Apr 23, 2024

One Woman’s Search for Self-Acceptance: Finding Fierce Within After Forty

Can a photography session aid one’s search for acceptance and change the way one looks at themselves? 

For this Fierce After Forty Spark Alumni, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Self-described as unique, evolving, and worthy, when Show Your Spark’s Fierce After Forty Project was announced, Spark Alumni Tiffany decided now was her time to shine. So, she booked a Spark Experience and her life has been forever changed. Her Fierce After Forty Spark Session lit a confidence in her that she had never had before, changing all aspects of her life. 

Something special happens when women enter their fifth decade. (And I’m not talking about hormonal changes!)  For many, the programming we once bought into no longer works for us. So we begin searching for new meaning and understanding in life and find that the love, acceptance, and confidence we’ve been looking for can be found within.

Continue reading to learn about how a photography session became part of Tiffany’s search for self-acceptance and what it means to her to be Fierce After Forty. 

Woman in blue dress looking down standing behind a white curtain.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

A Search for Self-Acceptance

“I grew up inherently shy yet had a craving for connection. I have suffered from anxiety and depression on and off since I can remember. I always felt as if I had to prove myself to be worthy of acceptance or love. I am definitely no longer shy (except in some situations), but I still struggle with the rest to some extent. In the past few years, I have worked more on loving and accepting myself, instead of chasing it from external people and places. I realize the only way to grow and have a fulfilling life is to be able to control my own thoughts, emotions, and (re)actions, as opposed to worrying about what others think or do. That is probably the biggest change I’ve gone through recently – just trying to be the best version of me and hope the rest falls into place.”

Finding Fierce

“To me, being fierce means having the courage and strength to continually improve in all areas of life, and navigate life’s ups and downs with class and dignity while encouraging others to do the same.”

“There is no one thing that comes to mind when asked what I have overcome in my life. Perhaps just having to go through life so far without much of a support system has been my biggest challenge. I have rarely felt that anyone has chosen or valued me, if that makes sense. At this age, I am still trying to heal some childhood wounds which those thoughts stem from. I am proud that I did the work to learn why I am the way that I am and continue to take the steps to overcome those past hurts and not let them negatively impact the rest of my life.”

Woman searching for self-acceptance while wearing a sweater sitting off the shoulder and looking out a window while sitting on a teal sofa.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Finding Fierce After Forty 

“In my forties, I have come to care less about what others think of me, and more about how I think about myself. I now talk to so many more people, where I used to be shy. Everyone has an interesting story and craves connection, so I’m grateful to have developed this part of me!’

“I value time much more than I used to. Now that I have a busier career and a family, and the years are quickly passing by, I truly enjoy the fleeting moments that make me smile or laugh or feel loved and appreciated.  I really try not to take those things for granted anymore. I love spending time with my teenage daughter and experiencing things through her eyes as well, and hopefully creating good memories for her to bring into her future years. I have learned to say no to things that no longer serve me and yes to those that contribute positively to my life. ”

Finding Confidence Within

“Being a woman over forty is strange! You sort of mourn your youth (and that effortlessly gorgeous body!) and all of the choices you had yet to make, and things to experience. However, being over forty, we have now gone through some stuff! We tend to appreciate true connections, and magical moments (the “glimmers” in life) and live more purposefully and intentionally. Confidence comes from within — not just what we’re showing on the outside (although participating in this project vastly helped with that too!).”

Headshot of a woman looking over her left shoulder.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Finding Myself

“I am looking forward to continually learning more about myself and others and continuing to improve my health and my mindset. I look forward to growing my career further so that I can help more people. I look forward to seeing what my daughter chooses to do in the future and having more adventures with her. I still want to try new things, travel to different places, meet new people, and be the best me I can be.”

“For years I have wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot, but I was always waiting to be “good enough” for it. I always “needed to be prettier”, “wanted to lose weight”, “couldn’t afford it”, etc. I had been a follower of Lindsey’s Instagram for a few years, admiring photos I never thought I would be able to get taken of myself. When she announced the Fierce After 40 project, that was my sign. It may not ever be the “right” time, but it was MY time! What this project brought me was so much more than arrestingly beautiful photographs – it lit a confidence in me that I never had before, and that has impacted all areas of my life in the best of ways.”

Finding Myself as Strong and Beautiful 

“I have always been a fairly healthy person, never having issues with food or weight growing up. Of course, in my twenties and thirties (and hell – in my forties!) I always wanted to be thinner and prettier. I always compared myself to others, which I imagine is unfortunately fairly common for girls and women. I remember the moment that Lindsey walked over with her camera to show me one of the first photos she took of me in the white sheets. I instantly teared up and felt something flip inside of me.”

“The “cinematic reveal” at the end of the day, where I sat on the couch and had all of my photographs flash before me on the big screen still brings tears to my eyes now, as I remember it. I looked at those photos and thought “What a strong, absolutely stunning woman that is” – and it was me. I was looking at ME and seeing MYSELF as strong and beautiful for probably the first time in my life, and that changed everything for me.”

Woman formerly searching for self-acceptance found it through photography by Lindsay Hite. Woman wearing a white t-shirt in a dark shower.

On Advising My Younger Self 

“I would tell my young self to not be shy – go talk to people! Try new things! Be vulnerable! Take chances! Live in the moment! Heal your emotional wounds so you don’t damage relationships in the future. Appreciate your youth, energy, and freedom.”

Finding Myself Through Photography

“My Fierce After Forty photo says that I am strong, full of mystery, adventurous, and willing to peel back the layers… figuratively AND literally.”

“The whole experience taught me to see myself as beautiful in a much deeper way than just superficial stuff. It’s almost as if my inner strength and life experiences created layers that made my beauty deeper.”

The Fierce After Forty Project, designed by Show Your Spark Photography Studio, seeks to highlight powerful women over Forty through photography and storytelling.  In doing so, we inspire countless other women to embrace and celebrate their journey, bodies, and power – no matter their season of life. 

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