Dec 28, 2021

Women’s Empowerment Photography

What is women’s empowerment photography? At Lindsay’s Show Your Spark Boudoir Portrait Studio, we believe women’s empowerment photography should be a celebration of life, femininity, authenticity, and vulnerability. As women bare their bodies (to their own comfort level) in front of Lindsay’s camera lens, they find their inner light shining bright.

These themes of women’s empowerment, confidence building, authenticity, and celebration of the self, present during our Spark Sessions, enable our clients to engage with the world differently after their experience.

Our lastest featured Spark Alumni speaks to these themes in her post-Spark Session interview. Continue reading to learn how a Spark Experience changed her life.

Being the most authentic me

I am a great mother, a dedicated friend, and a hard worker. I love my friends and family fiercely. I am proud of the relationships I have and of the success I have achieved in my career. Not everything in my life has been sunshine and roses- and I have 2 ex-husbands to show for it- but I am trying every day to live my best life and be the most authentic me.

I just turned 47 and figured it was now or never to schedule a Spark Experience! I have never been one to stand out in front of the camera and was apprehensive at first, but my first conversation with Lindsay put me at ease. I was super excited to be more glammed up than I have ever been. I never had my hair and makeup done professionally before. It was amazing from start to finish!

One of the most memorable experiences

My favorite part of the session, aside from the great conversations with Michelle and Lindsay, was how I looked right out of the makeup chair. I was stunned to look so, well, stunning! The entire day was relaxed and fun. I never thought that I would laugh so much! This experience was one of the most memorable things I have ever done!

My photos… remind me to be more comfortable wherever I am.

This experience has positively impacted the way I show up in the world. I honestly look at my photos once a day to remind myself that if I was in my underwear (and sometimes less) in front of virtual strangers and was comfortable, then I can be more comfortable behind my desk or at dinner, or wherever.

Artistic boudoir photography; Lindsay Hite

My favorite images from my Spark Session were the few in the black sheer bodysuit. I never would have considered wearing something like that before. They are smoking hot! I was a total bombshell!

For future Spark clients, honestly, lingerie just isn’t comfortable. At. All. But, my suggestion is to get a few sexy pieces and own the hell out of it! Bring more than you think you will wear and Lindsay will work her magic to mix your wardrobe to match the sets perfectly!

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