Mar 19, 2024

The Secret to Being a Fierce After Forty Woman: Self-Trust

What’s the secret to being a “fierce after forty” woman? The Answer: Self-trust!

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would you say? That’s one of the questions we asked our Fierce After Forty participants, women who came from all walks of life to celebrate their collective power, strength, wisdom, and beauty. Each woman shared a story as unique as they were; yet each shared a common theme of developing self-trust.

Today’s featured client is no exception. Energetic, empathetic, and resilient, Spark Alumni Amy learned through experience that to be fierce means that she can face anything, no matter what. That level of self-trust was hard won after overcoming numerous obstacles, including becoming a single mother of two post-divorce. Since entering her forties, she learned to stop overthinking, listen to her gut, and ”just go with it.” 

If you are looking for inspiration on what it could mean for you to be a Fierce After Forty Woman, read on!  

White text on pink background reads "I want to show other women that everything they need is inside." ~ Spark Alumni Amy

Finding Happiness Within

“In my earlier years, I didn’t value tranquility as much as I do now. For me, tranquility is a combination of peace, calm, and the soothing sounds of nature; like waterfalls and brooks. In my younger years, I was always on the go, doing something and hanging out with people. I was always looking externally for a good time and happiness. I’ve learned that those things can be found within myself– where it has always been. So, now, I’m more focused on hanging out with myself and enjoying that time. It just took me a while to figure that out.”

“Designing a life that I love.”

“I want women over forty to know that they are not alone and that they can do anything. Most importantly, whatever it is that they’re doing, whatever their journey is, they need to show up for themselves.”

“In the coming years, I am looking forward to continuing to design a life that I love– that I don’t have to escape from. I don’t want to have to go on vacation. I want it all ingrained and fluid so I’m not running away from my life.” 

“Show up for you; not anybody else.”

“For years, I struggled with self-confidence, negative inner voices, and impostor syndrome. Some of those thoughts included: “You’re not good enough for that,” “You don’t look good like this,” or “Don’t wear that,” and “Why are you doing this?” There were plenty of external voices that said the same things. Now over forty, I’ve hit a wall where I now think, “Show up for you; not for anybody else.””

“I chose to participate in the Fierce After Forty Project because I want to show other women that they can show up in whatever current version they are of themselves. Everything they need is inside.”

Woman wearing chains, representing self-trust, with a look of joy and fierceness on her face.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

“I’m proud to be a part of the empowerment for women.”

“Being part of this photography project is hitting home for me because I was involved with a lot of photography projects with my grandmother growing up. I was always her guinea pig for their photo shoot groups. I worked on a couple of college projects with my grandmother. That one-on-one time was a way my grandmother and I truly connected. I think I’m making my grandmother proud by being a part of the empowerment of women who are honing the power within. Being here is paying tribute to the female generations before me.”

“If the fabric doesn’t work with you, don’t work with it.” 

“If I could give my younger self advice, I would tell myself to: show up, break the chains, stop questioning yourself. When I was younger I always blamed myself for whatever was happening. I assumed I had done something wrong, that it was my fault, or that it wasn’t good enough. So now, I would tell my younger self to pause and know your worth. There’s a quote from Legally Blonde that says, “If the fabric doesn’t work with you, don’t work with it.” Twenty to thirty years ago, I wish I had stronger confidence to know that the fabric I was working with at the time was not working with me.”

“That’s the “forty wall” I keep referencing; it’s a real thing, like an internal switch. I’ve done things this past year that I never even had on my bucket list– like this experience. I used to have such self-confident issues, however being on this side of forty has opened up a whole new thing for me– to be in touch with myself and to better the relationships I have. In bettering the relationship that I have with myself first, it has improved the relationships that I have with others.”

“I chose this photo for my Fierce After Forty portrait because I broke free of the chains.” 

Image of an album with the words "Let Your Light Shine" on the cover sitting on a marble table.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

The Fierce After Forty Project, designed by Show Your Spark Photography Studio, seeks to highlight powerful women over Forty through photography and storytelling.  In doing so, we inspire countless other women to embrace and celebrate their journey, bodies, and power – no matter their season of life. 

As part of our ongoing philanthropic work, we donated a portion of the profits from the entire project to DOVE (Domestic Violence Ended), an organization committed to hope, healing, safety, and social change as they work to end domestic and partner violence. At the end of the sessions in the fall of 2023, our donations totaled $1000 to DOVE. We are honored to partner with DOVE in helping women stand in their power and shine their light.

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Remember, you are powerful, courageous, and one of a kind! Show Your Spark!

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