May 17, 2022

What do I wear?  A Spark Client Closet Tour

Help! What do I wear?  

Today, we address one of the most commonly asked questions as women prepare for their Spark Session!  

Drawing from our experience, we have wardrobe tips highlighting popular outfits, suggestions for how to shop from your home closet, and ideas from our Spark Client Closet!

Woman in white blazer and silver shoes, what do I wear, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Basic Black Two-Piece Set

If the words classic, timeless, or simple describe your aesthetic, bring a basic bra and undy set to your Spark Session. Pro Tip: They don’t have to be a matching set! Shop this look from your own dresser drawers. Chances are your blacks will match good enough for your pictures! Try pairing them with a pair of shoes from our client closet for your first stunning look. 

Woman in 2 piece black lingerie with floral background, photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in 2 piece black lingerie on teal sofa, what do I wear, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Cute Button Down 2-Piece Silk Pajamas

A cute button-down 2-piece silk pajama set can look flirty, casual, or sexy. Style it buttoned up for a  cute, comfy style. Unbutton the shirt for a slightly revealing and enticing look. Or, choose to go topless for a sexier vibe. Slip into these pajamas while in our Light and Airy Bedset Scene for the perfect cozy at-home portrait atmosphere

Woman in red and black lace silk pajamas on white bed, what do I wear, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Oversized Sweater

An oversized sweater worn off the shoulder creates a warm, comfy, yet sexy portrait. Shop this look from your home closet, as well. Or, try on the oversized grey sweater from our Client closet. Neutral colors pair beautifully with our Teal Velvet Sofa Scene while evoking another at-home portrait aesthetic.

Woman in oversized sweater sitting on the ground, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite
Women in deep maroon oversized sweater, what do I wear, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in oversized sweater and knee-high boots, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Casual Lingerie

Continuing the theme of everyday home sexy, bring your favorite T-shirt or button-down shirt (white or flannel). Portraits featuring your familiar clothing allow your personality and personal style to shine. The shirt you choose could be a statement piece, one that holds fond memories, or belong to your partner. Comfort and familiarity are key when looking for an outfit that represents the everyday beautiful you!

woman in flannel unbottoned shirt, what do I wear, boudoir photography by Lindsay hite
Woman in comfy sweatshirt on teal sofa, photography by Lindsay Hite


With so many options available on the market, you are sure to find a bodysuit that fits your personal style and level of comfort. From fishnet and lace or more opaque options, built-in bra support or not, there are as many different styles as there are women.  

Pro Tip: If you find yourself loving an outfit that doesn’t provide as much support for your chest, that’s okay! I will pose you in ways that will either provide you with the support you need or take advantage of gravity to bring out your best features. So, don’t let the lack of support, especially in the more sheer garments, hold you back from the outfits you most love

Woman in black teddy and heels on teal sofa, what do I wear, photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in black lace teddy with jewelry on white bed, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Fishnet Bodysuits

Believe it or not, our rhinestone fishnet bodysuit is one of our most popular Client Closet pieces. On the rack, it appears to be sized for a doll, but we promise this piece will look amazing on you, especially in our dark Back Room Scenes.  

Pro Tip: If you don’t feel comfortable with the see-through wardrobe options, pair those pieces with black or skin-toned panties and bras to provide additional coverage and support.

Woman in sheer bodysuit with leather jacket, what do I wear, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in fishnet and rhinestone bodysuit with black background, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Non-traditional Options

Spark Sessions don’t have to require little to no clothing. You get to choose the wardrobe that makes you most comfortable and beautiful. Try creative options, like your favorite fancy dress, a romper, wrap dress, jeans and t-shirt, or even wrap yourself in one of our beautiful textiles. Keep in mind, we want YOUR inner spark to shine!

Woman in dress and red boa, what do I wear, photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in Sari, what do I wear, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in black dress and red jacket with red floral background, what do I wear, photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in sundress on teal sofa, what do I wear, photography by Lindsay Hite

Add The Bling

Once you’ve settled on your foundation pieces, together we will add accessories to enhance the look.  

Let’s talk shoes! We love all the shoes, evidenced by our growing shoe collection in our Client Closet. You might be surprised by the difference a pair of shoes can make in a portrait. High heels extend and accentuate the legs while instilling an extra bit of confidence in the wearer. If heels aren’t your thing, that’s okay. We want you to express your personality through every single one of your wardrobe choices. Knee-high boots are an impactful statement, and so are cute Chucks, or platform sneakers! So, bring shoes from your home collection, or take advantage of ours. Either way, we will be sure you look and feel amazing! 

women's legs with a pair of blush color heels, photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in pale blue lingerie with black heels, what do I wear, photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in floral top, jeans, and combat boots, what do I wear, photography by Lindsay Hite

Add Layers

Adding layers is another way to accentuate your wardrobe choices. Layer a fur or leather jacket over your everyday wear or lingerie for a complete look.

Jewelry is another personal choice and decision. Feel free to express yourself with your jewelry from home. Keep it simple or go for big, bold body jewelry pieces. Studs, hoops, dangling earrings, and rings all work well. We recommend choosing the outfit first, then selecting jewelry to compliment the ensemble.  Also, remember that some poses will be laying down, and some earrings work better than others at different angles, so it’s a great idea to bring options and our team will assist you the day of your session!

Woman in body suit and leather jacket with dark floral background, photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in lingerie with chunky jewelry, what do I wear, photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in dress, heels, and chunky jewelry on teal sofa, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

What do I wear?

Hopefully now, you have a better answer to the question, “What do I wear?”

When you arrive for your Spark Session, bring all your planned outfits and keep an open mind. We will plan out your session together using your pieces and possibly supplement with some items from our size-inclusive Client Closet. While you are in the Hair and Makeup Chair, I will be pairing your wardrobe choices with our sets to create a plan for the photo session part of your Spark Session.  

I LOVE working with each one of my clients to help them feel like the beautiful confident women that they are. At the end of the day, my goal is for our clients to feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident in the wardrobe choices they make. Whatever you choose, we want you to express your own personal style. 

In all these details, tips, and suggestions, remember….

You are already beautiful, powerful, and courageous as you are. You are ready to show your Spark!

P.S. Not sure where to shop? You can shop at the usual places, online stores, department stores, malls, etc. However, we do happen to have a favorite Lingerie Shop. Forty Winks is a local shop that provides ethically produced, size-inclusive, and style-inclusive wardrobe options. When you book a Spark Session with us, you will receive a discount code of 15% off a Forty Winks purchase. Inquire with us once you’ve booked your session, and we’ll make sure you get the super-secret code!

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