Apr 1, 2021

Feeling free and confident

Many of our clients are nurses and caregivers, and it’s a special treat to help a person who spends the majority of their days and nights caring for others do something for herself for a change. We can all agree that 2020 was a year like no other and it tested all of us in different ways- especially the healthcare community. We are so grateful to the amazing Healthcare workers for working overtime, and being on the front lines during the hardest days of this Pandemic here in the Boston Area. That’s why when we were able to safely reopen the studio last July, it was SUCH an honor to help Kim, an ER Nurse, feel like herself again, and create a GORGEOUS gift for her boyfriend. Kim’s story is one of triumph, and rising above all of the challenges to be the light in the world she is today for so many people.

Here is Kim’s story

Please tell us a bit about you and your journey! Who are you? What makes you proud to be you? Are there any obstacles you’ve overcome along the way to becoming the awesome person you are today?
I am a nurse in the busiest level 1 trauma center in New England. BMC Emergency Department was my dream job that came true 26 years ago. I’ve been a nurse for 31 years with several obstacles along the way. I was the caretaker of my elderly parents while trying to juggle nursing school, their only child of 5 that went to college. They were both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, which was very challenging. I had to put the 1st man I ever loved into a nursing home but then got a job there. I loved it! The elderly are my favorites! 
I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 8 years old and finally made my dream come true in 1990! My passion is caring for people… Young/old, those afflicted with substance use disorder, trauma pt’s, those experiencing homelessness and this year all our work being complicated by Covid-19. (One of the saddest/scariest times in my career).  I have THE best job at THE best hospital in Boston!!

Really? Is that actually me, opening up and having fun?

I am not usually shy, especially in my own element. I was so excited when I booked it but then the day came that I needed to show up and do this… THIS was NOT my own element. I love the person I am and what I do but I am not comfortable with my body right now, after tearing my hamstring in March doing a 30 day challenge with Betty Rocker.  Lindsay is one of the most bubbly, outgoing and positive people I’ve ever met. She undoes the “knot” in your stomach, takes out the embarrassment of coming out in your chosen attire and has you smiling, laughing and getting into these sexy positions with such ease.  I can do this all the time in the boundaries of my own home and I do!  This session wasn’t just for me, but my boyfriend’s birthday gift.  He’s special to me after being best friends for 30 years and now the man of my dreams. I came out of my shy shell, pushing myself to do things I’ve never done before and now, will do again. The session was over and now is time for the reveal on this huge screen… OMG!! I can’t even explain how I felt when she started the scroll of MY sexy pictures. Really? Is that actually me, opening up and having fun? Are those going to be something he enjoys looking at for years to come? YES!! I’ve got this!! He LOVED the gift, couldn’t believe I actually did this and expressed how proud of me he was. (He knows me pretty well) This is where Lindsay needs to be!! This is HER job that makes OTHERS feel like a million $$. And you can see and feel her passion for her work! Making womxn feel sexy and empowered is what she does best!! 

I am now feeling more comfortable and like a million dollars!!

I was not nervous until I stopped to unload my car, park and have to walk over the studio threshold. There was Michelle, who I had spoken to on the phone and was much like me, I thought but she was so gorgeous! Lindsay, so inviting and so excited for our day. She’s gorgeous, inside and out and has such a great personality. She’s dancing around the studio, picking and laying out my outfits for the day. Michelle is busy with my face and hair.  She’s amazing and didn’t do more than I’m used to but more than what I do! Let’s just say, she’s amazing at what she does. I have never had my make-up done before, yes never and I’m almost 53. I am now feeling more comfortable and like a million dollars!! Lindsay picked the music for the day, since I couldn’t even think what music I listen to and enjoy… 

Putting on his favorite outfit and necklace gave me chills.

I had several favorite moments. Putting on his favorite outfit and necklace gave me chills. Lindsay got me in position and I got choked up inside. I was explaining a patient of mine upon my arrival. She fights daily with Substance Use Disorder and is the most beautiful person. She has a huge heart and is beyond gorgeous on the outside. Her eyes, her thick, wavy reddish-brown hair and her skin you can see was once clear and without blemishes. I saw her a few days before my session and told her when she got sober, I would pay for her to do this. Speaking about her made me cry! Another time that made me laugh, “shake your head back and forth and scream out loud” made me laugh and turned out to be Jay’s favorite picture! This is me, crazy me that made me feel confident and in my own element! 

I am beautiful being me!

I learned to feel free and confident with who I am no matter where I am or what I am doing. I am beautiful being me! Speak of my attributes and positives rather than putting myself down and speaking negatively about me. 
Have you seen my feet?? The best part about me, carrying me through my 8 and 12 hour shifts at my favorite job and everywhere else when not at my job! They are beautiful and one of my best attributes, which were also captured in a beautiful photo by Lindsay!! 

My favorite photo… My legs and feet sticking out of the beautiful claw tub and Jay’s favorite in my chainmail and shaking my head back and forth are 2 of my favorites as well as black bra/panty set with light blue shirt.  Don’t get me wrong, I love them all and still can’t believe it’s me in those pictures!! Thanks so much Lindsay for taking such amazing photos and being the amazing you!!

How do you enjoy your artwork in your home now? Where is it? What is it like to take time to enjoy your own awesomeness?
My “feet” picture is a matted print & framed above my bed, Jay’s favorite fine art print is on our coffee table until he decides what to do with it and his gift (gorgeous leather photo album) is on his bureau in our bedroom for him to view anytime he likes. We have dinner with me (crazy me, which is why he loves it) every night I’m not working late and I stare at my feet/legs every morning and night above my bed. Jay views his album with and without me. His photos of me make us smile… We love them so much!! 

Thank you so much for sharing your story, and your experience with us, Kim! It was such an honor to create these photos with you!

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