Dec 21, 2021

Reinvented Boudoir Photography

What if we reinvented boudoir photography? What if boudoir photography wasn’t just about having a sexy photography session, but was about that AND something more? What would it look like to combine women’s empowerment, inner transformation, and overcoming inhibitions with boudoir photography? The answer? A Spark Experience with Lindsay Hite.

Time and time again, we hear from our clients about the transformative power of the unique boudoir photography sessions provided by Lindsay at her Show your Spark Studio in Braintree, MA. Women come to our studio looking to heal wounds, step into new confidence, and see themselves from a different perspective. Each day-long Spark Experience provides our clients with opportunities to overcome inhibitions, show up as themselves, and experience something transformative, with as much or as little clothing as they choose.

Miss J experienced just this transformation in her whimsical and sexy boudoir photography session, complete with a bathtub full of rubber ducks!

Read more about her reinvented boudoir experience (aka Spark Experience) in her own words below.

Support on this journey

I am someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression. So much of that has stopped me from challenging myself and doing the things that I really want to do. I’ve worked very hard to be brave and take on new things, and that shows me how far I’ve come. My friends were amazed that I was taking on this photoshoot! They were also really proud of me. I had so much support on this journey: friends, family & even my therapist wanted me to have a chance to see myself in a new light, especially at a time when I’ve struggled with body image and lack of self-confidence.

I knew this would be transformative

I was so excited to challenge myself! I knew this would be transformative and also really looked forward to dressing up and getting my makeup done. I’m a former theater kid that worked for years with costuming. This experience brought a lot back for me. I was so looking forward to meeting Lindsay and being able to see a new ME through her eyes and lens!

Therapeutic experience

I was definitely nervous coming in for my Spark Session! Once I was in my first outfit, I had shaky legs and forgot to breathe. The hair and makeup session was a super great way to start the experience, almost therapeutic. It was a nice way to ease in with the wonderful conversation, music, and pampering with Michelle, who was so kind and welcoming and excited for me. It made all the difference in the world!

pinup, brunette in black lingerie on the ground; reinvented boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

I was able to … trust the process.

My favorite moment from the session was being in the tub with all my rubber ducks squeaking under me–dressed in my lingerie, laughing with Lindsay–became such a genuinely joyful moment! Lindsay captured me perfectly and I was able to let go and just trust the process. The pictures from these moments are whimsical and sexy, in a way I never could have guessed.

I felt proud and strong to be there

I was surprised that I was far less anxious during the process than I would have expected. I felt proud and strong to be there, I absolutely trusted Lindsay while being quite vulnerable and breaking everything open. It was pretty spectacular.

It still stuns me that THAT is ME.

I love the duck pictures; they are so genuine and it was part of my creative contribution to bring them there. See what happened! 

I also love my Dita Von Teese inspired pictures, with my beautiful robe, as I really did see something new come through that was unexpected. It still stuns me that that is ME.

Amazing Quality

I have a picture to frame and my beautiful book. It was stunning to look through the first time – the quality is amazing, the pictures so crisp and clear. We are looking to find a home for this amazing piece.

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