Jan 4, 2022

Boudoir Photography | Scars Reframed

Boudoir photography provided Spark Client, Miss K, with the unique opportunity to see her beauty with her disease.

We all carry around scars from life. But for some, these scars are both figurative and literal. In a society focused on outward perceptions, those living outside of the physical “ordinary” find themselves on the battlefield of their mind.

Miss K struggled for many years with a negative view of her body due to a medical condition. Hiding parts of herself, and the things that kept her healthy, frequently caused her to shrink back, suppressing her inner beauty.

Continue reading to learn how a boudoir photography session at the Show Your Spark Studio, under the direction of owner and photographer Lindsay Hite, turned this Spark client’s world upside down.

Side by side, brunette in teal lingerie boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

I understand that this is part of who I am.

I had always wanted to do a boudoir photography session but was always too nervous to actually sign myself up for one. Thankfully, my lovely boyfriend surprised me with my Spark Session to push me out of my comfort zone! I can find it very difficult to express myself or show my inner beauty, I usually just try to make a joke out of my insecurities.

I am diabetic and have small scars on my body from injections, my insulin pump, and CGM placement. I am always attached to my insulin pump, which is great because it keeps me healthy, but I, unfortunately, have this unattractive machine attached to me at all times. I’ve tried covering it up with stickers and such at the pool or beach, and no matter what I get some comment from someone about it. I am okay with it, I understand that this is part of who I am and I am grateful that I have access to these resources. But as any woman knows, we can beat ourselves up over little insecurities. Because of my pump, I have tried to hide my body, or wear loose clothes so nobody can see what I’m hiding, I can feel like I’m just another ordinary person.

brunette in pink lingerie boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

I was so excited to be pampered and feel beautiful!

Leading up to my session, I was so excited to be pampered and feel beautiful! I looked forward to looking at the pictures and feeling sexy, especially on those days that I need a pick me up. 

 I was unbelievably nervous before my shoot! I am super glad that Lindsay reached out and we had several conversations before meeting in person. That definitely helped my emotions. Lindsay and Michelle were amazingly nice people! It honestly felt like we were old friends by the time my hair and makeup was completed.

Side by side, brunette in teal lingerie boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

It is such a great reminder for me to see myself in this way.

My artwork is sitting on my bureau in my bedroom. I like to keep it somewhat secretive. I want it to be a nice thing for my boyfriend and me. I look at my pictures nearly every day and is such a great reminder for me to see myself in this way. Obviously, these images aren’t who I am every day, but at the same time, these are images of me.

Looking back at the photographs now, I enjoy looking at the ones in the green leotard.  I feel so hot and glamorous in the way Lindsay showed off my body.  I also love one of the images where I am wearing my boyfriend’s Marine button-down shirt and it is opened a bit to show some cleavage. I feel super hot and it’s a nice shout-out to my boyfriend. I also have a nice bum shot as the last image in my book. It was a great one to choose as an ending. And it highlights my greatest asset.

brunette teal bodysuit boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

I can see my beauty with my disease.

Through my Spark Experience, I was most surprised to learn that I am hot! Also, I don’t have to feel unattractive, even on my bad days. I am so much more confident because of this experience! It has opened my eyes to a me that has always been there.  I just had been blind to that girl.

Through this experience, Lindsay completely turned my world upside down. She made me feel anything but ordinary! And in a way that I have never really felt before. I could see past my pump and see that I’m a strong and beautiful woman who can do anything! Looking at my photos gives me such a rush! Some images include my pump site, but I can be proud of these images. I can see my beauty with my disease. That is something that I wasn’t sure if I would ever feel as a grown adult.

brunette boyfriend shirt boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

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