Jul 26, 2022

The Story of Drastic Transformation through Boudoir Photography

Today we explore the story of drastic transformation through Boudoir Photography, as seen in one of our recent Spark Alumni.

It’s not often that a one-day experience changes lives. When thinking of life-changing days, many would point to the days that held pivotal conversations, career accolades, or personal milestones. Rarely would one reference a boudoir session – that is – unless they’ve had one!  

At Show Your Spark, we have a front-row seat to the dramatic transformation occurring in our client’s minds, hearts, and spirits during a boudoir photography session (aka Spark Session). We are honored to witness these changes every day in our studio. 

Today’s featured Spark Alumni chose to put aside her fears, embrace the experience, and fully embody her confidence. That one bold decision transformed her life both personally and professionally. With beautiful artwork to remind her of that decision, she now more fully embraces all sides of her being wherever she goes. 

Read on to learn more about her drastic transformation through her own words!

Transformation through Boudoir Photography; woman in yellow bra and jean button down shirt on teal sofa and white curtains; photography by Lindsay Hite

My Obstacles Shaped Me

I’m a wedding photographer who loves to tell stories through photographs. In the past, I was an absolute workaholic. I let my job and careers define me for YEARS. I’m just now learning that the answer to the question, “Who are you?” is not just your job description. 

I’m also a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, and an aunt. A sensitive person with lots of feelings and emotions, I’m a lover of 2000s emo punk music and Broadway musicals, and a big fan of TV shows and romance novels. I’ve overcome many things over the years, as we all must do. I developed an eating disorder in high school and spent my 20s recovering. I have struggled with the literal skin I’m in because I’ve had severe eczema most of my life. I’ve been wrestling with my extreme perfectionism for years. I’ve been trying to understand and heal from toxic relationships that have left some serious scars on my heart over the years. 

I am grateful that all those difficult experiences created the person I am today. My Spark Session played a big role in helping me see and appreciate the fact that these obstacles shaped me and made me the unique, strong person I am today!

Transformation through Boudoir Photography; woman in yellow bra on teal sofa and white curtains; photography by Lindsay Hite
side by side image of blonde woman nude covered with white sheets, photography by Lindsay Hite

Needed This Session For Me

I’m a wedding photographer who is trying to transition into the world of boudoir photography after years of burning out in the wedding industry. Desiring to empathize with my future clients, I decided to book my own session to develop a better understanding of what it is like to be on the other side of the camera. Having seen unbelievably beautiful images and hearing amazing things about Lindsay’s work through mutual friends, I knew she was the one I needed to work with. 

After my initial call with Lindsay, I realized how much I needed this session for ME – the Katie that’s not a businesswoman and photographer. After MANY years of therapy, I was excited to finally embody and uncover my strong yet vulnerable self during my Spark Session. 

I still can’t get over how amazing it is to look at my Spark photos and see the self-confident, happy, and powerful woman I’ve been working so hard to love and accept looking back at me!

blonde woman on wooden floor, with flowers and green toile skirt, photography by Lindsay Hite

Fully Embrace the Confidence

Going into the session, I was 100% nervous!!! Having already felt connected to Lindsay and Michelle through the pre-session phone consultations, I felt comfortable around them from the very second I stepped into the studio. I had promised myself that I would make a conscious effort to leave all my shame and fears about my body or being judged at the front door. I decided to fully embrace all the confidence I could muster and just fake the confidence in the moments that any self-doubt started to creep in. And it worked! 

I felt like a total rockstar from beginning to end. I’m so glad I decided to leave that self-critical inner voice outside the studio for the afternoon. I learned I can do that anywhere, anytime! My Spark Session gave me such a burst of confidence. Now I’m better able to recognize the mean voice that tells me I’m unworthy. Plus, I can silence that voice (or at least stop believing what it says!) more often and in more situations than before.

Transformation through boudoir photography, woman in black tank top in the shower; photography by Lindsay Hite

Posing Felt Like Freedom

My favorite moment of my Spark Session was when I tried on the black strappy lingerie outfit Lindsay had pulled from the client closet. It’s like nothing I would have ever picked out for myself. I would have been too nervous or self-conscious to wear it because of all of my “flaws” I’ve always previously hidden.  

Despite all my insecurities, I decided to give it a try. Once I came out of the dressing room in this outfit, I looked in the mirror and only saw a confident, badass woman. I didn’t even notice my scars and red skin. The feeling of posing in that outfit, without a care in the world, was a freedom I’ve never before experienced in my whole life! I’ll never be able to thank Lindsay enough for such a gift!

blonde woman in black strappy lingerie, transformation through boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite
blonde woman in black strappy lingerie, transformation through boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

Everything Has Changed

I tell everyone, who will listen, that my Spark Session was a life-changing experience. My Spark Session was just what I needed to prove to my younger self that all of those difficult experiences had finally led me to this moment of radical self-acceptance and love. Since my Spark Session, I’ve not only felt amazing physically (without having to change anything about myself) but emotionally and professionally, as well. I’ve also been taking huge new steps to better my life. I can’t express how much I needed this boost of self-confidence in my life to kickstart so many more amazing things that I’d been holding myself back from!

Woman in denim button up shirt with yellow undies on teal sofa; photography by Lindsay Hite
Blonde woman in two-piece yellow lingerie on teal sofa, photography by Lindsay Hite

Women are Incredibly Dynamic

I genuinely look through ALL my photos every day. Each day my favorite photograph changes. My photos remind me that women are so incredibly dynamic. We can be sweet, kind, and empathetic, but we can also be strong, badass, and courageous. We can be all those things in the same week, the same day, or even the same hour.

I love my full Spark gallery because I can see my sweet, kind self in the images and outfits. On the flip side, I can also see my sexy, confident, ass-kicking self in others. It’s sometimes hard to remember that we don’t have to be just ONE thing!

artistic nude photography on a blonde woman; transformation through boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite
blonde woman nude on white bed, photography by Lindsay Hite

Book Your Session Right Now

My advice would be to go BOOK YOUR SESSION RIGHT NOW! Anyone and everyone on planet earth could benefit from this experience. I promise that any nerves you have about booking a session like this will only make the whole thing feel even sweeter in the end. Overcoming your fear is honestly more than half the reason I loved my experience so much.

When looking back on the person I was when I originally called Lindsay three months ago and the person I am now, it’s almost hard to recognize that version of me. I’m SO PROUD of that girl who decided to take this risk and book a session despite her fears. You will be proud of yourself if you book one, too!

Blonde Woman in yellow bra set and denim button down shirt on a teal sofa with curtains framing the picture; photography by Lindsay Hite

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