Jan 23, 2024

Start 2024 Off Right: Prioritize Your Self-Care This Year!

You’re juggling countless responsibilities and giving your best every day- even when it doesn’t feel like it. Trust me, as a new mama and business owner I’ve been there.

Amid life’s chaos, it’s easy to forget the importance of self-love and self-care. We often think that we will get to “those to-do’s” later.  

Now is the perfect time to flip the script on putting yourself last.

Let 2024 be the year that you put yourself first!

But first, why does self-care matter?  

Woman in black outfit and teal blazer journaling as a form of self-care while sitting on a tan sofa.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Self-Care Matters

It’s essential to prioritize yourself, replenish your spirit, and boost your confidence. 

I know it sounds cliche at this point, but we truly can’t pour from an empty cup. I’ve done that and tried that. Trust me, the results weren’t positive for me, my business, or my family!

Self-care isn’t just bubble baths and face masks anymore. It’s not a hashtag or a perfectly curated Instagram story. It’s a shift in the way we view our lives and the expectations of others imposed by society.  It’s a rebellion against the tyranny of “shoulds” and the erosion of a performative lifestyle. It’s a slowing down of life, a reconnecting to yourself, and saying “yes” to your own desires, even when the world screams “no.”

Self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a revolution. It’s dismantling the systems that tell you your worth comes from productivity, that your beauty diminishes with time, and that your laughter has an expiration date. It’s rewriting the narrative, reclaiming your voice, and singing your own damn song.

This is self-care, redefined. This is the revolution that starts within. And, gorgeous, it’s time to begin the journey!

Woman in a floral top and jean sitting on a white bed with her laptop in her lap.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Why Begin Self-Care Now?

If not now, when?  When will you matter enough to yourself to start that new habit, invest in yourself, and keep that commitment to yourself to care for yourself? The time is NOW.  Stop putting yourself off for later. 

✨Now is the time to embrace your individuality, beauty, and strength. 

✨Now is the time to celebrate your uniqueness.

✨Now is the time to choose yourself and set the tone for the rest of the year!

Woman in a white garden bathtub with green plants surrounding her.  One example of self-care.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

 How to Prioritize Self-care?

If the idea of self-care is new to you and you can’t fathom how to fit it into a part of your life, again I’ve been there! There was a time in my life when the idea of even five minutes to myself was laughable. When so many other people “needed me” how could I possibly begin to be present for myself?

Then I took a step back and remembered how without oxygen a flame can not continue to burn. I realized that if I wanted to be my best self for the people in my life, I needed to provide myself with “oxygen” in the form of self-care.

I started small with a five-minute journaling practice that eventually grew into longer solo dates with myself. I’m still not an expert in self-care, as learning how to balance family, business, and my own needs is always a juggling act. But I’m growing and learning and aware of my need for self-care. That’s a start!

Remember, as with every new habit or change of behavior, transformation takes time.

With that being said, here are two ideas for you as you begin your self-care journey.

Woman in a t-shirt on her belly with a camera on her face as if she is taking a picture.  Self-care can also involve doing activities that bring you joy.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

1. Start Small 

Choose one thing you can give to yourself each day.  A high-five in the mirror?  A consistent yoga practice? Enough sleep at night?  Increased water intake?

Put these items on your daily “to-do” list or as appointments in your calendar to help you keep this commitment to yourself. 

2. Go Big

What is one grand gesture you can give yourself to mark this year as the year that you begin to prioritize yourself? Set the tone for the year by investing in your self-care.

A portrait session at Show Your Spark is the perfect way to do just that. Why not start the year off with an epic confidence-boosting experience that will leave you feeling on top of the world and give you photographic proof of the incredible person you are! Let the portraits created from your Spark Experience fuel you to continue to prioritize yourself for the rest of your year (or life)!

Woman in a wet white t-shirt.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Trust Your Intuition

Most of all, trust your intuition.  I can’t say it enough.  You know what you need most.  Listen to that voice that says “Yes, this is for me.” “It is time to invest in myself in this way.” Whether that is listening to your body’s cues for more sleep, water, or movement or trusting your instincts to know what kind of experience will be most meaningful to you.  Listen to that voice and follow it.  You can’t go wrong if you do!

Say Yes to Self-Care

Are you ready to say “yes” to self-care this year?  I am!  

At Show Your Spark, we are here to help through our luxurious portrait sessions, custom-made artwork, and studio events.

If you are ready to practice self-care through an empowering Spark Session, we are ready to be a part of your journey! Simply contact us by filling out our inquiry form and we’ll take it from there!

Asian woman in a blue t-shirt and undies with sneakers on leaning back on a teal sofa with a white fur-lined blanket on it.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

 Here’s what to expect when you contact us

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  2. Select a Spark Session date that fits your schedule. (Studio located in Braintree, MA)
  3. Rock the session like the bright light you are, and create beautiful, tangible artwork to inspire you for the rest of your life.

Remember, you are powerful, courageous, and one of a kind! It’s time to show your spark!

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