Mar 5, 2024

Over the Hill at Forty: Picking up Speed in Life

Are women over the hill at forty? Our recent client says “No!” 

That’s not all she is saying “No” to these days!

After decades of prioritizing others in her life, Fierce After Forty participant Justene now embraces the idea of self-care through the setting of boundaries. For her, life after forty is just beginning. With a multi-state move and a clean slate ahead of her, Justene embodies a fierce spirit as she continually overcomes obstacles while modeling acceptance of what is for the next generation. 

Keep reading to hear more of her journey to setting boundaries and falling more in “like” with herself. 

Woman in black lingerie with black background redefining what it looks like to be over the hill at forty. Photography by Lindsay Hite

Liking Who She’s Becoming

Newly divorced, now at age 59, Justene has learned to come into her own in the past 2 years of singleness. Having identified for so long as a mother, she’s discovering what it means to identify as herself and like who she is becoming.  

Not only does she like who she is now more than ever, she is proud of everything she has overcome in life. From an abusive childhood to walking through a divorce, she’s learned to prioritize her self-care.  

“The biggest thing I’ve learned was how to is to say, “No.” I spent so much of my life taking care of everyone when I was growing up. In my generation, we were just taught to shut up, be good, and do what we’re supposed to do. As a former people-pleaser, I finally learned that “No is a complete sentence.” So, I’m proud I’ve learned to say “No” and do what’s best for me.”

Learning to prioritize herself in ways she never before has, she gives this advice to her former self: ‘Relax, don’t stress so much, and take care of yourself. Put yourself first once in a while.”

Woman in red lingerie and heels sitting on the floor leaning back on a leather sofa.  Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Participating in the Fierce After Forty Project

We asked each Fierce After Forty Participant what the word “fierce” means to them and why they chose to be a part of this ongoing project.  

“For me, fierce is about taking every obstacle that comes, embracing it, and getting through it the best you can with a smile on your face. Who I am today, the teacher I am and the parent I am, is all based on the experiences I’ve had in my life, even the bad ones. And I wouldn’t change because maybe I wouldn’t be able to relate to others the way I do.”

“Being a part of this project has been super important to me. Being raised in a domestic abuse situation, I watched my mother struggle. She never felt good about herself because she was abused so much. I like seeing women feel empowered and good about themselves.” 

“It meant a lot to know that I could come here as myself, feel comfortable, and not feel like I had to cover myself up. Being a part of this experience made me want to be my authentic self even more.” 

Woman in red lingerie laying on her belly on a white fur-lined bed redefining what it means to be over the hill at forty.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Lighting Up the Room

Each participant in the Fierce After Forty Project has the opportunity to choose one portrait from their session to be included in a Gallery Show featuring all the participants. 

“I chose this portrait to choose my Fierce After Forty self because my smile is my natural smile, and my eyes are lighting up. It just feels like you can see in my soul. I can see how happy I am in my soul through my eyes. I like it because I look like I’m lighting up the room.”

Woman in red lingerie laying on her back on a white fur-lined bed redefining what it means to be over the hill at forty.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Redefining What it Means to Be Over the Hill at Forty

The interviews with our Fierce After Forty Participants touched and moved our hearts as we listened to stories of determination, overcoming, and ongoing hope.  

We concur with Justene who said, “I want others to know that women over forty are not finished. In fact, for some of us, we’re just beginning. It’s not the end. It’s not downhill – we are just picking up speed!” 

The Fierce After Forty Project, designed by Show Your Spark Photography Studio, seeks to highlight powerful women over forty through photography and storytelling. In doing so, we inspire countless other women to embrace and celebrate their journey, bodies, and power – no matter their season of life. 

If you want to join this ongoing project to show off your After Forty Fierceness, contact us today!

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