Sep 12, 2023

9 Reasons to Choose a Spark Signature Collection

Imagine this scenario… 

You’ve signed up for a Spark Session (Congratulations!), but now you are wondering, “How can I maximize the experience?”

At Show Your Spark, we want you to have a wonderful experience, which is why we help our clients prepare mentally, physically, and financially for their empowerment photography session (aka Spark Session). 

This post will help you maximize your experience through our Spark Signature Collections which will extend the Spark Experience into your home on a daily basis.

Ready to take a look at 9 reasons to choose a Spark Signature Collection? Let’s go!

Image of Spark Signature Collection Options.  Show Your Spark by Lindsay Hite.

What are Spark Signature Collections?

Spark Signature Collections, specially curated with you in mind, contain our most popular artwork collections and experience options. Each collection includes access to our exclusive bonus scenes, A La Carte Credit, digital downloads, and additional artwork upgrade options.

Think of the Spark Signature Collections like a Prix Fixe Menu at a fancy restaurant. The courses have been carefully curated for you by the chef with only the best dishes. They all the highlights from the menu at a reduced price, including a tasty dessert

Image Spark Signature Collection Matted Display Box and letter board welcoming a client to the Show Your Spark studio.

What are the benefits of purchasing a Spark Signature Collection?

1. Simplify your artwork decisions.

We’ve done the work for you – combining our most popular artwork products into packages that simplify your artwork purchases. All you have to do is select the portraits you want to include!

2. Access exclusive bonus scenes.

By choosing a Spark Signature Collection, you are granted access to one (or more) of our many bonus scenes. With so many options, you don’t want to miss out on this benefit of purchasing a collection! Note: Bonus scenes are not available for purchase through the A La Carte Menu.

3. Save at LEAST $1000 in product purchase!

Each collection offers a savings of over $1000 over the A La Carte Menu options! That’s just counting the products with monetary value! Considering the price-less bonus scene access available in each collection, these collections are chock full of savings!

Image of Spark Signature Collection Album with Cover Design Upgrade.  by Lindsay Hite of Show Your Spark

4. Option to swap out an album for a matted display box.

Each of our collections includes an album of varying sizes and photo counts. However, if a matted display box appeals more to you than an album, we are happy to swap out an album for a matted display box instead.

5. Additional wardrobe changes.

The Session Fee includes up to three wardrobe changes. With our collections, you have the option to be photographed in additional outfits.

6. More A La Carte Credit.

Each collection also includes Extra A La Carte Credit towards the purchase of our add-on options, including additional wall art, table-top options, or digital options.

Woman tying a blue bow on a blue matted display box.  Show Your Spark by Lindsay Hite.

7. Additional complimentary upgrade options.

When you purchase a collection, you receive free upgrades to your album cover design.

8. Additional digital files.

Our top collections include access to the digital download of the entire photography session! No need to “leave behind” any photographs with these collections. You get to keep them all!

9. Complimentary Session Fee for your next Spark Session.

Extend those savings into your next session with us through this bonus benefit of choosing one of our top collections. (To be used within 12 months of your original session date.)

Side by Side image of a woman holding a retro viewfinder on the left and a retro viewfinder disk on the right.  by Lindsay Hite of Show Your Spark

Bonus Tips:

  • Schedule a Spark Fund Consultation call to speak with a member of our team about which collection might be best for you! On that call, we’ll ask you questions that will guide you into finding a collection that best fits you, your personality, your home, and your goals.
  • You have the option to set up a pre-session payment plan (aka Spark Fund) to cover the investment before you arrive at the studio. Doing so allows you to relax and fully enjoy the Spark Experience, knowing it’s already been paid for. Your only decisions that day will involve which photos to include in your artwork! A Spark Fund also helps pay for your Spark Session over time instead of as a one-time payment. 
  • Save even more by prepaying for the entire collection in full before your session to receive 5% off!
  • You can always choose get a collection in the premiere room after viewing your portraits. But you will miss out on posing in our exclusive bonus scenes.
Metal wall art with 4 images of a woman in red lingerie.  Photography by Lindsay Hite.

Spark Signature Collections – Our Gift to You!

At Show Your Spark, our mission is to help women embrace their self-worth, strength, and beauty by reigniting their inner spark and confidence through empowering photography experiences AND gorgeous custom-made products that can live indefinitely in your home.  

Our hope is that by seeing your most empowered self in your portraits daily, you will engage with the world in your day-to-day life reminded of your inner light and power. Consider these Spark Signature Collections as our gift to you – enhancing your Spark Experience, enabling you to bring more high-quality products into your home, and simplifying the artwork decision process.  

Two Crystal blocks on a marble table with images of boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite of Show Your Spark.

If you’ve already booked a Spark Session and this post has inspired you to invest in a Signature Spark Collection, contact us here to schedule a Spark Fund Consultation call with a member of our team! 

Here’s what to expect when you click through the link:

  1. Schedule a free Spark Fund Consultation Call.
  2. Select the Spark Signature Collection and payment option for you.
  3. Get ready to Show Your Spark!

If this post set aside any fears you might have had regarding our artwork and payment plan options and are ready to take the leap to schedule a Spark Session, simply contact us by filling out our inquiry form and we’ll take it from there!

Here’s what to expect when you contact us

  1. Schedule a free consultation call to have all your questions answered and start planning your Spark Experience.
  2. Select a Spark Session date that fits your schedule.
  3. Rock the session like the bright light you are, and create beautiful, tangible artwork to inspire you for the rest of your life.

Remember, you are powerful, courageous, and one of a kind! It’s time to show your spark!

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