Sep 5, 2023

Beyond the Lens: A Client’s Perspective on Boudoir Photography One Year Later

At Show Your Spark, we often share the stories of our clients after their session (with their permission of course!).  

Today, we will do the same, but with a twist with a conversation between Lindsay, owner and photographer of Show Your Spark, and Gabby, a Spark Alumni. They discuss Gabby’s experience in the studio and the ongoing impact of boudoir photography on her life over a year after her session!  

We often speak about the power of a Spark Session (our version of boudoir photography) to transform a woman’s inner and outer confidence. But does that transformation last? 

We say YES! And you’ll see that our Spark Alumni agree!

Give this interview a read to learn about the long-lasting transformative power of boudoir photography one year later on a woman’s confidence.

Blonde woman in a white garden tub surrounded by green plants.  Boudoir photography one year later by Lindsay Hite.

“The perfect segue into the next season of life.”

Lindsay: I have the privilege of helping women celebrate themselves in so many lights in our portrait studio. I reached out to Spark Alumni Gabby Demac because she is a woman of many dimensions and many sides. Can you introduce yourself? 

Gabby: I met Lindsay through Kick It by Eliza where I teach a kickboxing class. I’m also a realtor in Massachusetts, where I was born and raised. Before moving into real estate, I was in engineering. Many have questioned that decision, but I love real estate and everything that it involves.

Lindsay: You are a person who gives so much to others, through your educational real estate content, as a property investment owner, and as a fitness instructor. It was so great to have you give to yourself by scheduling yourself a Spark Session. 

I want to know, what helped you choose to give yourself permission to have a session? What helped you say “yes” to yourself? 

Gabby: I was heading into a milestone birthday, my 30th, and the timing just worked out. I thought it would be a cool treat to give myself a way to document the close of one decade and the opening of another. In the past few years, I feel like I’ve been getting back on my feet by finding my specific passions and niche interests. Entering my 30s I wanted to kick things off by taking time for myself. My Spark Session was the perfect segue into this next season of my life.

Woman in black lingerie and black stiletto heels laying on her back on a wooden floor. Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

“Our flaws are the marks of our journey as we’ve gone through life.”

Lindsay: I’m so glad! I know we celebrated a lot of different sides of you during your session. We had professional photos, some spicier pictures, and some badass warrior photos. What sides of yourself did you see reflected back in your session? 

Gabby: So one of the big reasons I wanted to do this session, as I entered a new decade of my life, was to re-embrace who I am- all parts of me. Back in 2019, I was diagnosed with cancer. So I spent that year going through chemotherapy which left a physical scar on my body. 

There are moments when I wish I didn’t have that scar, but after seeing my Spark Session photographs, now I think “Damn, look at that- all of that!” One of the things I loved about looking at the photos after my session was seeing myself feel strong, empowered, and beautiful. But also, when looking at the details- I could see my scar, my wrinkles, my curves – all I could think was “I love it!” I’m just obsessed with it all. 

These photos were a reminder that maybe what we would think of as flaws are the marks of our journey as we’ve gone through life. They make us who we are and it doesn’t have to be a reason to hold us back. It’s the reason that we are able to be who we are today. It’s a reason for us to be proud, to be excited, and to just remember that we are pretty badass!

Lindsay: Yes, I remember talking about your concerns about the session. We discussed that seeing yourself in this way could remind you of all that you have overcome. When it comes to scars, I want my clients to have the empowered choice about what they want to display in their photos. I always want people to be able to say, “No, I don’t want to remember this.” or, “This doesn’t bring me joy.” And so that’s why I’m glad we were able to have that conversation so you could decide for yourself.

Woman with a peaceful smile on her face and her eyes closed sitting on a red velvet chair with a dark background.  Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

“An empowering experience to take time for myself.”

Lindsay: I know it’s been a while since you came to the studio for your session, but how would you describe the experience of the Spark Session day? 

Gabby: It was just a special day. I rarely take time for myself. I’m the kind of person who slaps a coat of paint on my nails and runs out of the house. So, walking into the Spark Session was the first time in a long time I had given myself the chance to allow others to care for me in that kind of way. 

Honestly, I was terrified to go into the photography session because I’d never done something like it before. But when I got there, I just felt comfortable- like a breath. I thought “Okay, there’s nothing else I have to worry about. Today, I am just here. I can show up as me and everything.”

The entire environment was calm, relaxing, and enjoyable. It felt empowering to choose to take the time for myself to remember who I am, where I’ve been, and where I want to go. It gave me that sense of reconnection to myself where I could discover parts of myself that had been missing – all in a comfortable and safe space.

Side by side headshot images of a woman in a pink and navy blazer.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

“It’s been easy to brand myself and my business.”

Lindsay: I’m so glad to hear that. I can tell you’re comfortable in the pictures. I can always tell when people are thinking about what they are doing while posing instead of relaxing into the moment. We are so used to that self-critical inner narrative that most of us don’t even realize we are living those stories. But, I can see in your pictures you dropped those thoughts and chose to be present.  

We also were able to create professional photos for you. I love seeing your Spark headshots and branding photos pop up in my feed!

Gabby: Yes! It was great because I got the best of all worlds. I was able to do something for myself (my album that I keep on my shelf). But I also have my headshot images that are both professional and personable. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the photos that it has made it so easy to brand myself and my business.  

Through my professional photos, I was able to show potential clients that I am approachable and real. When people meet me in person, I don’t want them to be surprised by what they see and who they meet. I want to be the same person in my photos as I am in real life. You were able to show that I’m trustworthy, but also know how to be fun, real, and relatable.  

Side by side headshot images of a woman in a pink and navy blazer.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

Boudoir Photography One Year Later – The Transformation Remains

Many thanks to Gabby for sharing her time and experiences with us! 

Gabby’s Spark Session marked a time of transition for her. Through her session, she embraced her past and created a platform from which to launch into her future! Her experience at Show Your Spark left her feeling empowered and confident to take the next steps in her life and business. And let me tell ya… she is going places!

If you’ve been inspired by the impact of a Spark Session on Gabby’s life, over a year and a half after her session, we’d love to work with you!  To schedule a Spark Session, contact us by filling out our inquiry form and we’ll take it from there!

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Remember, you are powerful, courageous, and one of a kind! It’s time to show your spark!

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