Dec 7, 2021

Life-Changing Boudoir Photography

Can Boudoir Photography be life-changing? For our next featured client, the answer is a resounding, “YES!”

A spur-of-the-moment decision (or two) gave our next featured client the experience of a lifetime. Intending to gift her partner with an anniversary gift he would treasure, her Spark Session became a gift to herself.

Ready to cancel her session that morning, she walked into the studio apologetically, full of self-loathing, pessimism, and painful shyness. A few short hours later, she left the Spark Session transformed.

The biggest lesson learned? “Making small positive changes can lead to big positive change.”

Read more about her life-changing boudoir photography experience in her own words below.

Headshot of brunette in Batman t-shirt; Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

Something made me get in the car and go.

I think that in order to completely appreciate how much my Spark Experience meant to me, you have to know a bit about me.  For good or bad, I hold nothing back. I can admit that, for decades, I have had some of the lowest self-esteem I’ve ever witnessed in a person.  I came by it honestly–through overwhelming amounts of abuse and years of self-injury.   I’ve carried a lot of extra body weight for my entire adult life but recently had weight loss surgery.  I had begun to feel a little more comfortable in my skin and decided to schedule a Spark Session on a whim.  It was honestly a momentary lapse in self-loathing and I questioned it for the next couple of months.  The morning of my session, I had my thumb on the button and I was about to call and cancel – deposit be damned.  I didn’t think that any picture of me could possibly make me look beautiful.  Something made me get in the car and go. Making that decision was the best thing I have done for myself in a decade.

Woman in Black Lingerie on teal couch looking at the camera, Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

I pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

When I began researching what the session would entail, I watched all the videos of women sharing their Spark Stories. Being my pessimistic self, I dismissed the videos and thought they must all have been done by women who were confident, positive, and glowing in the first place, so obviously it was a good experience for them.  One woman said it was “life-changing” and I literally scoffed–that had to be an exaggeration. I wasn’t buying it.  However, I pushed myself to do it because I wanted a special gift for my partner and my anniversary. I knew that breaking so far out of my comfort zone would speak for itself, and show him how much I loved him.  

Black Lace derriere image, Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

I was still nervous, but I was secure now.

When I arrived at the studio I was beyond nervous.  I was ready to drive Lindsay up a wall because I knew how difficult and shy I was going to be. I literally even brought her a pre-emptive apology gift for having to put up with me.  As hair and makeup started and I began to loosen up.  Talking to Michelle and Lindsay–so casually, openly, and optimistically for over an hour–relaxed and comforted me so much.  I was still nervous, but I was secure now.  I was ready…

Brunette woman in red lingerie, Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

I found myself choosing photos that showed my “flaws.”

There are three memories about my session that stand out to me most. 

The first time Lindsay showed me a sneak peek on the screen of the camera.  I started to tear up and told her not to show me anymore because I would ruin my eye make-up.  

Next, I put on these killer 5” stiletto heels and I walked around in them like I owned the place.  100 lbs. ago I wouldn’t have been able to do that.  I  couldn’t remember a time that I ever felt that sexy.  

Obviously, the biggest and best moment was the reveal.  I had no words.  I just cried.  The woman in those pictures was ME!!!  Those pictures weren’t doctored – that was actually me- and I was BEAUTIFUL.  As I went through and selected the ones I liked best, I actually found myself choosing photos that showed my “flaws”.  There were photos where I could see some stretch marks, in some I could see the fat in my tummy.  In one of my favorites, I could even see the self-injury marks on my arm.  Those pictures were not beautiful DESPITE the “flaws” they showed, but INCLUDING the “flaws” they showed.  That was every part of me–and I loved it.

Brunette Woman with Black lingerie and fur shrug, Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

I decided to push myself past the self-doubt.

Prior to my session, I thought the woman in that preview video had been exaggerating when she said “life-changing”, but I will honestly never look at my body the same way again.  I learned that I needed to start putting my cynicism and defeatist attitude away, take chances, and step outside my comfort zone.  Deciding not to call and cancel that morning was the best choice I had made in a long time. I decided to push myself past the self-doubt.  I learned that making small positive choices can lead to big positive change.

Brunette Woman in cream lingerie and pearls on bed with white fur, Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

The pictures reflect my inside beauty, resilience, and strength.

One of the photos that stands out to me the most is the one in which I am lying back on the bed with my eyes closed and I’m clutching a set of pearls.  Without having to point it out, my boyfriend said it was his favorite as well.  We both feel that it reflects my inside beauty- my resilience and strength- as much as it reflects my outer beauty.  

Another favorite is one where I’m in that same pink bra and panties set with the pearls, but my head is leaning back on the teal couch and I’m smiling and looking straight at the camera.  My smile in that picture shows all of the joy and strength and beauty and optimism I felt during my Spark session.

Brunette Woman in cream lingerie and pearls, Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

You have to see it for yourself.

I opted to purchase the album, which enabled me to select up to 20 photos. Honestly, I went into the session doubting I would even find 20 I liked.  Eventually, I was barely able to narrow it down to 25.  When I got the album itself, my jaw dropped.  The quality of the book- from the impeccable leather cover to the crisp quality of the photos inside, to the brilliant juxtapositioning and layout….  I can’t describe it.  You have to see for yourself.

Brunette Woman on fur covered bed, Brunette Woman in cream lingerie and pearls on floor next to teal couch, Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

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