Jun 4, 2020

Womxn’s Empowerment Community

A year and a half ago, I embarked on a journey to transform a former auto body shop turned amp repair shop into a luxury boudoir photography studio. I found the space on Craigslist, in the neighborhood of Weymouth Landing in Braintree, and the possibilities drew me in. Every decision, from the wood grain for the floor to the color of the walls, the fabric on the sofa to the scent in the candles, was made with our client’s experience in mind. 

I wanted her to feel relaxed, welcome and taken care of from the moment she walked in the door. 

I wanted her to feel a sense of true belonging in this space. 

I wanted her to know this was her space to shine. 

When we decided to open the doors of the studio for a day of learning and community, it was in celebration of all we do in the space that is now The Spark Studio. 

It all fell into place quite naturally. I didn’t do any of it alone; we go further together, and The Spark Studio is no exception! Behind the scenes, I worked closely with my amazing Production Manager, Jen, to make the open house happen. She was instrumental in bringing this day together! The all-star hair and makeup team, the legendary Spark Squad, and generous members of the local business community showed me what true support and belief in a mission look like as they came together with us and took part in the event. 

Video by the talented magic maker, Kat Waterman

On the day of the open house, the studio was filled with laughter, music and the energy that comes with letting go of judgment, fear, and stress. Sitting in the quiet studio now, it’s these memories of the open house that keep me going. I’m looking forward to opening our doors again in the future, inviting more womxn to come together and shine. Until then, we’ll remember the goodness of such a special time in the Spark Studio with joy and gratitude. 

To give you a better idea of what our first Womxns Empowerment event was like, I asked  Jen to share with you. She says: 

Like many people, I always get nervous before a party that I’m throwing begins. 

My first thought is always, “What if no one comes?!”. When Lindsay came up with the idea of a Womxn’s Empowerment get-together, I knew it was a no-brainer. We sent the invites, we got amazing responses, and miraculously my fears dissipated as all of these badass womxn walked through the doors of the studio! Briana Sevigny provided a welcoming smile and a warm introduction to guests as they drifted into the Open House.

There were amazing client testimonial videos running in the premier room and a chance for everyone to record a message. The fabulous Michelle DeVoe and Gina Ganley worked one-on-one with each womxn in the front room to show them how to enhance their looks while staying true to their natural beauty. The biggest treat came in the back studio with Lindsay, in her element, taking on-the-spot photos and teaching poses to guests. Everyone got a taste of what a Spark Experience was really about and we all felt the energy rising. 

Also in the back room, the selfie booth allowed friends and new friends to let loose and feel the power of the day. Kay from Craft Beer Sellers kept the ambiance light with beer and wine tastings as guests mixed, mingled and talked about their own Spark Sessions.

The amazing Sarah Gaines then brought it all together with a quiet, reflective guided meditation to help all of us tap into the real power of the day: ourselves. Sarah’s words rang true in the studio weeks later, when we invoked her mantra during a session. “I am here, I am well, I am me.”

Sure, this was a meet-up of like-minded Show Your Spark group members to feel good and have fun on a Saturday afternoon. But the real core of the day was to celebrate ourselves and to tune into the idea that we are all enough.

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