Dec 6, 2022

A Birthday Celebration Through Boudoir Photography

What started as a personal birthday celebration, turned into much more. 

Having overcome many hardships early in life, today’s featured Spark Alumna chose to celebrate her life, resiliency, and positivity through a Spark Experience with Show Your Spark photography by Lindsay Hite.

The gift of a lifetime, the portraits resulting from her photography session allowed her to see herself more fully and embrace her scars. 

Continue reading to learn more about her experience at our studio in her words. 

woman on fur lined bed with birthday crown, photography by Lindsay Hite

Strong and Soft

I describe myself as strong and soft. I’ve overcome a lot in my life, including living with a serious illness. Before I turned 15, I’d undergone 7 surgeries. I am proud of the fact that I haven’t let the hard things in life make me mean or bitter.

Woman in white shirt on teal sofa

Excited to Shine

I scheduled a Spark Experience because I was turning 30 and wanted to celebrate myself and my life. I wanted a visual representation and remembrance of this time in my life. I booked super far in advance. As the date grew closer, I was the most excited about seeing how my personality and spark would shine through the photos.

Woman in lingerie with stars projected; boudoir photography by Lindsay HIte

Butterfly Excitement

I was definitely nervous leading up to my session, but it wasn’t a paralyzing nervousness. Instead, it was an exciting butterfly feeling. Once at the studio, Lindsay and Michelle made me feel at home and super welcome. I felt very present and at ease while we chatted during hair and makeup.

Woman in black lingerie; birthday celebration photography by Lindsay HIte

A Joyous Birthday Celebration

The whole session was pretty joyous. Lindsay was super enthusiastic about everything from the get-go. She gave me some early sneak peeks which helped me feel more at ease and really get into it. I felt super confident in my blue outfit and really enjoyed posing in that set.

Woman in green lingerie, showcasing tattoos; birthday celebration photography by Lindsay Hite

A Confidence Boost

As a result of my Spark Experience, I’ve realized how beautiful and desirable I am. I knew I loved myself before but after seeing my photos I really FEEL it. Definitely a boost to my confidence!

woman with floral top slipping off her shoulders; boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

A Visualization of What I’ve Survived

The photograph that means the most to me is the one that highlights my legs in the black couch set. The lighting on my legs, specifically my scars, is amazing. It’s a beautiful visualization of everything I’ve survived, what’s made me strong, and the challenges I’ve overcome.

Don’t Delay

I would absolutely recommend Lindsay Hite’s Photography Spark Experience! My biggest advice would be don’t delay! Just do it, it’s so empowering and joyous and you won’t regret it. Also, on a practical side, when they ask if you want to upgrade packages do it! I guarantee you will want to purchase more photos than you think you will! 

Woman in green lingerie, showcasing tattoos; birthday celebration photography by Lindsay Hite

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