Mar 21, 2023

The Spark Fund | Our Payment Plan

Today’s topic, payment plans, might not sound like the sexiest topic, but we promise it is! By the end of this post, we hope you’ll understand why we view our payment plans as our gift to you!

Let me explain! Let’s start at the beginning.

Tattooed, grey-haired woman in black lingerie on black sofa with black background; Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

What is a Spark Experience?

At Show Your Spark, we believe that every woman deserves to shine because are worthy of being seen by others, but most importantly, but herself. 

A Spark Experience provides that opportunity through an inclusive, luxurious, full-service portrait experience designed to help women step into their confidence and reclaim their power. 

We tailor each element of the Spark Experience day for each client’s needs, celebrating who they are, and encouraging them to own their own power.  

The goodness continues when they view their portraits for the first time in our Premiere Room. It doesn’t end there. The Spark Experience lives on in the hearts and homes of our clients through the custom-made artwork containing their beautiful portraits that remind our clients to never forget their Spark inside.

Image of Show Your Spark Spark Experience Dosier; Spark Signature Collections, Payment Plans, Photography By Lindsay Hite

Is a Spark Experience an Investment?

A Spark Experience is absolutely an investment in yourself financially and emotionally. Sometimes big investments require time to prepare and save up. You want to be properly prepared and feel confident in your purchase when the time comes. For many people, an experience like this is on their bucket list. I want to help you make sure that your Spark Experience is everything you dreamed it would be. So I’ve created the Spark Fund to help.

What is a Spark Fund (aka Payment Plan)?

Your Spark Fund is your Pre-Session Payment Plan. It gives you a chance to finally make a commitment to yourself at your own pace. You want an empowering photographic experience, and you deserve it! We’ll help you get there on your budget.

When you sign up for your Spark Fund, you’ll choose your payment plan amount and frequency. On your consultation call, you’ll go over all the details and my team will work with you to determine the best time for your Spark Experience. We’ll base this around raising your confidence and funding your purchase. We’ll also consider any turnaround times you might need for gift-giving so you get your goods in time!

Brunette with long hair in white lingerie in white bathtub; Boudoir Photography by Lindsay Hite

Why do we require a Pre-Session Payment Plan?

We strive to give all of our clients an amazing day of pampering, and everyone walks away with a curated selection of amazing images from their session! At the end of a very long and exhausting shoot day, the last thing you want to do is try to make a singular decision on a large financial purchase.

Pre-paying for your album/collection allows you to skip the headache of making a big decision and figuring out payment in full, so you can focus on loving and enjoying every minute of your day without the stress of having to swipe your card at the end for a big purchase. Only sales tax, and any add-ons, or upgrades you select will be due at the conclusion of your Ordering Session.

What are the benefits of purchasing a Signature Collection vs A La Carte?

Simplify your artwork decision by choosing one of our Signature Collections. We specially curated these collections with you in mind with our most popular pieces. Each Signature Collection offers at least $1000 in savings!

Signature Collections also come with bonuses not available only through the A La Carte Menu, such as exclusive access to premium sets, additional wardrobe changes, a La Carte Credit, and our top Collections include a FREE Session Fee for your next Spark Session with us!

Woman in white button down men's shirt with beige lingerie sitting on teal sofa looking through a mirror; boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite

The Spark Fund: Our Gift To You!  

You are already enough. There has never been a better time to own your confidence. And if you need a little time to work up to something as life-changing as a Spark Experience, the Spark Fund will help prepare you to show up and truly shine.

Getting what you want, being financially and emotionally empowered, having a stress-free luxurious day of self-celebration, owning your confidence through beautiful photography, AND being reminded of your powerful, valuable, empowered YOU through quality artwork?  

That sounds sexy to me!

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