Oct 5, 2021

Enhancing the Inner Spark

Are you looking to enhance that “Spark” with you? Do you desire to build your confidence and see yourself through another’s eyes? Do you have something to celebrate in your life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then a Spark Experience is for YOU! It was for our last client!

Finding herself at a “wonderful place” in her life, our next featured client chose to celebrate her individuality, personal passions, and fulfilled dreams with a boudoir photography session.

With a photographic record in her hands, she can fondly look back at this stage of her life and remember the day she felt and looked like royalty.

Our clients tell their own stories the best! Read on to hear about her experience in the studio.

boudoir photo of a woman on a bed

I wasn’t an individual

I’m 23 years old and a triplet. When we were 2, my brother was diagnosed with Autism. My parents had their hands full with him, so my sister and I were well-behaved. We didn’t involve ourselves in too much to inconvenience them. Essentially, we grew up faster than an average kid. We started working at our Dad’s ice cream shop to rack up our own spending money. As wonderful as it is having a twin sister (giving me a built-in BFF), we shared everything: same bedroom, same job, same car, even the same friends in school. I always felt like I wasn’t an individual. I didn’t even have my own personal interests. It wasn’t until when we went to separate colleges that I finally had the freedom to find my passions and enhance the spark I have within me.

boudoir photo of a woman in a sparkly black bodysuit

I’m at a wonderful point in my life

In high school, I was overweight. I didn’t build my confidence until I went away to college. There I found a new, yet authentic, me. Finding a Kick It By Eliza workout class, I was empowered to push boundaries out of my life and follow my dreams. I worked in 2 different labs on campus in my undergrad and was a teaching assistant for a goat class (yes- managing a goat herd!). I found leadership through this and on a whim applied for a Brown Researcher’s lab position–and got it right off the bat! I’ve been working in the lab for 2 years in cardiovascular research and am loving it. I wanted to book a Spark session because I’m at a wonderful point in my life and I want to remember it forever. I’m happy in my career, I have an amazing boyfriend, and even through a pandemic, there’s still so much to appreciate in life.

woman standing in white lingerie

Don’t overthink

I’ve never had a photography session done before besides my senior photos. I wasn’t nervous but I was anticipating the final result. I was skeptical I would even like 20% of the photos. Michelle and Lindsay are so easy to chat with so if I had been initially nervous, the nerves would have vanished. Michelle hyped me up so much during hair and makeup that she really set the tone of the day. Once Lindsay showed me the first photo off her camera, I told myself “DAMN I actually look amazing. Don’t overthink this. Feel yourself. “

woman in black and purplelingerie

Showed off my body

My favorite pose was the “Kardashian” pose on the ground in those THIGH HIGHS! I love how much that pose showed off my body.

woman in lingerie with dark background

Show up for yourself with a strut

As a result of my Spark Experience, I’m nicer to myself when I look in the mirror. Those images came out breathtaking. Any woman who shows up for herself should do it with a strut!

boudoir photo, woman in blush lingerie on fluffy blanket

It’s everything I could have wanted

My favorite photo ever was the one on the mattress in my blush lingerie! I remember GASPING at that photo during the slideshow. It’s everything I could have ever wanted out of the experience. I love the furry white blanket under me, my hand in my hair, and that SMIZE.

I also love all the skirt photos with the bow! Especially the one on the couch!

My cover photo peeking through the curtains is always gorgeous! The sparkly black bodysuit, borrowed from the Spark Closet, looked so good on the black couch. When I look at it, I feel like royalty, like I’m posing for a portrait painting in the 1600s.

Woman on teal sofa with gauzy dress

A valuable experience

My Spark Session was a valuable experience. To anyone considering booking their own experience, I would say; “Don’t be afraid of being sexy. You can let Lindsay take the wheel on your experience or you can add personal elements that she can help you incorporate!”

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