Before arriving at our studio for your Spark Session, take a walk through your home and consider where you might want to display a piece or two of wall art. Great options include the master bedroom, master bathroom, master closet, home office, or living room. Think of the wall space present in your home and consider if a vertical or horizontal piece would best fit. Take a few measurements of the space and come to the studio with your numbers.  

In our premiere room, we’ve hung a sampling of our wall art products on the walls to showcase our sizing options. You can even try different sizes of wall art on our own studio walls to see which ones you prefer! (Hint: A piece of 8×12” wall art is smaller than you think.) 

Still nervous? That’s natural! Our design team will be there with a trained eye to ensure you design artwork you will enjoy for years to come. 

Image of woman holding and inspecting large piece of wall art

Do You Inspect Each Piece of Wall Art?

Yes! Our production manager, Jen, places all our artwork orders ensuring each order is placed perfectly, down to every detail. She also inspects each piece of artwork that arrives in the studio with a keen eye and delicate hands.

Woman wearing white gloves while inspecting wall art. Photography by Lindsay Hite

That’s a Wrap!

These gorgeous wall art pieces are designed to empower you with a simple glance up as you move throughout your day. 

As you can tell, we put a lot of love into the entire Spark Experience. From the moment you first contact us, until the day you bring your artwork home (and beyond), YOU remain our priority. Our mission is to help you step into your confidence, beauty, and strength through empowering luxury portrait experiences AND beautiful custom-made artwork that will daily remind you of your inner Spark.   

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