Nov 30, 2021

Healing through Boudoir Photography

Can one find healing through Boudoir Photography? Yes!

For many clients, boudoir photography serves as a tool for healing and transformation.

After years of feeling invisible, our next featured client entered the studio determined to unapologetically “take up” space. Her time in the studio placed an exclamation mark on her inner transformation as she reclaimed lost bits of herself in front of the camera. There were even moments of emotional release as she fully embraced her embodiment and shed layers of past pain. She left the Spark Studio renewed and with photographic evidence of her eruption from her chrysalis.

Read more to hear, in her words, the powerful impact a Spark Session had on her life and continued metamorphosis.

A Time of Cocooning and Transforming

The past four years have been some of the hardest ones of my life including the end of my marriage in 2020/21. As I walked through the process of divorce, I came to realize many other areas of my life also needed change. Somehow the passage of time and life circumstances had left me unrecognizable and a shell of my former self. I did a lot of healing and inner work and made changes in my internal dialogue, worldview, and relationships. The process was painful and isolating. The pandemic solidified my cocooning as I began to transform, revealing a beautiful creature I never knew but whose DNA had been there all along. Now I am a fierce, strong woman who has a greater capacity to live authentically, freely, and empowered to make decisions for myself, my future, and my six children.

Healing through Boudoir Photography, Woman standing with a dark background

A Tangible Reclamation

When I first met Lindsay, I knew I had met a “kindred spirit.” The words she used to describe her work to empower women to see their inner-spark resonated deeply with me. As I have walked through my transformation, words like authenticity, vulnerability, empowerment, hero, “spark”, and light have been key phrases to my inner dialogue. As I heard her speak, I knew that I needed to mark this phase of my life with a tangible reclamation of my once lost pieces.

Side by Side boudoir image of woman

Unapologetically Take Up Space

Leading up to the session, I journaled my intentions. I walked into the studio confident of who I was and excited to unapologetically take up space. I wrote, “Today, I am practicing visibility and validation when I step confidently into the fullness of who I am in front of the camera.” I wanted my session to capture WHO I am; simple yet vibrant, deep yet full of life, confident yet humble, understated yet beautiful. From the moment I walked into the studio until I left, I fully embraced the makeup, hair, costuming, and sets, trusted Linsday and Michelle with the process, and went for it!

A Complete Joy Session

My Spark Session was about reclaiming that which had been lost; my joy, embodiment, and inner and outer beauty.

Two moments stand out to me. There was one moment when I started weeping with joy over how much I had overcome, the healing work that I had fought to achieve, and the beautiful future I hope to create. The fact that I was stepping out to do a photo session like this was powerful to me. Witnessing myself doing it was moving.

The second moment was during the premiere when Lindsay gave me the first look at my photos. I was completely overwhelmed with what I saw, a beautiful, strong, joyful, and confident woman. There she was! Visible to all, but especially to me! My Spark Session was a complete “joy session” in which I chose to fully step into myself, take up space, and celebrate all that I had overcome.

Trio of images, woman topless with dark background

These photos tell me who I am

Since my Spark Experience, I have continued to take up space. When I look back at my photos, I remember the joy, life, and confidence present within myself. As I face the continued hardships of many of my days, these photos show me who I am. They remind me of who is inside. They urge me to continue to fight for HER, for her goals, and for her vision of the future.

Each photograph holds a special place in my heart. The Dutch-inspired black backgrounds topless photos draw my attention. The elegance and confidence portrayed in those photos remind me to claim my inner beauty, to turn away from that which creates darkness in my life, and to lean into the light.

I also adore the playfulness of the tutu photos. Always having wanted to be a dancer, those photos allowed me to dream, and play, and imagine.

Trio of images, woman in white/gold tutu with black background

A Healing and Transformative Experience

I highly recommend Lindsay Hite Photography’s Spark Experience for other women. Lindsay is a true master artist behind the camera. Her ability to see shapes, images and lighting is second to none. She crafted these images with such taste and sensitivity to my desires and my particular story and goals.

Every detail of the experience was carefully curated by Lindsay to create a loving, welcoming, and inviting environment. I encourage you to give yourself this gift. I promise, your confidence will grow as a result of having your own Spark Experience. I would also encourage someone considering booking a Spark Experience to view the entire experience as a gift of deep healing and introspection for yourself. You can’t help but be moved by the entire experience.

boudoir image of woman in bed in navy lingerie

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