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Jun 25, 2024

Whoever said life after forty was over the hill was wrong! Life after forty can still be full of intentional personal growth. Don’t believe me? Look to the example of our next featured Spark Alumni, Kat. As a participant in our Fierce After Forty Project, she shares her journey from overcoming addiction to embracing a […]

Jun 18, 2024

There’s something truly remarkable about meeting a woman who embodies grace, strength, and resilience all at once. This is more than apt for our Fierce After Forty Project’s oldest participant. Self-described as patient, kind, and blessed, Spark Alumni Judy offers a perspective created by a life richly lived. In this interview, Judy shares with us […]

Jun 11, 2024

Show Your Spark’s Fierce After Forty Project celebrates the beauty, strength, and wisdom of women over the age of forty.   Why celebrate women over the age of forty?  We’ll tell you why! Reaching the age of forty comes with a wide variety of experiences full of challenges and victories that create plenty of personal insights. […]

Jun 4, 2024

Have you ever thought it’s too late to start over? As you read this post about one of Show Your Spark’s recent clients, you will discover an example of how to find fierceness after forty. Many women in midlife find themselves at a crossroads – a journey of self-discovery fueled by failed narratives that no […]

May 28, 2024

Time changes everything– our bodies and our perspective. For this Fierce After Forty Participant, the act of showing up to her photography session took her on a journey of profound introspection and toward self-acceptance. Once a self-inflicted victim of ageism, this Spark Alumni is learning to overcome ageism in her thought patterns to participate in […]

May 21, 2024

Have you learned to prioritize self-care?   Today’s Show Your Spark Fierce After Forty participant has! But it hasn’t always been easy.   Learning to prioritize self-care has been a predominant message we’ve heard from our Fierce After Forty Participants. For many of these women, they spent their youth and 20s and 30s placating and serving others, […]

May 14, 2024

Spark Alumni Dawn isn’t just a participant in our Fierce After Forty Project – she’s the embodiment of it. Pushing herself out of her comfort zone to be vulnerable in the Show Yoru Spark Studio, she sat down with us to discuss what it means to be a woman over 40 and the wisdom she […]

May 7, 2024

What does it mean to be fierce after forty?   According to our recent Spark Alumni Nancy, it takes equal parts ferocity and vulnerability. There’s a movement sweeping national dialogues– that of bringing conversation and awareness to the second puberty that women’s bodies experience – menopause. Women are learning to embrace the changes in their bodies […]

Apr 30, 2024

“It takes time to become a woman over forty.” This quote, from one of our recent Fierce After Forty Alumni, is such a simple yet profound statement.   Sometimes when we pause to reflect on our lives and the lessons learned, we can be tempted to look back with regret, thinking that we could have acted […]

Apr 23, 2024

Can a photography session aid one’s search for acceptance and change the way one looks at themselves?  For this Fierce After Forty Spark Alumni, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Self-described as unique, evolving, and worthy, when Show Your Spark’s Fierce After Forty Project was announced, Spark Alumni Tiffany decided now was her time to […]

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