Nov 8, 2022

Love on Display through Couples Boudoir Photography

Are you and your partner looking to reconnect, spice things up, or connect at a deeper level? Or maybe, you are looking to create tasteful, yet intimate, portraits of you and your loved one that document your love for each other. If so, consider putting your love on display through couples boudoir photography.

You’ve probably heard of boudoir photography, a form of empowerment photography on the rise. Across the country, women are choosing to say, “Hell no” to unattainable beauty standards and declaring that they are enough, just as they are, through this unique art form. But did you know that couples boudoir photography is also gaining popularity?

At Show Your Spark, for our Spark Alumni, we offer a couples version of our very popular Spark Experience. During these couples boudoir photography sessions, we bring to light the love, joy, and beauty of the couple’s relationship. Uniquely tailored for each couple, these sessions are intimate, fun, flirty, and sensual.

Read on to hear about one couple’s experience in our studio.

Love on Display through couples boudoir photography; by Lindsay Hite

Translating Love Into A Photo

“We hear it all the time, Our love is contagious. Anyone who knows us knows that what we share is powerful. The bond we have, the love. Still, as the two of us headed into the spark studio for our couples session, neither of us could’ve imagined how our love would translate to a photo. What we did know is that Lindsay’s energy is equally infectious and that whatever awaited us in the studio would be magical. And boy was it ever.

Love on Display through couples boudoir photography; by Lindsay Hite

Transported To Another Realm

Lindsay and Michelle warmly greeted us at the door of the studio and from there on Nana and I felt we were transported to another realm. The music, the scenery, and most importantly, the genuine and joyful vibes that emanated all around us. I knew immediately that our photos were going to be epic.

Shower scene of a couple; couples boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Love Documented

And epic they were! From the tender moments on the famous Show Your Spark couch to more seductive poses in the shower, Lindsay was able to capture the emotions that went into each moment. In each photo she took, she captured the depth of our love for each other. From moments of complete tenderness and nurturing to moments of passion and thirst for each other, she brought to life the raw emotions Nana and I were experiencing moment by moment. As I said, the shoot was epic.

Couple in a bathtub, Love on Display through couples boudoir photography; by Lindsay Hite

Photos To Last A Lifetime

When the curtain was drawn and the images appeared on the big screen of the Spark showcase room, Nana and I were floored. The photos were more than we could have ever hoped for and truly captured the essence of who we are as a power couple. To say our couples spark session was amazing would be an understatement. Even now, as I think back on that day, my heart begins to flutter. The day is not only captured in photos that will last a lifetime but is also stamped on Nana and my hearts forever!

Shower scene of a couple; Love on Display through couples boudoir photography; by Lindsay Hite

Our Essence As A Couple On Display

We can’t wait until our next shoot, in which our love that has grown, will once again be brought to life by the incredible Lindsay Hite and her amazing team!”

Love on Display through couples boudoir photography; by Lindsay Hite

Put Your Love On Display

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