Mar 8, 2020

Top 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photography

The thought of doing a boudoir session can be totally intimidating, and WAY outside your comfort zone. When I talk with womxn who are curious about having their own session, I get asked many different questions – all across the board. I’ve gathered together a few of the most commonly asked questions here to help give you some insight into preparing for a Spark Experience here at the studio.

When do I get to see my photos?

The very same day! That’s right, you don’t have to be in suspense. We get to celebrate how much you rocked your session at your Cinematic Premiere on the same day as your Spark session. Once you’ve seen your photos, you’ll choose your favorites, the ones that speak to your heart and your truth. Together, we will craft artwork that is as unique as you to remind you every day of your power.

Do you share my images?

Our clients’ trust, comfort and privacy are the most important thing, above all else. We will only post photos for which you have granted us explicit permission, after you have seen them in your Cinematic Premiere. All photos on our site have been posted with the permission of our amazing clients, and usually with the comment like “Of course! I look damn good, please share it!”

How do I choose what to wear for my Spark Experience? Do I have to wear lingerie?

Whether you rock leather, lace, Calvins or nothing at all. Go with your instincts on what makes YOU feel good when you put it on. Your style is totally unique and different from anyone else, so above all else, stay true to you and rest assured that I’ll be there to help you look your best. 

The Private VIP group is a great place to connect with other womxn, see real world inspiration from recent sessions, see live behind the scenes video as we style a session and ask for feedback on outfits (if you want it!). We also wrote a full head to toe style guide to give you some inspiration, and you’ll receive this and other goodies when you book your session!

Where should I buy my outfits? How many should I bring?

We wrote a full head to toe style guide to give you some inspiration, resources and ideas! You’ll receive this and other goodies when you book your session! We recommend bringing anywhere from 3-10 outfits and I’ll help you pair it down to 1-3 outfits. Some womxn have rocked a whole session with one outfit, or nothing at all! In the Spark closet we have a few beautiful and hand selected accessories to help bring your vision to life.

Is hair and makeup included?

Yes! Your Spark Experience begins with pampering from an amazing hair and make-up artist hand selected for you to enhance your one of a kind beauty, and the look you want to achieve. This is the perfect way to begin what will be a luxurious and relaxing experience. Once your look is complete, we’ll begin the session. 

Can I bring a friend or my partner?

This experience is totally geared towards you, and celebrating what makes YOU amazing! We work hard to create a space for you to shine, and not be held back by worry of judgement of living up to anyone’s expectations of you. The studio is a place to play, explore and go outside your comfort zone without fear of failure. You might even surprise yourself and learn a new side of you! In order to allow any walls to come down, we remove any distractions and the only people in the studio after hair and make-up is complete is you and I. That said, if you’d like your partner to be a part of the decision making process to design your album or artwork and to purchase your selections together, they are welcome to join you for your premiere! We will prepare ahead of time so it’s a truly tailored way for you to connect over this aspect of the experience. We always speak with them before the day of your experience so we can help them be prepared to be support you as you see your photographs for the first time to ensure the experience continues to be empowering and positive.

Do you Photoshop my images?

We will never alter the shape of your body. We will make minor adjustments per request such as removing a blemish, smooth your skin, remove a stray hair, a chipped nail etc. but we won’t change who you are.

What type of print products do you have?

We have a curated range of custom fine art for your home from albums to single matted prints to multi-piece wall art collections for your very own fine art gallery. We have the perfect fit for you whether you want to keep your photographs just for yourself or show ‘em off to everyone!

Do you offer digitals?

Yes! We enthusiastically believe in the presence and power of print and physical artwork in your home and your life but we also know some photos are too good to keep to yourself! We give you the tools to show ‘em off online, or in person.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, we believe in enabling our clients to have exactly what they love, so we offer a variety of customizable payment plans both in house, and through Square Installments. We are happy to discuss which option is the best fit for you at your Design Consultation, or ask on the phone!

I’m freaking out! How can I calm my nerves?

Remind yourself why you have chosen to schedule a Spark Session and take this step outside of your comfort zone for yourself. Who is the amazing goddess hiding inside that needs a little spotlight? What do you need to be reminded about your amazing strength in your moments of doubt and insecurity? Ask a trusted friend (tell ‘em it’s homework!) what are two things they admire most about you. You’ll be reminded how YOU want to see yourself.

Should I get to my shoot early?

We allow for plenty of prep time in scheduling your start time for hair and make-up, but you’re welcome to come up to 15-30 minutes early to your session! Sometimes traffic is less than expected, or you find a spot right out front- that’s a win! When you arrive we’ll start with a wardrobe consultation to style the set before you begin your pampering with hair and make-up.

Where is your studio located?

We are on the South Shore of Boston in Weymouth Landing! Fun fact: our studio lies almost directly on the border between Weymouth and Braintree.  It’s conveniently close to the Route 3 and 93 for people coming from Cape Cod, Boston, the Metro West Suburbs and even Rhode Island or the North Shore. Our clients come from all over! There is street parking outside the studio.

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