Sep 21, 2021

A Beautiful Soul

Some women exude confidence from every inch of their being. Amina, our next featured Spark Experience client, is one of those women. 

Despite challenging childhood experiences, Amina developed inner strength, fortitude, and independence evident in her boudoir photos.  Not one to shy away from her own inner and outer beauty, Amina approached her boudoir photography session with eager anticipation and excitement.  

In the best way possible, her day in the studio was all about her. Every detail of the Spark Experience, the outfits, sets, makeup, hair, and photography, allowed Amina’s inner beauty and quiet calm to shine through.  

This is what Amina had to say

My name is Amina Abdulkadir and I am a Somalian-American Muslim. At the age of nine, I was brought to America by my Uncle. I had no Mother and Father beside me, so as a result, growing up here was very tough for me. However, their absence made me an independent, strong woman and an awesome, beautiful soul.

I’m never nervous about beauty.

When I booked my Spark session, I was excited because I knew was going to look like a Hollywood model in my photos. I wanted to look very sensual and sexy after having my make-up and hair done by Michelle. I looked forward to wearing the outfits I had chosen.

I’m never nervous about beauty. As soon as I stepped through the door for my Spark, I knew I was going to look stunning because the makeup artist and hairstylist was the same amazing woman who did my wedding: Michelle DeVoe.

A favorite moment during my Spark Session was realizing that the whole day was about ME: my outfits, my makeup & my hair–all for a gorgeous photography session. One thing I learned about myself? I am beautiful inside and out.

A reminder to myself about how beautiful I am.

All my photos are amazing. I like them all. Definitely, as I age, I will enjoy looking back on these photos from my younger days. Today I enjoy my art in my home and it serves as a reminder to myself about how beautiful I am.

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