Jul 27, 2023

Unveiling Our New Magazine: A Recap of our Magazine Launch and Its Impact

At the Show Your Spark magazine launch, the energy in the room was electric as Spark Alumni, sponsors, and guests from all walks of life gathered to celebrate each other. Fan-girl crushes ran rampant as women who had only met in online spaces finally had the chance to meet in person.

Why did we gather? 

Several reasons!

We gathered together to celebrate each woman’s inner light, foster an empowering community, support the work of DOVE……and to celebrate the launch of our first magazine!

Yes, that’s right! We created a high-end magazine featuring our empowered clients, the four pillars of our mission, and the three ways we live out our mission.  

Continue reading to learn more about the magazine launch event below! Read the digital copy of our magazine here!

Purple framed Spark Magazine spread out of white fur-lined bed.

Empowered Women Can Change the World

As the founder of Show Your Spark, Lindsay Hite, said, “When empowered women link arms together, they can change the world.”

Envision a world where women confidently live their life knowing their value and worth.  

Envision a community of women who gather together to prioritize connection over competition.  

Envision the collective impact of empowered women linking arms together to change the world. 

These visions propel the work of Show Your Spark on a daily basis. With photography as the vehicle for change, Show Your Spark is on a mission to help women find their inner light and own their confidence, foster an empowering community, and support the work of women’s empowerment organizations.  

A Magazine Launch Night To Remember

We accomplished all three arms of our mission during our magazine launch party!

1. On an individual level, guests played in our newest set, Disco Dreams, with micro Spark Sessions photographed by Lindsay Hite. 

Woman in disco-ball set at Show Your Spark magazine launch.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

2. As a collective, over thirty individuals traveled to our Braintree studio to connect with like-minded empowered women. Women who had only met through online spaces strengthened their connection to one another through in-person conversation. Hugs, smiles, and laughs filled the space. (Along with a lot of glitz and sparkle to match our Disco Dreams Set!)

Two women in disco-ball set at Show Your Spark magazine launch.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

3. To benefit our community at-large, we donated the proceeds from our ticket and raffle sales to DOVE, raising  $540 to aid their work supporting survivors of domestic violence. Representatives from DOVE attended the event, providing all attendees with insight into their powerful and necessary work in Massachusetts’s South Shore community.  

It was a truly magical night!

Woman in disco-ball set at Show Your Spark magazine launch.  Photography by Lindsay Hite

The Work Continues with YOU!

If you missed the night, our work is not yet done. There is a place and a need for YOU in this movement! 

YOU are invited to be a part of it! Here’s how:

1. On an individual level, through an empowering photography session (aka Spark Session) you can reignite your confidence, discover your power, and embrace your inner and outer beauty. This is a place to take up space, explore, play, and be yourself. 

letter board welcoming Lynn to the Show Your Spark studio next to a portrait box featuring her artwork.

2. As a collective, through group events hosted at the studio, you can meet and engage with other women, just like you on a journey to self-empowerment, self-love, and self-confidence. This is a place to be in the presence of others, share a story, a laugh, or a hug, and breathe compassion into one another. More events are coming soon! 


3. In the community, you can participate in fundraisers that support non-profit organizations devoted to women’s empowerment both locally in the South Shore of Massachusetts and beyond to help women to lead safe, healthy, and empowered lives. This is a place where your voice and impact can be amplified with other like-minded women. Keep your eye out for ways you can be a part of our yearly Spark Calendar benefiting DOVE.

The team behind Show Your Spark.
The Show Your Spark Team

Join The Movement

Will you join us? Common to these three focuses is connection. Connect to yourself through a Spark Session, to others through group events, and to the community through philanthropic work. 

To stay up to date on all of our offerings and events, subscribe to our newsletter! 

Remember, you are powerful, courageous, and one of a kind. Together we can help each other shine brightly. 

Many thanks to our generous sponsors who made the night such a success: 

My Self-Care Sh*t

The Outlier Project

Cut-Splice Salon

Get In Shape for Women Only

I Am On A Love Diet by Nicole Perry

Enchantments by AnnMarie

Ritual Yoga Studio

Verde Salon

Kick It By Eliza

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