Nov 10, 2021

Empowering Photography

As women, we frequently find ourselves in helper roles. When children join our story, we often prioritize putting others first and neglect time for self-expression or self-care.

Spark Sessions are empowering boudoir photography experiences that allow women one day to prioritize themselves. With hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling provided, all the Spark Client has to do is show up, clean-faced, and release their inner fierce!

In doing so, our clients rediscover new sides to themselves as they push against previously held boundaries.

Read on to hear about this mother of two’s experience playing “adult dress-up” in our studio!

Woman in blue sweater on white bed

Doing something for myself

I am a very humble person, a mother of two young children, and very sleep-deprived at times. I love to help others and put everyone else first.   This didn’t stop me from actually taking a day off and doing something for myself, by taking a chance and scheduling a boudoir photography session.  It has paid off. From seeing the reaction of my husband to finding myself looking at them daily still in awe.  The outcome is amazing.

Woman in black bodysuit

Ready to be spoiled

Leading up to the experience I was excited to feel sexy again and see what boundaries I would push open.  I was ready to be spoiled.  Getting hair and makeup done at the Spark Session meant I didn’t have to do anything to get ready in the morning, a bonus after getting the whole family ready each morning.

I felt so comfortable

I loved playing dress-up and having so many shoe options to go with the outfits. I felt so comfortable throughout the whole session.

boudoir photo woman in teal outfit

I haven’t lost my mojo.

The pictures show that I haven’t lost my mojo.  I even think that I look better now than before kids. 

I can’t stop looking at the finished product.  My favorite was the shower screen. I couldn’t believe those pictures were me. The simplest accessory of a necklace made it so sultry and sexy.

Double Image, boudoir image

She understands what women are looking for

I would 110% recommend Lindsay Hite’s Photography Spark Experience.  She was so amazing!!! She made every part super easy, from sharing in the excitement of outfit choices, setting up all the scenes, and then revealing the finished product. She understands what women are looking for and captures it for us to relive each day.

Go schedule your session today!

boudoir photo woman in teal outfit

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