Feb 27, 2024

On Learning How to Live Life Without Limitations: One Client’s Story

Many women, whether it is through nature or nurture, spend their younger years living with limitations. As they move into their forties, fifties, and beyond, they often learn how to live life without limitations – limitations on the value they place on themselves, limitations on the experiences they can have, and limitations on who they can be.  

Our recent Fierce After Forty participant beautifully shared this shift in her perspective during her photography session. 

Keep reading to learn more about the power of learning to live life without limitations. 

Woman looking out the window, living life without limitations. Photography by Lindsay Hite

“Fierce is the attitude of owning a sense of oneself and leaning into the things that make you you.”

Jess, a self-described vivacious empath with newfound resilience, embraced the Fierce After Forty Experience as a way to ground herself in her sense of self and strength. Her story, like many women in their forties and beyond, carries the themes of overcoming personal struggles, embracing her inner self, and learning to be present in the moment.  

“Fierce is the attitude of owning a sense of oneself and leaning into the things that make you you.”

After discovering a treatment for her life-long battle with anxiety and depression, Jess found herself in the past year with new health challenges and an unexpected job loss. Despite these interruptions to her life, she joyfully participated in the Fierce After Forty Project as a way to declare her value and worth. 

Woman in black lingerie laying on emerald jewel toned bed.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

“Living Life without Limitations”

In her younger years, anxiety held her back from exploring the world to the fullest. Moving into her forties, now she focuses on being the best version of herself, not worrying about what others think of her, and holding a higher perspective of her self-worth. These mindset shifts enable her to live life more fully, traveling more frequently to visit with friends and family. 

“Being a woman over forty means to live without limitations – it’s about opening things up.”

Woman leaning against a red velvet chair in black lingerie with tattoo on her hip and hand

“Embracing being fierce.”

Jess’ participation in the Fierce After Forty Project wasn’t just about stunning portraits – it was about reaffirming her newfound strength and remaining connected to the Show Your Spark community. “This community is so strong and supportive,” she says. “I know I wanted to be a part of this project so I could see myself in a new way and really embrace being fierce at this age.”

Her advice to younger women? “It’s just so important not to listen to other people’s input on who you are and who you should be. Let all that stuff go. And you know, listen to Bob Marley –‘Every little thing is going to be alright.’”

Fierce after Forty- woman topless in a green skirt living life without limits.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

“A Moment of Self-Trust”

The portrait Jess chose to represent her Fierce After Forty Moment documents it all:  effortless quiet confidence full of grace, wisdom, strength, and insight. “This portrait resonated with me. It was a moment of self-trust – holding thoughts, grace, and that moment for myself. This was the one where I said ‘Wow, she’s stunning’ and that ‘she’ is me!”

Jess’s story is an inspiration, reminding us that fierceness “is the attitude of owning a sense of oneself and leaning into the things that make you you.” At 47 and no longer willing to let anxiety stop her, Jess is ready to continue her journey, living life on her own terms, and exploring the world with her newfound confidence. 

Woman in green and black sweater on a white fur blanket on a wooden floor.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

At Show Your Spark, we are on a mission to help women of all ages find and celebrate confidence. Through our Fierce After Forty Project, we specifically highlighted the spirit, strength, and beauty of women in the second half of their lives.  These are women who have overcome hardships, reinvented themselves, risen from the ashes, and are thriving.  These women proudly share their images and stories, redefining what it means to be a woman over forty.  They hope to inspire countless other women to embrace and celebrate their journeys, bodies, and power- no matter their season of life. 

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Remember, you are powerful, courageous, and one of a kind! Show Your Spark!

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Remember, you are powerful, courageous, and one of a kind! Show Your Spark!

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