Jun 21, 2022

How to Create Time for A Boudoir Session

Lack of time is one of the biggest obstacles we hear from women considering an empowering boudoir session (aka Spark Session) at Show Your Spark. They often tell us, “I would love to do this, but I don’t have the time.” 

We are here to tell you, “Yes you do!”

Today we will help you create time for a boudoir session by sharing practical tips to clear your schedule and shift your mindset. 

woman moving in the light; how to create time for a boudoir session; photography by Lindsay Hite

1. Prioritize yourself.

We choose to invest time in that which matters. Whether it’s making time for time with friends, a nature walk, reading a book, or an afternoon nap, we make choices that reflect our priorities. Yes, life is busy with work, family, and responsibilities. However, if you knew you could have an experience where you can grow your confidence and create photos that remind you of your power moving forward, you would create time for it, right? 

The good news? There is NO rush to make it to the studio. We schedule our sessions anywhere from two to twelve months in advance. With that kind of advance notice, you can be sure to find one day to step away from regular life to do this for yourself.

woman in white lingerie and angel wings; how to create time for a boudoir session; photography by Lindsay Hite

2. Select a firm date now, instead of “someday.”

When describing future dreams, people often use the word “someday” when referring to the future. Are you ready for some hard truth? “Someday” always gets pushed a little farther out as the business of life intrudes and we make concessions, deprioritizing what we truly want. That word, “someday”, is our favorite deadline for things we don’t quite put on the priority list. Make “someday” a real day to work towards, financially and mentally, by booking a firm date for your session.  

Couples boudoir, woman in black heals with legs crossed over men's suit pants, photography by Lindsay Hite

3. Schedule your Spark Session day as you would a vacation day.

We often hear women say, “I can’t take a whole day for myself.”  

Yes, a Spark Session is a FULL day dedicated to celebrating you. From about 9:30 to 4:30, the day includes professional hair and makeup, the photo session, editing, a slideshow premiere, and the product ordering session. We promise- after spending a day in our studio, you will feel refreshed, empowered, and ready to shine your light brightly into the world!

We suggest thinking of this day as a personal vacation day. Whether it is part of a true vacation, or a one-off day, block the day off your calendar, take the day away from work, and schedule a sitter for the children. Come be celebrated, inspired, and encouraged through an empowering photo session that surpasses all others.  

woman in bridal boudoir, white lingerie, and veil leaned back against teal sofa; how to create time for a boudoir session; photography by Lindsay Hite

4. Coordinate your Spark Session with meaningful moments in your life. 

When planning ahead, think of dates that are meaningful for you. Then, schedule your session around those dates.  A birthday is always an excellent reason for self-celebration. Schedule your session during your birthday month to jumpstart your confidence going into a new year.  

Do you want to gift these portraits to yourself or a loved one for an upcoming wedding, anniversary, the holidays or to celebrate an upcoming new chapter in your life? If so, then the best time to have your session is at least 6-8 weeks before you want to receive the products. Make sure to build in time to plan for your session, and remember that we have different busy seasons throughout the year, so book in advance to have a better chance at the date you want.

Woman in fishnet lingerie, against black wall with dramatic lighting, photography by Lindsay hite

5. Anytime is the “right” time.

Remember, the gift of self-love is always available now! You can choose to celebrate yourself for no other reason than “just because.”  While we love helping you commemorate life milestones with you, they aren’t required for a Spark Session. YOU are worth celebrating today, just as you are! By taking the first step and filling out your inquiry form to schedule a call with us, you are already making a small act of celebration!

Though we often schedule sessions between 6 and 12 months out, Monday- Friday, if you feel the need to “hurry up” and have this experience, we can help you do that as well.   We often have random open dates or last-minute openings for sessions. Let us know if you want to be placed on our last-minute list!

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Create Time for a Boudoir Session Today

Whenever the timing is best for you, we can help you make the Spark Session of your dreams happen! Truly, the best time for a session is when you are thinking of having a session. 

Contact us today to begin the journey to your own empowering Spark Session!  

It all starts with filling out our contact form. Once submitted, you will receive a welcome email and instructions on scheduling a no-obligation phone consultation to discuss your Spark Session dreams.  

We can’t wait to learn more about you and what makes you shine! 

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