Apr 21, 2021

Making Herself A Priority

I’m so thankful that Amanda found the Show Your Spark community, and booked a session in my studio. She is so thoughtful, kind and creative. She truly cares so much for those around her and it’s been a joy getting to know this sweetheart through planning for her Spark Experiences, through her thoughtful posts in our private Show Your Spark Facebook Group and in the Unlimited Fempire Membership where we punch it out together to our favorite tunes doing Kick It by Eliza! Amanda puts her whole heart and creative mind into everything she does, and it shows. Thank you Amanda, for trusting me to help you see yourself in a whole new light. And thank you for encouraging ME too, and for your continuous support!

Here is Amanda in her own words

My name is Amanda and I am a ten year thyroid cancer survivor. Normally, I work hard at my job helping others and am always trying to do more, be more. Because of this, I keep forgetting to make myself a priority. 

No expectations except to show up and be myself.

When I booked my Spark session, I was happily planning my wedding (pre Covid). Unfortunately, Covid hit and my wedding was rescheduled to 2021 and so I rescheduled with Lindsay. When my fiancee and I decided to have a ‘minimony’ instead in 2020, planning a grand reception for 2021, I immediately called Lindsay and rebooked in for my original date in 2020. I wanted to have time to feel like a Bride and time to relax–where there were no expectations except to show up and be myself.

Leading up to my session I was a little nervous

Leading up to my session I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect. Lindsay emailed each week with different advice and planning ideas, which really helped me. When I arrived at my session, Lindsay greeted me like an old friend. Her warmth and caring made me feel like I had known her forever.

He had the opportunity to see me in a different way

Honestly the favorite part of my Spark session was the Grand Reveal with my fiancee. He helped me design my book and he had the opportunity to see me in a different way–other than my everyday look of t-shirt and a ponytail. Sharing this experience with him definitely bolstered my confidence. 

Posing flow

The biggest thing that surprised me is how I was able to move my body into the poses. At one point, Lindsay asked me to bring my knee up for a photo–I told her I wasn’t sure if I could, but I did. It felt amazing!

A reminder to myself to always look towards the light

I have two photographs that really mean a lot to me: One is of me in the tub, looking away. My fiancee told me I looked relaxed and peaceful, as if I were on vacation. The other is me in a grey sweater looking into the light. I love this one because it is a reminder to myself to always look towards the light.

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