Feb 21, 2023

Devote a Day to Being Pampered

When was the last time you chose to devote a day to being pampered? Can you remember the last time you took an entire day to yourself? Has it been years, or decades, since you last did so?  

We’ve all made excuses for not prioritizing ourselves. The truth is, there is no right time… until you decide that it’s your time. If you’re anything like me or most of my clients, you spend your days running around from home to work taking care of everyone else. When is there time left over for you? 

It’s too easy to keep putting ourselves off. A few months go by, which turns into a year, and we’re still waiting to feel like we have permission for it to be our turn.

We’ve all experienced how painful it is to see a woman deny herself the chance to shine because deep down she just hasn’t made herself a priority. Show Your Spark’s mission is to help every woman empower herself to live an authentic, strong, and confident life.  

We designed Spark Sessions at Show Your Spark to be the perfect excuse to press pause for a day and make yourself a priority.

A Spark Session is more than a photography session; it is an empowering experience! Think of it as a spa day where, from start to finish, the focus is on YOU. A Spark Session is all about setting aside the demands of life, reconnecting with yourself, and remembering your power, courage, and uniqueness through photography.  

Welcome Sign to Show Your Spark; A Day of Being Pampered by Lindsay Hite

What Does a Spark Experience Day Look Like?

Your Session Fee includes your private use of the studio all day. We only book one client per day to allow time for you to warm up at your own pace and truly step into your power. We want you to shine. The more relaxed you feel the more your spark will come through in the portraits. For that reason, we intentionally created a carefully paced day so you have time to feel relaxed and at ease throughout the day. 

Image of client dossier; A Day of being pampered, boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Spark Session Schedule

Morning:  You’ll arrive at the studio in the morning where you will be greeted warmly by our team. After a short conversation sharing your vision of the session with the team, you will head to hair and makeup. While in the chair, Michelle takes the time to get to know you and helps feel as beautiful as you look. Her makeup and hair will have you camera-ready while highlighting your natural beauty.  

During that time, Lindsay customizes your wardrobe choices to perfect pair with your chosen sets. She creates a photography session flow that will cohesively tell your story in gorgeous photos.

Remember, you have complete agency over the photo session. Let us know if you want us to make changes to your hair and make-up. Don’t hesitate to collaborate creatively with Lindsay to create the mood you want for your portraits. 

Image of dark photography studio at Show Your Spark.

Noon:  Your session will begin. Be ready for a well-paced and exciting hour of photography with multiple wardrobes and set changes. We will show you how to pose so you feel and look like your most confident self. 

Lindsay Hite, Boudoir and empowerment photography, at work

Early Afternoon:  You’ll have a break to eat lunch, and relax. While we lightly edit your photos, we invite you to enjoy a recorded meditation and reflect on your session.

Mid-Afternoon:  We will be ready for you to experience a cinematic premiere of your photographs and your Ordering Session! 

Image of Cinematic Premeire room at Show Your Spark by Lindsay Hite

If an entire day feels like a big commitment, we hear you. We compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about our full-day Spark Experience.

What if I don’t have time for a Spark Session?

With demanding jobs and family lives, the idea of taking one day away from it all for a photography session can feel impossible. We book sessions months in advance providing you with plenty of time to block off a vacation day and set yourself up for a truly wonderful experience. We make time for the things we value and prioritize. Choosing to take a day away from the rest of your life validates your belief in your own worth. If this is something that you truly want, book a call when you’re ready to start planning. We’ll look at calendars together to ensure your session is on a date that works for you!

Topless woman looking away from the camera with a black background, Celebrate Their Journey With Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

Isn’t it selfish to take an entire day for me?

In a society that tells women to care for others to the point of martyrdom, taking a day to yourself might feel selfish. Guess what… it’s not!

What if we told you that the Spark Experience could leave you feeling more confident in who you are, more empowered to be yourself, and inspired to go after your dreams? Can you imagine the kind of love and support you could give others if you showed up in the world confident, empowered, and at peace with yourself? When women fully know, accept, and love themselves they shine brighter and possess more to give others. There’s nothing selfish about that!

Woman in dress looking through a mirror, photography by Lindsay HIte

How can I take a day for myself when everyone else needs me?

It can often sound cliche, but it is true. If you don’t care for yourself then there is nothing you have left to give to others. The best way to show up for others and to meet their needs is to show up and meet your own needs first.

Consider the Spark Experience a reset day – a day of rest, rejuvenation, and empowerment that leaves you feeling able to conquer the world. After your experience in the studio, you might find yourself reflecting back, as many of our clients do, and think, “That experience filled a need I never knew I had.”

Remember, it’s not wrong to care for yourself in a way that enables you to be the best version of yourself.

Woman in black mess body suit against a black backdrop; boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

What if I don’t feel comfortable being pampered and the center of attention?

Our Spark Sessions are curated specifically for you and your unique needs and desires. Our goal is for you to be treated like the goddess that you are. If this feels uncomfortable to you, ask yourself why? Why shouldn’t you be treated with kindness? Why shouldn’t you be served by others instead of being the one serving? 

At Show Your Spark, we believe you deserve to take up space. Women often think they are expected to be all things for all people and to care for others until there is nothing left of themselves. For this reason, you might feel uncomfortable with this commitment to yourself at first. That’s okay. We encourage you to receive care and attention anyway.

You are deserving of receiving the same kind of care you give to others. You deserve to be treated with kindness and respect, have your needs met, and take up space. Perhaps, choosing to take one day for yourself will motivate you to find other small moments in your days and weeks to extend care and love to yourself. As you develop this practice, you might find yourself with more love to give and more open to receiving the love of others.  

Devote a Day to Being Pampered

Our mission at Show Your Spark is to help women rediscover their confidence through luxurious photographic experiences and artwork. We carefully curated the Spark Experience to be a place of safety, empowerment, and freedom. It is a place where women can shed societal expectations, take up space, and say, “I am enough. I deserve to be seen and valued as I am.”  

If you are ready to set aside the demands of life for one day and to tap into your inner Spark, contact us. We would love to talk with you about what a Spark Experience could mean for you. 

Remember, you are powerful, courageous, and one of a kind. You deserve to devote a day to being pampered! 

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