Sep 7, 2021

Chronicling Me

Our next Spark client fully embraced the opportunity to step out of pandemic home-life and into the light with boudoir photography.

Taking on a multi-year project to chronicle her inner growth through photography, she arrived at the studio committed to living in the moment as her authentic self.

Mutual collaboration between client and photographer resulted in carefully crafted and profoundly personal artistic “body-scapes.” Her photos exude elegance, peace, and serenity.

Seeing herself as others do through her Spark Experience, she is further motivated to continue to live her life unhindered and free.

Read more to learn about her experience in her own words.

Feeling “at home” with myself.

I’m a lover, a giver, a dreamer, a doer. I believe that “not all those who wander are lost” (J.R.R. Tolkien). Although the notion of being purely and unapologetically me has been tested at times, I choose to proudly hold hands with it now.

With some major changes in my life over the last couple of years, I was excited to continue the project of capturing my evolution every 5 years through photography. It was certainly time and perhaps a bit overdue, especially in this pandemic environment, where “home” has become “the office”, “school”, “principal’s office”, and “yoga studio” among other things. It was special to dedicate an entire day (outside the confines of “home”) to truly feel “at home” with myself.  This experience – for me, it’s 100x more indulgent than a day at the spa!

Chronicling me, as I am, right now.

In the days leading up to the session, I felt anticipation and excitement. Heading to my session early in the morning, I felt energized and determined to accomplish my mission of chronicling me, as I am, “right now”. Walking into the studio and meeting Lindsay and Michelle for the first time further elevated my mood and validated my choice to work with them. With so much authenticity, love, and energy in the room, I felt peaceful and present.

The entire session was charged with good energy. There was one particular organic and beautiful moment where we transitioned into truly making art. I reveled in just being purely me. Lindsay and I worked together to create a series of “body-scapes” that turned out absolutely breathtaking. These are truly wall art worthy.

I was overwhelmed by “seeing” what I imagine others “see” when they interact with me.

Celebrating myself through the Spark Experience was a perfect self-given gift. It serves as a reminder to care for myself and to continue appreciating my evolution as a woman.

Exceeding my already high expectations, this experience is part of “my chronicles.” Sharing these images with friends makes for great conversations about our desires, dreams, and challenges as moms, wives, professionals, and women. I have been touched that sharing these images with my friends has inspired them to look deeper into themselves. That is pretty awesome!

All the photos were beautiful! Lindsay is very talented in capturing a very true “you” through her lens. Although each final piece was dynamic and meaningful, two stand out. First, a full nude against a red flower backdrop, where I naturally entered a pose that makes me feel effortlessly powerful and free – my version of the unhindered feminine. Second, an emotionally inducing photo where I’m making direct eye contact with the camera. The moment it came up on screen during viewing, I was overwhelmed by “seeing” what I imagine others “see” when they interact with me.  I actually saw into myself in a way that I’d never experienced while looking in the mirror. I’d venture to say it was transcendental experience. (Thank you, Lindsay!)

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