Jul 12, 2022

The Roots of Boston-Area Luxury Photography Studio, Show Your Spark

From Ember to Spark

Today we are sharing the story of the roots of Boston-area luxury photography studio, Show Your Spark, by Lindsay Hite. Show You Spark helps women celebrate themselves, their confidence, and their beauty through luxurious portrait experiences and artwork. From the first embers of her dream to the far-reaching powerful spark that is her business today, Lindsay’s initial dream and mission remain the same. Continue reading to learn more!

The First Embers

Growing up in Massachusetts, Lindsay always knew she wanted to work in the creative fields. Initially drawn to fashion and fashion design, as a child she designed and sewed clothing for her dolls. However, she also loved set design and the creative process behind curating an entire look.

As an only child, she entertained herself many weekends making collages from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar’s pages while consuming many hours of late 90s music videos – the heyday of MTV. She was fascinated with makeup, costumes, and the personas and worlds created by icons in pop culture. Sometimes this translated into questionable wardrobe choices as she walked the halls of her public high school, emulating Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani’s latest looks. (It’s a good thing social media didn’t exist in 1999, and yearbook photos are hard to find!)

Finding Photography

She found photography when she was 14. Her first photography teacher, still a close friend, encouraged her talents and taught her the basics, including black and white photography. Marky Kaufmann is an advocate for the power of self-expression, especially in teenagers who were finding their voices for what mattered to them. Seeing the magic of her imagination come to life in the dim, red light of the darkroom further ignited Lindsay’s creativity and passion for the photographic art form. Unlike fashion design, photography held the appeal of instant gratification even then. She could see her vision come to life right in front of her eyes- all of the elements and emotions in the frame.

Story Telling

Her next love came in the form of storytelling, not just of beautiful things, but also of people and their stories. The Maryland Institute College of Art proved to be a supportive environment for her as a young creative while she was finding her artistic voice. Given the opportunity to study abroad in Paris, she spent a semester at Parsons in Paris, photographed runway shows, and worked for an English Language Arts and Culture magazine. Through that work, she learned to tell people’s stories across cultural borders despite linguistic differences. The creative energy of Paris was palpable on every street corner further growing her passion for photography and storytelling.

Wedding Photography Reimagined

Towards the end of her time at MICA, Lindsay discovered wedding photography. During her time in college, wedding photography underwent a massive aesthetic shift. No longer only about staged portraiture, wedding photography trends encouraged photographers to use their creative vision to document the couple’s style, their relationship, and their special day in a way that aligned with the couple’s vision and wishes. She could be creative AND a documentarian on the same day.

The combination of fashion, creative storytelling, and documentary photography appealed to Lindsay. Upon graduation from college, she entered the field of wedding photography. Her wedding photography business took her all around the world working on destination weddings. As a result, the travel kept her on the road much of the time and away from her family. Through a total of 12 years of photographing weddings, Lindsay’s skills for thinking on her feet, creative lighting in challenging settings, attention to detail, posing, and navigating many highly charged emotional situations allowed her to truly grow into the photographer she is today.

Time for Change

In 2016, she was at a point in her life when she was questioning what was next. Feeling stuck and worn out, she began searching for new options in her life. She felt a call to serve women in a broader capacity – in a way that could create the kind of ripple effects that begins with one person and spreads throughout the culture and world.

And then it happened…..

During the meditative final round of her favorite cardio kickboxing-inspired workout, Kick it with Eliza, she was laying flat on her back, dripping in sweat.

The Igniting Spark

As the song played, she had a vision. Here’s how she describes it, “I had this a very clear vision in that moment of a light radiating outward from inside each of us. I began to wonder, “ What if each and every woman could see her light, her spark, take up space unapologetically, and confidently stand in her own unique power? What if we could shine our lights without fear? What world change would occur if each woman could own their power and their voice?”

Realizing she knew how to celebrate people through photography, she was inspired to launch something new. The vision? She wanted to help women feel seen, beautiful, and special without the stress and societal expectations of the wedding day surrounding them. This was the beginning of her work with empowerment photography that later developed into Show your Spark and Spark Sessions.

Developing a Vision

She started slowly, photographing friends and friends of friends in their homes. Keenly aware of the stereotypes and beauty standards imposed upon women throughout art and fashion photography, Lindsay dedicated herself to developing a clear vision of what she wanted to say and who she wanted to serve through her imagery. She honed in on posing and lighting, unique to this style of photography. Shortly thereafter, she met Michelle, our hair and makeup artist, at a wedding industry networking group. Having similar goals to create personalized, compassionate, and empowering experiences for women, the two women quickly began collaborating.

When launching in 2018, not having her own studio space, Lindsay traveled with Michelle to clients’ homes. As the idea of Show Your Spark grew, she quickly realized she wanted to lean into her love for hospitality. The vision grew to curate a welcoming out-of-home luxurious experience for her clients where they could feel comfortable, seen, and taken care of.

