Nov 22, 2022

Time to Shine Through Boudoir Photography

It was in the cards. It was her time to shine!

Have you ever wanted an experience, felt unable to make it happen, and then stood in awe as you watched the universe drop that very opportunity in your lap? That is what happened for today’s featured Spark Alumni.  

Earlier this year, Show Your Spark held a giveaway with a prize unlike one we’ve gifted in recent years. The winner received an entire Spark Session for free including our very popular mini 6×6” album containing 8 portraits of her choosing.  

Take a behind-the-scenes look at her experience in our studio, when it was her time to shine!

Woman in black lingerie with tattoos on a white fur-lined bed; boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

 I Made It Through

Please tell us a bit about you and your journey! 

I’m a mother of 2 young men, ages 22 and 26. I am an only daughter with 5 brothers! I have had the same close group of friends since high school!! 

I married at 24 and was divorced at 33. It was a difficult time having young children while walking through an ugly divorce. But I made it through with love and support from my parents, family, and friends. 

Last year I finally met my forever person!

woman in lacy black bodysuit on teal sofa, time to shine boudoir photography by Lindsay HIte

Excited To See My Transformation

How were you feeling leading up to your Spark Session? 

I was excited about the whole experience from the hair/makeup to the photos! Once I stepped through the doors, I was warmly greeted. I was made to feel so comfortable that my nerves went away. During hair and makeup, I was excited to see my transformation.

I Felt Amazing

What was a favorite moment during your session? 

I loved all of it!! During the session, I got to have a few sneak peeks at the images. I couldn’t believe it was me!! Seeing those made me feel amazing, sexy, and confident.

woman in black lingerie and tattoos on teal sofa, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

I’m Kinder To Myself

Has anything changed for you since your Spark Experience and after seeing your photographs? 

I definitely feel more confident in my appearance than I did before my Spark Session. I think I’m kinder to my self-image as well. 

woman in black fishnet body suit on jewel-toned bed; time to shine boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Like a Badass

Looking back on the experience, which photographs mean the most to you when you see them now — and why?

I love my bum picture and the one of me sitting in the chair. They make me feel sexy and like a badass.

Side by Side image of woman; on left woman in fishnet body suit on right woman in black strappy lingerie with leather boots and jacket with a rose backdrop; boudoir photography by Lindsay HIte

Do This For You

What advice would you give to someone considering booking their own Spark Experience?

I highly recommend Lindsay Hite’s Spark Experience for all women. Just do it! Put away any self-doubts and do this for YOU!!

It’s Your Time to Shine

Is a Spark Experience in the cards for you? We believe it is!  

If you are ready to shine, contact us today!

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