Nov 15, 2022

Behind the Bonus Scenes at Show Your Spark

Take a behind the Bonus Scenes look with us as we highlight a few of our most popular sets at Show Your Spark!

Have you been curious about booking a Spark Session with Show Your Spark and want to gather more data before committing?  

Have you booked a session, but are now choosing which Bonus Scenes you want to pose in?  

If either of these questions resonates with you, this is the post for you!  

Access to our Bonus Scenes is one of the many perks of purchasing one of our Spark Signature Collections. They are a great way to spice up your Spark Session with our exclusive sets, discover something new, express yourself, and maybe even add an element of fantasy to your spark!

Keep reading to learn more!

Fine Art Nude Bonus Scene by Lindsay HIte

Between the Sheets

This scene is one of our most popular. It’s easy like Sunday morning. You’ll be surprised how naturally your beauty shines through in this set. Channel Marilyn’s effortless glam while in the buff in our white sheet set in the daylight studio.

African American woman posing between white sheets; boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite
Blonde woman between the sheets on a white bed, by Lindsay Hite

Garden Goddess Tub

Channel your inner goddess in our waterless tub. Our all-white tub sits among our favorite in-studio house plants. Pose among our oversized flowers, with our faux bubbles, or in your favorite lingerie. This scene is also perfect for tasteful nudes or showing off your legs.

Woman's legs in a Garden Tub by Lindsay HIte
Garden Goddess Bonus Scene, brunette woman in garden tub portrait by Lindsay Hite


Get a taste of our Branding Packages with a professional portrait! Enhance your website, LinkedIn profile, or your new business card with a new headshot – perfect for every professional who is ready to show her personality. 

Headshot of blonde woman in pink blouse on teal sofa, by Lindsay Hite
Headshot of woman in black dress and white backdrop, by Lindsay HIte


Showcase your admiration for all that your body can do and your love of being active and strong. Bring your own handheld props to suit your sport if needed, or use a pair of Gold or Green Boxing gloves we have here in the studio.

Fitness Portrait, Bonus Scene by Lindsay Hite
Fitness portrait, bonus scene by Lindsay Hite


Channel the mystery and romance of the cinema. Create one-of-a-kind artwork as you pose in front of a projected image of your choosing. Bring your own images, or use one of ours, in this bonus scene that speaks to your unique expressive voice. 

Woman with dark background and projected image on her, by Lindsay Hite

Angel Wings

Do you want to celebrate rising over the challenges in your path like the beautiful phoenix you are? Have you ever wanted to live out the fantasy of feeling like a supermodel on the runway for a certain lingerie brand?? Now is your chance! Our elegant oversized white wings will leave you feeling glamorous, powerful, and triumphant.

Woman in bridal lingerie and white angel wings, by Lindsay Hite
African American Woman in white leotard and angel wings, bonus scene by Lindsay HIte

Satin Sheets

Show a little skin to your own comfort level while posing in our satin sheets in our dark and moody studio. You’ll feel extra glamorous with the gorgeous colors of our Sapphire, Emerald, or Champagne options. These luxurious sheets will highlight your best features while draped across your beautiful body.

Woman in blue satin sheets, by Lindsay HIte
Woman between sapphire colored sheets; by Lindsay Hite

Hollywood Glam Robe

This floor-length robe will have you channeling the film stars of the 1930s. Bring your inner starlet. We’ll provide the robe. Be ready to shine like the divas of the silver screen.

Woman in Teal Hollywood Robe with black backdrop; by Lindsay Hite
Woman in teal Hollywood Robe, Bonus Scene by Lindsay Hite

Fine Art Nude

In our Fine Art Nude Scene, your body IS the artwork with dark backgrounds and dramatic lighting magic. The resulting portraits will cause you to see and appreciate your body in a new way.

Fine Art Nude Bonus Scene by Lindsay HIte
Fine Art Nude by Lindsay Hite

After Dark Shower

Perfect for the end of your session, let go of all of your inhibitions as you step into our dark and moody shower scene. Let your hair down and get a little wet as we spritz you up for some sultry portraits. Many clients say this is a beautiful way to reconnect with their bodies.

Portrait of nude woman in a dark shower scene, by Lindsay Hite
After Dark Shower Bonus Scene; by Lindsay Hite

More Bonus Scenes at Show Your Spark

The scenes above are just a sampling of our bonus scenes. Be sure to take a look at our entire gallery to see our additional scenes and portraits created in them.  

We are always adding new sets, so be sure to check in frequently!

If you are ready to take the leap and schedule a Spark Session for yourself, contact us today! Spots are in high demand and are filling up quickly! 

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