Jul 5, 2022

Queen of Beauty | Meet Michelle

She is our beauty queen: our queen of beauty! To know her is to love her! 

Michelle DeVoe uses her talent to prepare clients to feel their most natural, beautiful, and confident for their Spark Sessions

We are excited for you to meet this crucial member of our team and hear her beauty philosophy!

Queen of Beauty, Michelle DeVoe, photography by Lindsay Hite

Her Origin Story

Michelle met Show your Spark owner, Lindsay Hite, at a networking event for weddings when Lindsay was primarily a wedding photographer. They sat next to each other, chatted, and immediately connected.  

Inspired with the idea for Show Your Spark, Lindsay contacted Michelle to share her vision of empowering women through luxury portrait experiences. Michelle’s amazing ability to enhance a woman’s own natural beauty would be the perfect fit for the Show Your Spark vision. Instead of using hair and makeup to make the clients look different than themselves, Lindsay wanted women to feel MORE like themselves. 

Wanting to help women show up for themselves, Michelle immediately fell in love with the concept. She said, “Yes”! Thus began a beautiful partnership.

woman in animal print dress, photography by Lindsay Hite

Philosophy of Beauty

Her beauty philosophy is simple:  

“I think all women look beautiful in their natural state. Using products and tools, I help enhance the client’s natural beauty for the camera. I don’t want to alter your features. My goal is to make you camera-ready and to help you feel beautiful, so you are mentally ready for your Spark Session. When you feel beautiful, you feel comfortable and will show up more for yourself during your session.”  

To find the desired look, Michelle asks clients what makes them feel the most beautiful. Interestingly, she also gathers inspiration by asking clients about past negative experiences with professional hair and makeup. Drawing from those bits of information and her own intuition, Michelle works her magic.

woman in red jacket in black teddy in red chair, beauty by Michelle DeVoe, photogrpahy by Lindsay Hite
Artistic nude, beauty by Michelle DeVoe; photography by Lindsay Hite
Woman in oversized sweater looking out the window, beauty by Michelle DeVoe, photography by Lindsay Hite

Prioritizing the Experience

Michelle’s approach to hair and makeup surpasses the service and extends to the client’s experience as well. In everything she does, she prioritizes the client experience and works in a trauma-informed way, which perfectly aligns with Show Your Spark’s principles.  

‘I like to have a connection with my clients. Hair and makeup is a very personal experience. I am in your personal space and physically touching your body. I want to be sure that all clients feel comfortable with my work. I highlight respect and create a comfortable and safe environment, where everyone can be themselves.”  

Did you know that Michelle is not only a talented makeup artist but also an entrepreneur? That’s right! She leads a team of women who share her beauty philosophy and approach to the overall hair and makeup experience.   

“When building my team, I look to work with people who care about the client and create an experience first and a service second.”

First Impressions

When preparing for a Spark Session, we ask all clients to arrive with bone-dry clean hair and a clean lightly moisturized face. Doing so provides Michelle with a clean and bare palette with which to work.  

How does she know how to enhance each client’s unique beauty? Some people call it intuition. We call it magic!

“When a Spark client first walks through the door, I immediately see something beautiful in each woman. It might be their hair, eyes, or gorgeous complexion. When I meet our Spark clients, I instantly start thinking about how I can highlight their unique beauty.”

Tips for your Spark Session

You might be nervous or overwhelmed with the idea of choosing a makeup look that fits you best! Please know we are here to guide you along the way to making a decision that feels right for you. Some clients come in with ideas, perhaps inspired by our Beauty Guide. If that is the case, we will take those ideas and start from there. Other clients look to us to provide direction in finding the look that best fits them, their wardrobe choices, and the set plan.  

No matter the chosen look, a set of lashes is included for free as part of your hair and make-up session (unless otherwise requested). Many portraits focus on the face, so we want those windows into the soul to pop!  
Our goal at Show Your Spark is to help you feel comfortable and beautiful. If you aren’t satisfied with your look once Michelle spins you around to look in the mirror, let her know! She will make adjustments until you feel as fabulous as you are!

Experimenting at Home

How do I begin to experiment with my look on my own?  

Michelle recommends choosing one area of your face that you are already confident in and trying something new. Test out a new lipstick, mascara, eye-shadow, or extra lashes at home. If you don’t like it, you can always wash it off and try again. Beauty can be fun, so enjoy the process. Remember, our beauty routine is the outward expression of the beauty that already lies within!

woman in white gown and flowers in her hair, hair and makeup by Michelle DeVoe, photography by Lindsay Hite

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We hope you have enjoyed meeting Michelle, the one who truly helps us embody and highlight our beauty from the inside out. A critical member of our team, we know you will feel at home in her presence and with her incredible hair and makeup skills.  

She can’t wait to help you Show Your Spark! Contact us today about scheduling your own Spark Session!  

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