Sep 28, 2021

Overcoming Obstacles

Sometimes the most challenging obstacles to overcome are the ones of our own making. Often influenced by societal messages, the battle in our minds can rage against ourselves and our body image.

Spark Experiences have a way of helping our clients overcome negative mindsets regarding their bodies and inner being. These unique boudoir photography sessions empower our clients into greater confidence, self-love, and self-appreciation.

After her Spark Session, our latest client felt greater confidence, more love for herself, and increased pride in her body for what it does for her each day.

Read on to learn about her boudoir photography experience in her own words

Boudoir Photography - Woman in black lingerie on white bed

Proud of who I am

I had never been really proud of my body or what it did for me every day. I’ve always been super athletic and adventurous. I love hiking and nature and was a competitive cheerleader for 15 years. I always thought I was the “bigger” girl and would constantly compare myself to others. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve slowly realized that my physical size doesn’t matter. I really should be proud of what I can accomplish because of my body. In the past couple of years, I’ve started to challenge myself to do things that will make me feel proud of my mental and physical health. I’ve hiked Mount Washington, run a half marathon, become a Kick It instructor, completed a Spartan race, and so many other small things. I am becoming proud of who I am and what I’m capable of. The only obstacles I’ve had to overcome are the ones that I created for myself!

Boudoir Photography - Woman in shower

Felt good to see myself

My initial reason for booking my Spark session was as a surprise wedding gift for my fiancé. I thought it would be the perfect gift to show him a different side of me. AFTER my Spark session I realized that the session was more for me than anyone! I never in a million years would imagine that Lindsay and Michelle would be able to capture the true joy and confidence I felt that day. I was so excited to see what my photos would turn out like. They definitely did not disappoint. The photos were breathtaking and it felt so good to see myself and my body in a positive light. I am forever grateful for that day!

Boudoir Photography - Joyful woman in bralette

In capable hands

I consider myself such a control freak and if something doesn’t feel right or look right I have this constant need to try to ‘fix’ it. After my hair and makeup were revealed, I knew I was in capable hands. Michelle was able to make me feel absolutely beautiful. There’s not a thing I would have changed. The most nervous I was that whole day, was when I went to get into my first outfit. There wasn’t much to it! Lindsay had this way of making you feel confident and beautiful every second and it’s so reassuring! The emotion for the entire day went from nerves to excitement to confidence!

Boudoir Photography - Woman with oversized angel wings

Confidence to feel beautiful and sexy

My favorite moment during my session was after the first few pictures. Lindsay showed me one image on her camera and said “Look how amazing you look!” That was just a little preview of what I then knew was going to be an amazing experience. It gave me the confidence to feel beautiful and sexy in my outfits.

Boudoir photo in red lingerie

Learning to love myself more

My Spark Experience has opened my eyes to the true beauty that all bodies have. No one is the same and no one is perfect. I’m learning to love myself more and I’m trying to be more confident in everything that I do. After my Spark session, I went and treated myself to a piece of cheesecake!

Boudoir Photography - woman in her back in red lingerie

Letting go of negative body image

Going into my Spark session, I had told Lindsay that I wasn’t very comfortable having my stomach in pictures, simply because that’s the area I’m most self conscious of. At the end of the day when I got to see all my photos, one of my all time favorite ones was showing my stomach. We have such a negative connotation associated with our bodies when we put this idea in our head. Looking in the mirror I always thought that my stomach was a negative part of me, but looking back at the (unedited) photos, Lindsay was able to capture me in my most positive form. I can’t see what I look like from behind the camera, so being able to just let go of the ideas I had in my head of a negative body image felt amazing!

Boudoir Photography - Woman in Casual oversized button down shirt

An eye-opening experience

My advice to anyone considering a Spark Experience is to trust the process! It will definitely feel uncomfortable at first, especially if this is something you’ve never done before. The entire experience was so eye-opening. I can almost guarantee that you will leave that studio feeling INCREDIBLE!

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