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“The photos were beyond what I could have expected.”

“I felt beautiful. I felt powerful. It just felt so feminine and beautiful and those aren't things that I feel all the time.  And so it was just so nice to see."

-- Kathy.

"My spark was relit and I'm so glad that I found Lindsay."

“She made me feel so good about myself and brought that confidence back that I lost a long time ago. So I feel like a queen today.I'm just so happy. I'm on cloud nine.”

-- Brianna

“I'm so glad that I did it! higly recommend lindsay!"

“I literally was blown away at how fun this experience was, that it was a judgment free zone, and that I got to be my true self, and that Lindsay was able to capture that on camera.”

-- Nicki

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"Lindsay is so kind and so creative - we had a delightful time together!"

"I found not only a great boudoir experience at Lindsay’s studio but an introduction to a wonderful community for the empowerment of women.

Lindsay created a safe space where I could be comfortable in front of the lens so my smile in these pictures is authentic. I would 100% recommend working with her studio.

Life changing in all the best ways."

-- Jess

"I am so happy that I did this. I was nervous about going through with it."

"I thought I would see the pictures and be disappointed with my appearance but when I was looked at my pictures with Michelle for the first time I found the exact opposite.

I finally could see myself as beautiful and I was moved to tears. Michelle made me feel so beautiful and confident with her hair and makeup skills. Lindsey has an amazing talent behind the camera and in helping you find your strength and beauty.

She helped me own my power and feel beautiful which was directly translated into the photos I saw at the end of the session. I am so grateful to Michelle and Lindsey and I am also grateful to myself for following through with this dream and finding my power and seeing my beauty.

I booked my spark session for my birthday and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I can't recommend Lindsay enough. Do something nice for yourself and set up an appointment to find your spark!"

-- Briana

"I cannot fully express how much my spark session meant to me."

"Lindsay is an absolute professional and a wonderful human being! She captured every facet of my personality so perfectly and I will cherish these photos forever.

My spark experience was more than just a photoshoot; it was an experience. I would 1000% recommend her to every woman in my life. A day of pampering and fun can be essential or, in my case, life changing.

You will not regret working with Lindsay, she is the most incredible photographer and her work speaks for itself!!"

-- Hayleigh

"I flew in from CA for my Spark experience and am SO glad I did!"

"Lindsay and her team made the entire day relaxing and fun. I was shocked by how easy it was to get comfortable in the studio, relax, and just have fun.

The biggest benefit was being able to see my photos before I left that day! I didn't know what to expect going in, but I felt cared for, loved, and accepted for me. It was a great experience!"

-- Rebecca

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Soon after your session, you’ll be treated to a cinematic premiere of your beautiful  images. Then, we’ll get to work designing custom artwork that perfectly complements your aesthetic and will act as a reminder of your power for years to come. 

This is your time to shine! Our in-house hair & makeup artist will have you looking and feeling your best before you step in front of the camera. We’ll throw on some of your favorite music, and I’ll guide you through every pose. Together, we’ll create gorgeous portraits that shine a light on your inner spark.

We start with a complimentary phone call to get to know each other and ensure we’re a good fit. This is when you’ll get answers to ALL your questions and start planning your Spark Experience! 

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From an Ember to a Spark

I know what you might be thinking - “These women are so GORGEOUS! Certainly, they must be models!” But guess what? They’re actually everyday women like you and me! They’re wives, mothers, grandmothers, bosses, and so much more. 

Picture the women you come across every day, holding her cup of coffee, and walking with grace and confidence. This could be you! Through your Spark Experience, you’ll embrace your sensuality, celebrate your individuality, and rise above your insecurities - blossoming into the goddess that’s always been inside of you!

This is your sign to let your spark shine and celebrate the awe-inspiring woman you are.

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Together, our sparks will illuminate the world. Together, we are unstoppable. 

My name is Lindsay Hite. I’m a Boston boudoir and empowerment photographer, and I believe we all have an amazing inner light that deserves an opportunity to shine. It’s my true honor when my clients allow me to see their unique and beautiful spirits, and it warms my heart to see them leave my studio with their lights shining even brighter. 

I know from experience that empowerment can’t just be given. True empowerment comes from WITHIN. So it would be an honor to join you on your journey of self-love and empowerment. It’s time to celebrate YOU! 

Lindsay Hite

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We are so excited to join you on your self-love journey and can’t wait to help you reignite your confident through a Spark Session. Please fill out the form below so we can get to know each other a little better. We’ll be in touch soon!