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Feb 27, 2024

Many women, whether it is through nature or nurture, spend their younger years living with limitations. As they move into their forties, fifties, and beyond, they often learn how to live life without limitations – limitations on the value they place on themselves, limitations on the experiences they can have, and limitations on who they […]

Feb 6, 2024

From teenage pregnancy and the shadows of addiction to the grace of 18 months’ sobriety and the pursuit of lifelong learning, Spark Alumni QueenChiya’s story is a testament to the unyielding spirit of a woman who knows who is and confidently embraces every moment of her life through the lens of the serenity prayer.   Life […]

Jan 30, 2024

Listen up! Forget what, as children, you thought it meant to be a woman over forty! Today a new story is being written in the lives of women entering their fourth decade and beyond – one where women are stepping into their power, radiating strength, and wisdom, and living unapologetically. We designed the “Fierce After […]

Jan 16, 2024

Self-described as patient, empathic, and creative, Katie chose to participate in Show Your Spark’s Fierce After Forty Project to embrace her fierceness, reclaim her confidence, and rediscover her inner joy.  As a Spark Alumni, Katie returned to the studio to find inspiration to access and unearth her creative side. After her session, Michelle, Show Your […]