Meet the Team

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Together, our sparks will illuminate the world and we are unstoppable.
Plagued by self-doubt, imprisoned by my career, in a state of full self-neglect, I was hovering above rock bottom. Something was missing. I didn’t feel beautiful, I didn’t feel worthy, and even though the world saw me as successful, I was stuck. I had no power, and worst of all… I didn’t even know myself. 

Three years ago, I was disconnected from my life, and I knew I needed to make a change. I’d spent years running from myself, and it was time to turn toward the shadows, take a deep breath, and step into the life I deserved. 

I started by challenging myself to go beyond my comfort zone--doing things just for me: boxing, a major haircut, and booking my own boudoir session. I stopped just spending time with the people I loved and made it a point to be present. Every day, I reminded myself that I was worthy of time, love, and attention. 

It was in this time that I started to feel seen again--or, maybe, for the first time--giving me the space and courage for my lightbulb moment:

I was lying on the floor in my own sweat, cooling down in Round 13 of Kick It by Eliza, obviously one of the best places to be. The song Rise Up came on, and I lost it. I felt the energy of the incredible women in that room with me, these women who gave it their all physically and mentally as we began to rise together. Despite my physical exhaustion, I visualized a light glowing from deep within each of us, gently radiating through our hearts, past our ribs, and up to the sky. Together, our sparks, our lights illuminate the world. And I knew in that moment, WE were powerful. A woman who knows her own potential and navigates the world with confidence and compassion is truly unstoppable. 

My name is Lindsay. I am a Boston boudoir + empowerment photographer because I believe each of us has an amazing inner light. It’s my true honor when women allow me to see their unique and beautiful spirit, and help their light shine brighter. I know from experience that empowerment cannot be given. True empowerment comes from within. It would be an honor to be a part of your journey to help you celebrate you.