May 16, 2023

How To Master 7 Boudoir Sofa Poses

Today, we are teaching how to master 7 boudoir sofa poses. 

One of the most frequent fears and concerns we hear from potential clients is the fear of not knowing how to pose for the camera.  

That’s completely understandable! Most of us don’t have any modeling experience, nor do you need it to have an empowering Spark Session! With our guidance, you are guaranteed to create portraits you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.  

During your Spark Session, we will help you pose in ways that accentuate your beautiful personality and body. We provide clear instructions and even model the poses for you ourselves!

With that being said, today we begin a new blog post series on how to pose through the various sets in the Show Your Spark Studio. Draw inspiration from these portraits for your own session, envision yourself in these sets and poses, and imagine how it would feel to have a portrait of yourself on your wall while striking these poses.  

Ready to take a look? Great!

Woman in black lingerie leaning back on a teal sofa surrounded by light and plants.  Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Mermaid Pose

The mermaid pose says elegance and glamor from the tip of your toes to the crown of your head. Look toward the camera or away from it, with your hand in your hair or not! Create legs for days with heels or the point of your toes. Either way, you will feel empowered and confident in this pose. This pose works for many body types!

  • Lay down on your side with one arm propping you up.
  • Straighten your bottom leg.
  • Bend your top knee and drape over the bottom leg while keeping your ankles stacked.
  • Stay on your elbows or push up with your supporting arm to lift your chest off the couch. 
  • Use your free hand to play and express different moods.

Take a look at Show Your Spark owner, Lindsay Hite, demonstrating the mermaid pose!

Woman in red lingerie in a mermaid boudoir sofa pose.  Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

Booty Queen Pose

Your butt heard what you said about it and would like to prove you wrong! Good news for you, around these parts, I’m often called “The Booty Whisperer.” I love helping people literally see their butt in a whole new light with this popular pose accessible for all bodies! Give it a try and fall in love with your butt all over again! Bonus: it’s a great anonymous shot if that’s your goal.

Here’s how to try this pose: With a window or light behind you, 

  • Place your knees on the seat of a chair or sofa.
  • Lean your elbows on the back of the furniture.
  • Sink into your hips.
  • Pop your tailbone to the sky and point your toes.

Take a look at Show Your Spark owner, Lindsay Hite, demonstrating the booty queen pose!

Image of woman's booty with red lingerie in a boudoir photography session by Lindsay Hite

Curled Up and Comfy Pose

Cozy up in your comfy lingerie, favorite t-shirt, or oversized sweater to create this comfy at-home look. Without any other obligations or things to do while in the studio, this is your time to fully relax and enjoy the moment.

  • Tuck your legs in.
  • Lean against the back of the couch.
  • Look out our frosted windows.
  • Take a deep breath and relax.
African American woman snuggled up in her at home comfy clothes on a teal sofa.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Sofa Diva Pose

Flaunt your body and relish in your inherent power in this sofa diva pose. This pose mixes that “at-home” vibe with that of a confident and empowered woman who knows her value and what she wants. PS. This pose looks amazing for everyone!

  • Position yourself on your knees. 
  • Lean forward resting your elbows on the arm of the sofa. 
  • Pop your tailbone to the sky.  
  • Elongate your neck, roll your shoulders down and back
  • Use your free hand to tousle your hair and embrace the diva inside!
Woman in strappy black lingerie leaning up against the arm of a teal sofa.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Sheer Bliss Pose

Show your softer side and relish in the joy of being in your body with this sheer bliss pose.  This is your opportunity to own your embodiment and show off your beauty from an inner place of peace and rest. Ps. This one is a fan favorite! 90% of our clients have at least one photo in this pose in their albums at home. 

  • Sit on the floor with your head leaning back against the sofa cushion. 
  • Extend one leg long with the other bent, leaning that knee towards the otherPoint your toes and tighten your core while arching your back. 
  • Place one hand on your chest or on your head and the other on your leg.  
  • Channel your inner bliss by closing your eyes, breathing in, exhaling out and giving a little smile.
Woman with short hair in black lingerie, sitting on the floor and leaning back again a teal sofa.  Photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in black lingerie sitting on the floor leaning back against a teal sofa.  Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Break Free Pose

We all know the feeling of wanting to rip our bra off at the end of the day. Pull the straps to the side, and feel free! It’s playful and fun. Tip. If you’re ever not sure what to do with your hands in photos, play with your clothing! Grab the lapel of a jacket, grab your skirt in your hands and swish it around or pull your straps like in this pose! 

  • Lie on your back on the couch. 
  • Bend both knees or only one.  
  • Point your toes.
  • Arch your back and lift your chest.
  • Pull your bra straps off your shoulders to express your sexual liberation.
Woman in vibrant bright yellow lingerie lying on a teal sofa.  Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

The Drip

Lounging on the sofa has never looked so seductive.   

  • Rest on your belly while propping yourself up on your elbows.
  • Place one hand in your hair and the other on the sofa for stability.
  • Bring your knee up towards your elbow and pop that booty. Let the knee drip off that sofa just a bit
Woman in causal red lingerie on her belly on a black sofa.  Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman with tattoos in black lingerie lying on her belly on a black sofa.  Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

Are You Ready To Master These 7 Boudoir Poses?

What do you think? Do you feel ready to master these boudoir sofa poses? Give them a try at home, if you’d like. Then, contact us today to try these poses out at the Show Your Spark Studio. 

Here’s what to expect when you contact us! 

  1. Schedule a free consultation call to have all your questions answered and start planning your Spark Experience.
  2. Select a Spark Session date that fits your schedule.
  3. Rock the session like the bright light that you are, and create beautiful, tangible artwork to inspire you for the rest of your life.

We can’t wait to speak with you and help you Show Your Spark!

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