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Nov 30, 2021

Can one find healing through Boudoir Photography? Yes! For many clients, boudoir photography serves as a tool for healing and transformation. After years of feeling invisible, our next featured client entered the studio determined to unapologetically “take up” space. Her time in the studio placed an exclamation mark on her inner transformation as she reclaimed […]

Nov 23, 2021

Confidence can be hard to come by. Life experiences and the opinion of others often prevent us from stepping into the fullness of ourselves. Inspired by previous clients and supported by her husband, our next featured client took bold steps outside of her everyday life to channel her inner confidence and indulge in a day […]

Nov 17, 2021

Life is full of unexpected challenges that cause us to see our lives and our role in the bigger picture differently than we once had. Maintaining our optimism and sense of self through those challenges can be difficult. When the time came for this client and her friends to continue their multi-decade photographic tradition, they […]

Nov 10, 2021

Spark Sessions are empowering boudoir photography experiences that allow women one day to prioritize themselves. With hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling provided, all the Spark Client has to do is show up, clean-faced, and release their inner fierce!

Nov 2, 2021

Boudoir photography through our Spark Sessions allows each client to redefine their relationship with photography, themselves, and sometimes even with their partner. Through professionalism, artistry, and moments of laughter, inner “sparks” of joy, confidence, love, and strength from the client make their way through the camera lens into each photograph. Our next featured Spark client […]

Oct 12, 2021

Over time, the busyness of life with our families, homes, and activities can disconnect us from our true selves. Scheduling a boudoir photo session is one way our clients choose to practice self-care and reconnect with their bodies and inner person. The entire experience encourages our clients to refresh their self-image and step into a […]

Oct 5, 2021

Finding herself at a “wonderful place” in her life, our next featured client chose to celebrate her life with a boudoir photography session.

Sep 28, 2021

Sometimes the most challenging obstacles to overcome are the ones of our own making. Often influenced by societal messages, the battle in our minds can rage against ourselves and our body image. Spark Experiences have a way of helping our clients overcome negative mindsets regarding their bodies and inner being. These unique boudoir photography sessions […]

Sep 21, 2021

Some women exude confidence from every inch of their being. Amina, our next featured Spark Experience client, is one of those women.  Despite challenging childhood experiences, Amina developed inner strength, fortitude, and independence evident in her boudoir photos.  Not one to shy away from her own inner and outer beauty, Amina approached her boudoir photography […]

Sep 14, 2021

Spark Experiences are times to shed insecurities, press into the “edge” of one’s physical expression, and embrace the inner feminine power.