Aug 31, 2021

Growth and Empowerment

Have you found true love? Bea has!

After learning to love herself “inside out” in 2020, Bea chose to mark her inner transformation with boudoir photography, aka a Spark Experience. Nervous at first, Bea vulnerably, yet confidently, revealed the newly awakened and loved version of herself on one unforgettable day in July.

The universe couldn’t have given a better gift than to reschedule her initial session, allowing Bea further time to tap into the deep well of self-love and empowerment that translated exquisitely through photographs.

Now, she not only has memories that will last a lifetime, but she also has a visible reminder of her power and self-love.

Bea says it best

Please tell us a bit about you and your journey! Who are you? What makes you proud to be you? Are there any obstacles you’ve overcome along the way to becoming the awesome person you are today?
My name is Bea and this past year has been one of growth and empowerment–from the inside out. I am proud to be me, there is no one like me in the world, and there never will be again! The biggest obstacle I have ever faced in my many years on the planet involves not fully loving Myself. In 2020, I finally found that love deeply and truly. It is not easy to love yourself unconditionally, and overcoming it took help, but I am proud to say I truly love myself more than ever!

A time in my life I never want to forget

From the beginning, I was excited to FEEL as good outside as I finally did inside. Being naked or half-clothed in front of anyone can be intimidating, which made me nervous as a result. Lindsay made my being in the buff no big deal and my photos turned out UNREAL. Seeing these photos makes me capture a time in my life I never want to forget. Their power encapsulates my feelings of pride in myself–all in one (or 20+) photos!

I had not found my Power yet

Leading up to the session I was anxious. At the original time of my appointment, I still had not found my Power. By the time July rolled around for our rescheduled session, I had fully stepped into my Power from the inside. Arriving inside the Spark studio was exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking–it’s hard to be so vulnerable in front of others. Lindsay does everything to make her clients feel fantastic. Having my hair and makeup done was such a treat. Feeling that gorgeous was absolutely amazing and not something I have experienced that often.

I hope she is here to stay forever

While viewing all the photos that Lindsay had hand-selected and put into an amazing slideshow, I knew it would become a moment I won’t ever forget. The photos, the music, and the Spark Session Premiere room all contributed to this indelible memory. I couldn’t believe it was me on that screen! It was empowering to see that side of myself because she’s new here and I hope she is here to stay forever. 

Shining on the outside

I now know that the Power I feel on the inside actually does shine on the outside, because it is visible in the photos taken by Lindsay. This definitely was a surprise for me.

Sexy vulnerability

The tub series are the images that mean the most to me. They are not only sexy, but they are so very vulnerable. I had not really anticipated how well they would turn out.

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