May 31, 2022

Couples Spark Session

It’s not every day that we invite men to the Show Your Spark Studio for a couples Spark Session. We consider it a privilege to honor and celebrate the love between our Spark Alumni and their partners. Like our solo Spark Sessions, with couples Spark Sessions our goal is to provide luxury photographic experiences while documenting the couple’s connection and affection for each other.  

We enjoy witnessing the partners celebrate and encourage each other as they ride the emotional waves of the day. From the initial nerves walking through the door to the excitement of the hair and makeup transformation, and beyond to the photo session and final slideshow Premiere, the day is full of joy, celebration, laughter, and love. 

This beautiful Spark Couple vulnerably shared some behind-the-scenes footage with our Facebook community the day of their session. Now they share their experience in the studio in narrative form.  

Give their story a read and consider if a Couples Spark Session is right for you and your partner!

Couple sitting on bed in comfy clothes, Couples Spark Session by Lindsay Hite

Transformative Experience

My journey with Show Your Spark began last year. I knew it was only a matter of time before I got my husband to return with me. We both have overcome obstacles with regard to body positivity. It hasn’t been easy to see ourselves the way we see each other. Once he saw what a positive experience my first session was, it was easy to realize how transformative it could be for us as a couple.

Side by side couple topless embracing, photography by Lindsay Hite

Day of Joint Pampering

I wanted my husband to have the same empowering experience I did during my solo Spark Session. I wanted him to be in the spotlight and to celebrate the accomplishments he has made in his physical and mental health. He has come such a long way and has worked so hard for so long. A day of pampering was long overdue! Also, I was excited to see his face when he saw the final portraits!

topless couple embracing on teal sofa; Couples Spark Session by Lindsay Hite

Collaborative Approach

As this was my second spark session and knew what to expect, I was very calm. I was very excited but no longer had that nervous energy. The same cannot be said for Scott who was a bundle of nerves. He was feeling very self-conscious right up until the session day. However, once he met Lindsay and Michelle and they began to collaborate, I could see the nervousness start to fade, just as it did for me during my solo session. During hair and makeup, I could see a bit of self-doubt sneak in, but that too disappeared as the day continued.

Couple embracing topless in bed. Couples Spark Session by Lindsay Hite

Dressing Up

My favorite moment was during our first scene where we posed on a bed. I could tell Scott was still nervous so to break the tension I tackled him and yelled, “Surprise!” It worked. 

Scott’s favorite moment was recreating his favorite Rom-com movie posters with me. He loved donning his favorite suit and dressing up together as we haven’t gotten to do so for a few years now. He also really loved snuggling on the couch. That was the moment he felt really comfortable and free.

Side by side photos, on left man in suit picks of woman in dress, on right man kissing woman on couch; Rom-Com inspired Couples Spark Session photography by Lindsay Hite
Topless couple laughing and smiling while sitting on bed; Couples Spark Session by Lindsay Hite

New Perspectives

As a result of our couples Spark Session, Scott feels more comfortable in his body and seeing himself in photos. He can now see the progress he has made in his fitness journey and now has this wonderful experience to look back on. “I have started to see my body the way other people do…in a more positive light.” As for myself, my solo Spark Session helped me feel more confident and sexy. My second session did the same. However this time, I embraced those feelings with the person I love most beside me.

Side by side boudoir photo of woman in flowers and man shirtless; photography by Lindsay Hite

Rom-com Favorites

Our favorite portraits are complete opposites, from being dressed up to fully dressed down. Scott and I both loved the shower scene as we fully embraced the sexy side of the Spark Session. We also love the one where we are seated on the couch together for the Rom-com scene. I guess you could say they are two halves of a whole.

Rom-Com inspired portrait of couple by Lindsay hite
couple kissing with dark background, Couples Spark Session by Lindsay Hite

Picture-Perfect Day

Just as solo sessions are important, so are couples sessions! It is a great way to connect with your loved one and have a day of pampering together. The older you get, the more you realize the value of experiences. We will love and cherish these photos forever! They serve as a wonderful reminder of a picture-perfect (pun intended) day where we had the opportunity to celebrate each other!

Rom-Com inspired portrait of couple by Lindsay hite

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