Jun 4, 2024

It’s Never Too Late To Start Over: How To Find Fierceness After 40

Have you ever thought it’s too late to start over? As you read this post about one of Show Your Spark’s recent clients, you will discover an example of how to find fierceness after forty.

Many women in midlife find themselves at a crossroads – a journey of self-discovery fueled by failed narratives that no longer bring them fulfillment. Some call it a mid-life crisis, we call it the making of a Fierce After Forty woman. 

The same is true for today’s Show Your Spark Fierce After Forty featured client. One who once operated out of survival mode and out of a desire to please others, Connie now chooses to live her life her way, according to her values and priorities. 

If you’ve ever felt yourself on that edge of indecision between choosing yourself and choosing others, you won’t want to miss this interview. Connie’s story is a powerful example that it’s never too late to start over. 

African American woman in black top leaning against a black sofa with a black background. Photography by Lindsay Hite

On Becoming

“For a long time, I was someone driven to achieve things in my career as a way to make amends for the things I didn’t have when I was younger or didn’t think would be attainable for me. As time has gone on, I’ve learned that that’s not who I am. There’s more to life than just being career-focused.” 

“My journey this year has forced me to do some introspection. I’ve realized because of instability when I was younger, I really didn’t know myself the way that a person should really know themselves. During that journey, I’ve reset my values a little and thought about what is important to me.”

“I’ve discovered it’s finding love, being happy, having good friends, and enjoying life, and not sweating the small stuff anymore.”

African American woman in black lingerie leaning against a black sofa with a black background. Photography by Lindsay Hite

Defining Fierce

“I think you can be fierce and be like a badass b*itch. But I also believe fierce is a state of mind –  feeling good about yourself and knowing who you are, maybe not always knowing what you want out of life, but willing to explore and figure out what excites you, and going after that.”

No longer Just Surviving

“I’m proud that, because of the work I’ve done to find myself, I finally realized that I don’t have to live in survival mode anymore. For years, my accomplishments were a result of being in survival mode or living according to what someone else thought would be good for me. I’m still a work in progress.”

Embracing Imperfections

“I’ve learned that as a mother, I will always feel this pressure to be the “perfect” mother.  But I’ve realized my imperfections allow my children to feel like they don’t have to be perfect.  When I think of my son, I think the most important thing I could do for him is to be supportive of him and the way he dances to the beat of his own drum.” 

African American woman in black top sitting in a red velvet chair with a black background. Photography by Lindsay Hite

On Finding Your People

“Peace and authentic friendships. I feel like there are some very special people in this world that you can get an energy vibe from when you meet them. When that happens, those are your people.”

Living Life Without Permission

“Being a woman over 40 does not mean that you can’t be sexy or sexual because I’m both of those things. It doesn’t mean that you need to live according to the norms of society. It’s okay to do your own thing.”

“I believe to be a woman over forty means to live more empowered – not looking for that permission like you were when you were younger. It means not giving up on yourself and doing the things you enjoy because you appreciate them more than you once did.”  

African American woman in blue strappy lingerie leaning against a sofa with plants in the background. Photography by Lindsay Hite

On Feeling Good

“Being a part of this project has meant everything to me. I’d seen Lindsay’s work before.  I was impressed with the embodied strength I saw in the photos. I could tell that people were feeling really good about themselves. That’s something that I’m definitely striving for, so I wanted to feel that as well.” 

Believing in Yourself

“I never thought that this would be something I would do or be able to do. It puts the cherry on the top of the cake for me in terms of my transformation this year and how I feel about myself. I’m a big advocate for it’s never too late to start over. There are endless possibilities – you just have to believe in yourself. I’m hoping I can share some of that through this project.” 

African American woman in black top on her belly looking toward the future knowing it's never too late to start over.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

To Her Former Self

“The advice that I would give myself would be to trust myself and not be afraid to dream and go after what you want.”

The Future is Waiting

“My Fierce After Forty photo says that I have confidence and am looking forward to the future.”

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