Boston-Area Luxury Photography Studio, Hair and Makeup Artist Michelle DeVoe in red wrap dress against a black background

Creating A Boston-Area Luxury Photography Studio Space

Lindsay found what was to become the Show Your Spark studio, a former autobody shop, on Craigslist. The building had lived many lives as various repair shops, yet Lindsay saw its potential as a Boston area luxury photography studio. For four months, she and her family designed and renovated the space that prioritized creating a welcoming aesthetic and top-notch experience for her clients.

Today the space is a complete photography studio with multiple sets, a dressing room, a hair and makeup station, and an office area. Perhaps the most creative transformation is that of a private, mini-movie theater AKA Cinematic Premiere Room, in the former garage bay. This room witnesses the client’s emotions as they see themselves in a new light for the first time. The entire studio space continues to evolve and transform in response to client needs and new creative inspiration.

Boston-Area Luxury Photography Studio, woman with mask and broom and construction dust
Boston-Area Luxury Photography Studio; Photography studio front room, Loft space with airy bed and table with wood floors
Boston-Area Luxury Photography Studio; Photography studio back room with multiple sets and makeup chair

Growing the Team

In 2019, the amount and frequency of client orders began to rapidly grow. She knew it was time to expand her business by creating a new position to accommodate the growth of her studio. While thinking through her studio needs, she chatted one day with a client in the studio for her Spark Session about the new position. As she described the qualifications for the job, someone with attention to detail for quality and accuracy checks, design and retail experience, and someone who believed in the mission, the client raised her hand and said, “That sounds like me!” After interviewing a few candidates, it was clear that Jen was the perfect fit for the Production Manager position!

Boston-Area Luxury Photography Studio, Jen Production Manager in black long sleeved top with white background

Continued Growth

Most recently, in 2021 the need for support grew again. Catherine began working with the studio as a freelance ghostwriter for the blog and helping create copy to continue to spread the message of Show Your Spark. In early 2022, as the client experience continued to develop, Lindsay realized the need for a dedicated Client Concierge. In her new role, Catherine helps meet the needs of our amazing and unique clients through customizable payment plans and promptly responds to any requests or questions received via email. Catherine’s passion for storytelling and helping women find their voices to tell their own stories helps propel the work and mission of Show Your Spark farther than previously imagined.

Michelle’s role also expanded. In addition to serving as our hair and makeup artist, she also fills the role of our Client Experience Coordinator Michelle brings her passion for people and the work of Show Your Spark as she speaks to new inquiring clients-to-be and leads the Cinematic Premiere portion of the day when clients make their selections for their custom artwork and albums.

Boston-Area Luxury Photography Studio, Client Concierge, Catherine in black sleeveless top on teal sofa

An Empowered Team

Lindsay firmly believes in bringing together an empowered, talented team who can help execute and achieve the mission together. She also has a team of trusted peers and advisors who help her continue to dream bigger and move forward, always keeping the Spark client in mind first. She constantly asks herself, “What would make the client’s life easier? What would she love to experience? What would mean the most to her to see?”

Boston-Area Luxury Photography Studio; The Team in red outfits, black background, and vintage Valentine's Day boxes

Life Inspiration

Behind the heart of Show Your Spark is Lindsay Hite. Behind Lindsay is her mother and her family, who provide her with constant support and inspiration.

“I am inspired by my mom and her journey. Through every step of our journey together, she has wanted to do more for me to make my life better. She learned to hone her strengths throughout her life. I witnessed her growth from being a Kindergarten teacher to a 2nd-grade teacher, to a principal, and to an administrator. She helped countless children and families be seen, supported, and thrive through her career in the education field.

She has always made me feel seen and celebrated. Knowing I have my parents’ support and belief in my career choices propelled me forward with confidence and faith that all will work out. I want to create that same respectful atmosphere and attitude in what I do with Show of Spark. My clients’ stories, challenges, scars, and journeys are important to me. Although your past doesn’t define you, it has helped you become who you are today. That is worthy of celebration.”

Lindsay with her biggest supporter, her mother.
Lindsay, in black sleeveless top and mother with green wrap around top
Lindsay with husband and dog

Putting it Together

Beauty. Fashion. Photography. Storytelling. Passion. Respect.  

These are the pillars behind Lindsay Hite and her Boston-area luxury photography studio, Show Your Spark.  

Show Your Spark, created with love, is a place for play, exploration, and for shedding the layers that are weighing women down.

We invite you to take up space, make noise and shine brightly like the gorgeous diamond you are. 

Be reminded, every day, of your beauty, strength, and confidence through an empowering and luxurious Spark Experience.  Let us document your Spark!

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Boston-Area Luxury Photography Studio for women of all ages, older woman in white Sari inspired gown with white background and white curtains

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