Jul 2, 2024

Dress to Impress: Your Guide to Nailing Your Branding Session Outfit

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a branding newbie, first impressions matter. Your branding session photos and videos are often the first things potential clients see, so it’s crucial to make a strong statement that aligns with your unique brand.

Here at Show Your Spark, we’ve partnered with stylist Kerilynn of KLV Styling to bring you this ultimate guide to rocking your outfit during your Spark Branding Experience!

Branding session portrait of a photographer sitting on a leather couch holding her camera.  Photography by Lindsay Hite.

Branding Session Wardrobe Wisdom From a Pro

1. Rock that Fit

Your clothes should fit like they were custom-made for you. If they don’t, a bit of tailoring can work wonders.

2. Timeless Classics with a Twist 

Forget about chasing trends! Classic pieces like sharp blazers, tailored pants, and elegant dresses are your forever friends, but keep in mind that “classic” doesn’t have to mean “Boring”. But don’t be afraid to add personality! Keep reading on how to make sure you stand out.

3. Playing with Colors

Stick to a color scheme that vibes with your brand’s personality. Neutrals and coordinating hues are your secret weapons for a timeless look. Plus, they’re perfect for adding subtle pops of color that match your branding.

Woman standing in power pose, leaning against a silver wall in a white shirt and red pants.  Branding session portraits by Lindsay Hite.

4. Accessory Game On Point

Add some flair with accessories like belts, scarves, or statement jewelry. They’re the final touch that pulls your outfit together seamlessly and elevates your look.

5. Texture Play

Mix and match fabrics like silk, wool, and cotton to add depth and visual interest to your

photos. This works wonders, especially with monotone outfits.

6. Necklines with Purpose

Pick necklines that flatter your face and align with your brand’s vibe. A simple v-neck can transform a bulky sweater from wearing you to you wearing it!

Branding session portrait of a woman wearing a white shirt and pink blazer with sticky notes on a black background.  Photography by Lindsay Hite.

7. Comfort Is Key

Style doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. You’re the star here, so your attire should let you shine, effortlessly.

8. Brand It Like You Mean It

Your outfit should scream your brand’s values and personality. It’s not just fashion; it’s how you communicate trust, expertise, creativity, and more.

9. Confidence is Your Best Accessory

Remember, your attitude and posture are as important as your outfit. Practice your power poses and rock that confidence.

Woman in a branding session portrait sitting on a navy blue sofa with a lime green shirt.  Photography by Lindsay Hite.

Bonus Resources

Remember, these tips are your secret weapon for looking like a total boss in your Spark Branding Session!  If you still feel intimidated by selecting a wardrobe that best represents you and your brand, we have a treat for you!  

Each Spark Branding Session includes a wardrobe consultation with KLV style to help plan your looks before your session.  AND, you’ll also receive a one-on-one branding consultation with our owner and photographer, Lindsay Hite, to help make sure we strategize ahead of the session to create a plan for how you’ll use your photos after the session so you can be sure to maximize the return on your investment.

Ready to ignite your brand? Contact us today and get ready to claim your power and own the spotlight like never before.  We’re here to make your branding dreams a reality and can’t wait to see you shine in the studio! 

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