Oct 12, 2021

A New Perspective

Over time, the busyness of life with our families, homes, and activities can disconnect us from our true selves.

Scheduling a boudoir photo session is one way our clients choose to practice self-care and reconnect with their bodies and inner person.

The entire experience encourages our clients to refresh their self-image and step into a new way of engaging with themselves and the world around them.

After their session, many clients find themselves empowered to embrace their inner “spark.” With this new perspective, they often begin to push beyond their limits and try new things.

All this was true of our next client. Read on to hear more in her own words.

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boudoir photo

I almost never make time for myself.

I am lucky to have been born with a twin sister, who I love and adore. She makes me be a better person each day. I am a wife to my best friend and we have been happily married for 10 years now. As a mom of 2 beautiful and very active children. I spend most of my time running from one sport activity to another. I almost never make time for myself.

boudoir woman in black lingerie

Feel comfortable in my own skin

The reason why I chose to book a Spark Session was not only to feel comfortable in my own skin again, but also to surprise my husband on our 10 year wedding anniversary this month!

boudoir woman in black lingerie

Time to focus on me

Leading up to my session, I felt excited and nervous all at the same time. I was excited to take the time for myself and to just focus on me — and no one else. I was nervous because I didn’t know how I would feel wearing my outfits outside of my own home.  However, all those nerves went out the door once I walked in and was greeted by Lindsay.

boudoir woman in red lingerie

New way to see myself

My favorite part was the viewing of my pictures. I really couldn’t believe that was me in those pictures because I never saw myself look that way. I looked HOT!!

woman in red lingerie

Trying new things

After my session, I wanted to share my experience with all my friends, so I immediately sent them an invite to the private Facebook page and told them all about it. They were all happy for me and almost envious that I would even do something like this. This year, I am really trying to come out of my comfort zone and try new things that I would never do before.

boudoir photo

Brought me back

Looking back on the experience, the picture that meant the most to me was the one in my leather jacket and leather pants up against the wall. This picture brought me back to my clubbing days and how good I used to feel about myself and my body.

boudoir woman in black lingerie

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