Apr 9, 2024

How to Find Confidence After Forty: One Woman’s Journey

Is confidence after forty possible?

At Show Your Spark, we say YES!  

Not only is it possible, but as we’ve recently discovered during our Fierce After Forty Project, that many women don’t even begin to find their confidence until their forties or later!

The self-acceptance that each participant developed within themselves enables them to find confidence after forty in all areas of their life – their relationship with themselves, relationships with others, career choices, and so much more. 

Continue reading to learn more about how to find confidence after forty from the wisdom of one of our recent Fierce After Forty Spark Alumni Jannia. 

Woman in lacy top sitting on a leather sofa looking directly at the camera.  A Fierce After Forty woman who found her confidence after forty.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

My Inspiration

“Who am I? I’m patient, confident, and loyal. I’m a mom and a professional woman. As a wife and friend, relationships are very important to me. My relationships make me who I am today. After finding out I was adopted, I wasn’t sure who I was because I thought that we needed to have the same DNA to be family. But I see so much of my mother in who I am. She’s always been my inspiration and who I’ve always looked up to and worked hard for. I feel that the person I am today is because of her.”

A Fierce Person

“When I think of a fierce person, I think of somebody bold and able to speak their mind and be their authentic self without having to mask or hide who they really are.”

“As a minority and a woman, I’ve come so long in my career because I was able to take those steps and keep pushing myself to be better and to grow in my own field by being who I am.”

Accepting Myself

“Since entering this new decade, I feel like I’m letting go of all of my insecurities and embracing who I am, what I look like, and what I am. I was always accepting of everybody else, but I was never really nice to myself as far as the way that I looked or how I carried myself. I finally realized, “What do I have to hide? What do I have to be?” The answer was, “Be who you are.”” 

How To Find Confidence After Forty

“I now value my confidence in ways that I didn’t in my earlier years. I think when you’re younger, you think you’re confident and you think that you know everything, but you just don’t know anything. I always said you always say that you wish you knew what you know now because you would make so many mistakes. Not that I regret any of my choices, because they got me to where I am. But you would definitely make different choices that maybe would make your life different –not necessarily better, but different.”

“I also value my authentic self in new ways. When you are younger, you feel like you have to please everybody else. You feel like you have to be somebody else for somebody else instead of being who you are for yourself.”

“In the coming years, I am looking forward to enjoying life – living each day to the fullest and being happy and carefree.”

“Fifty is not awful.”

“I hope those that see the results of this Fierce After Forty Project feel inspired to do something that they would have never done before to be able to see themselves.”

“I want others to know that being over 40 is not awful. Now, here I am, at 50– and it’s not awful!”

“We’re confident and we’re beautiful despite our age because it is just a number, not a death sentence.”

“I’m bad. I’m fierce.”

“If I were to give my younger self advice, I would tell myself to live more and not sweat the little stuff, everything happens for a reason, and everything will happen when it’s ready to happen.”

“I chose this portrait to represent my Fierce After Forty self because it says, “I’m bad, I’m fierce. Yes, I’m over 40. I’m actually over 50 bitches!”

Woman in body jewelry and sexy black lingerie with a black backdrop.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

The Fierce After Forty Project, designed by Show Your Spark Photography Studio, seeks to highlight powerful women over Forty through photography and storytelling.  In doing so, we inspire countless other women to embrace and celebrate their journey, bodies, and power – no matter their season of life. 

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